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Luxury Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

I’m Tony Mariotti, founder and real estate agent. My passion is to bring my 20 years of marketing experience to home buyers and sellers. Here’s why my experience matters to you:

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We are grateful to Judy for her support, encouragement and energy to help our family, especially during difficult and stressful times. We appreciate his attention to detail, organization and professionalism every step of the way. It was a pleasure working together and as a first time buyer I learned a lot about luxury real estate. I look forward to working with him for a long time in the real estate industry and working with him in the future. In the meantime, we are excited to move into our house and start making it our home. I hope he visits!

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The scale of The One is difficult to grasp, but an aerial view of the largest modern building in the United States gives perspective.

The white marble structure, once sold for $500 million, looks like a fortress towering over the village’s scattered houses.

Aster Heights: “cream Of The Crop” Of Los Angeles Luxury Homes

Of course, these tiny neighborhoods are the mansions that surround the Bel Air Hills and the stunning 105,000-square-foot homes that tower over them.

That such gigantic mansions can be built speaks to the asymmetric exaggeration of our age, where the struggle for housing takes place in the valley, because only a small part of the world can rise above them.

It’s a testament to the will of an ambitious developer who sought to build the most extravagant mansion imaginable, and it’s slipping through his fingers as he battles hard-nosed lenders who have demanded more than $100 million from the project.

Few people would confuse the two: Neil Niami, the 53-year-old Los Angeles mega-mansion kingpin of the so-called “celebrity bacchanal,” looks like a Hollywood actor in a black and white shirt in a recent video. and sunglasses.

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Don Hankey, 78, who sold out, prefers to keep his gray hair short and wear a shirt and tie.

Don Hankey at his Hankey Group headquarters at Westlake Financial Services in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood of Los Angeles. Along with making billions in loans, Hanky ​​is also financing some of the most exotic homes in Los Angeles, including The One, which is said to be the largest new home in the United States.

Niami met three years ago when he secured an $82.5 million seed loan from Hankey Real Estate Lending to complete the Airole Way home.

After paying off her debts, Niami lives off his creation after the relationship goes sour and plans to keep One in her hands, turning it into a world championship boxing event, concerts and charity events featuring the likes of Michael. Jackson and Whitney Houston – in hologram form.

Celebrity Homes For Sale

Unsurprisingly, that didn’t sit well with Hankey, whose Westlake Financial company is notorious for calling auto loan borrowers even a day late. In June, he filed a lawsuit against Crestlloyd, which owns The One, a Crestlloyd limited liability company founded by Niami and his ex-wife.

“I didn’t like it,” Hankey said of Niami’s idea. “We borrowed money to put the house on the market. “We didn’t borrow him to put him at risk and work in a different way.”

COVID-19 has created new demand for housing, enriched the wealthy and fueled extreme bidding wars. The result? $1 million homes are everywhere.

Now, Hanky ​​owns the property and in July, the lender convinced a judge to accept the home in lieu of a lien that would have held any debt. He alleged that Crestloy had not completed the project, failed to pay property taxes, paid contractors, and had not received a certificate of occupancy. It is the recipient’s responsibility to resolve these issues.

California Real Estate & Luxury Homes For Sale

Mila Sharg, left, Madison Pappas, Niall Niamey and Jenny Mandel at the 2018 event in Beverly Hills.

Crestloyd does not dispute that the Niami home, to which other borrowers in the project owe millions, has not been completed. It was said that this was due to the failure to receive the promised money, but no specific information was given in accordance with the law.

“It’s not 1000 percent my fault. It was a funding issue and that’s all I’ll say,” Niami said in a phone interview.

Another creditor, Crestloy, is suing Hanky, who is seeking to get his money back because he owes a total of $165 million on the house. It remains to be seen if this will be enough for a detour.

Inside A $139m Los Angeles Mansion With Auto Lift, Climbing Wall, Ice Room And Night Club

Niami’s house sold for $500 million has been significantly reduced. After transferring its listing to two high-end brokerage firms, it is up for sale for $225 million.

It is ridiculous to use this house as a single family residence. This house should be used to change the world.

Bel Air resident Fred Rosen, a former Ticketmaster executive who led the fight to limit development on the local hilltop, called the plan a ban on residential development. Hankey expressed surprise at the loan extension.

“I don’t understand how a smart guy like him got into such a deal. I never called the house The One. I called it eleven,” he quipped, referring to the famous group that doesn’t belong in the Bankruptcy Code’s home. “It was just a matter of time before it got there.”

Stunning Crest Drive Modern House For Sale In Los Angeles At $4,595,000

The winding, narrow streets of Bel Air, where mansions are hidden behind dense foliage, are very interesting to drive to The One. Due to its relatively flat design, the structure of the statue is not visible until you are directly underneath it.

A view of The One, an 11-foot tall contemporary sculpture on a revolving pedestal in the lobby of The One.

The home’s square footage accounts for most of the odd shape, but a two-story marble and glass family living space with views of Santa Catalina is set back from the property line. He sees designer Mohamed Hadid’s infamous half-built mansion perched on a hillside, about to collapse due to construction disruptions.

Hadid’s house on the other side of the canyon was called the Starship Enterprise.

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