Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example

Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example – If you want to programmatically translate text from one language to another, the translation service (Translation API) is for you. The Microsoft Translator service only requires authentication, so you can easily translate text from one language to another. It sounds easy…and it is! This blog post briefly describes how to create a translation service and how to use it with C#, Powershell, and Node.js.

The translation service is part of Cognitive Services, so you can find it in the Azure portal as Cognitive Services.

Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example

Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example

Creating a service takes only a few seconds. After creation, you can check the service to confirm that it is deployed globally. It also shows the endpoint URL. Buttons can be accessed from the Buttons link in the menu. Go there and copy one of the buttons you see there. Now we are ready to implement a simple C# application that reads text from the console and translates it into another language.

Let Me Translate That For You: Getting Started With Microsoft Translator Service

This time we will use dotnet core and command line tools to build the application. So no Visual Studio 2017, just Visual Studio Code and the command line (although the code definitely works in a .net 4.x console application in VS2017).

Copy and paste the following C# console sample into Program.cs, replacing the APIKEY with the one you got from the Azure portal.

Using the translation API in Powershell is as easy as building a C# application. The Powershell code that calls the translation service is slightly different, but not much different.

Using the translation service is easiest with JavaScript and Node.js, as there are packages available for translation. Usage of the package is explained on npm ( and GitHub ( I took the code from the sample and tried it myself. my code looks like this: Translators are common on the web. A browser plugin and many translation APIs are available. In the global web and marketplace, it is important for users to be able to receive information in their preferred language.

Creating A Sharepoint Page Translation Extension Using Azure Cognitive Services

A common option is to use Google Translate to translate the website components. However, there are many other interesting APIs that use machine learning and other powerful programming techniques. one of these

In addition to regular translation functionality, this API provides a text-to-speech endpoint that returns an audio file from the provided text. This means that the translated text will be read by the user from their native language in the supported languages. This is not a typical feature I’ve seen online and is fairly easy to set up.

To demonstrate how to set up the translation functionality, I put together a sample application that adds API calls and translations. Combine the powerful features of ReactJS to achieve the desired result.

Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example

If you are using for the first time, you will need to register an account. Additionally, you need to subscribe to the API. Fortunately, subscribing to the API and using the dashboard is covered in detail in the prerequisites section and the sample application section below.

Of The Best Javascript Apis

How to use the Microsoft Text Translation API in JavaScript How to add native speech translation for 80 different languages ​​to your application

I created a starter project hosted on Github with an initial repository to download when starting the sample. This repository is created with Create-React-App (CRA). We’ve added CSS styles, removed some of the original components, and set up basic comment functionality. The main page is part of another Javascript translation article. The first project allows users to add comments below the post content.

Unfortunately, comments are only stored locally, so they don’t persist when the page is refreshed.

If you followed the link above, the above is your basic subscription box. The Basic plan allows 2500 requests per month. Note the link to Manage and Check Usage. This is done in the Control Panel.

Building A Universal Translator With Azure Cognitive Services Part Two: Making A Speech To Text Java App

Important: This is not Microsoft Text Translation 3.0. Make sure the API name title does not include 3.0 at the end.

Then change directories within the cd -microsoft-translation-example-starter/ folder. Install dependencies by running npm install in your project root. The project uses CRA, so installation may take a few minutes.

Feel free to test the commenting feature to get a feel for adding and removing comments. If the form doesn’t specify a name, the ID is used.

Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example

I’ve highlighted the three required endpoints on the left side of the image. Selecting a different language/library will generate a code snippet.

Azuretranslator Http Request Return The Body Of The Request Is Not Valid Json

Finally, in the bottom right part you can preview what your answer will look like. Ohno! It’s XML! No problem. Create a function that parses the response and extracts the data you want. Two endpoints return XML and one Speak returns binary data (application/octet string). I need to read this and save it to a local URL.

The Speak endpoint returns outgoing text spoken by someone in the target language. For example, if you send the text “Hello” with Spanish as the target language, the audio will be returned in the voice of someone speaking English with a Spanish accent. In other words, the Speak endpoint does not translate text. You have to do that first.

The text of individual comments is first sent to the translation endpoint. The translated text is then delivered to the Speak endpoint.

The final endpoint, “speaks a supported language”, is self-explanatory. However, the endpoint only returns a list of languages ​​supported by the Speak endpoint. The language returned corresponds to the ISO 639-1 code. These codes are displayed as language translation options.

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All three API calls are written in the same file. Functions are attached to objects exported from a file. At the top of this file is a helper code block that specifies how to parse the XML. Browsers support parsing XML, but the code block determines the options available at runtime.

Next, let’s add an export object with three API calls below the parsed code block. Added comments explaining what happens in each function.

Functionality is basically obtained directly from the Control Panel (pictured above). To use the function, import the object.

Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example

.This object is repeated in every function as the headers are sent with each request. Let’s extract it and add it as a variable at the top of the file.

Real Time Speech To Text And Translation With Cognitive Services, Azure Functions, And Signalr Service

, which is an object that can be used at runtime. This prevents her from publishing APIs on Github where others can use or abuse her APIs.

First, let’s add a language option. The data returned by this endpoint does not change while the application is in use. You only need to get it once and it will be used for all comments.

So it makes sense to get the data for the components higher up in the “tree” and pass the individual components as props to the Comment .

This is a React hook that is called once on page load. Call the function to set the value of the setLanguageOptions variable. However, the function I used above does not yet exist in the file.

Translation Api · Github Topics · Github

In HTML5, you can use the

The final code in the file uses conditional logic to display the component when data is available. for example,

If this logic is not set, the value you are trying to display will throw an error

Microsoft Translator Api Javascript Example

The new code block has comments above or below explaining what is happening. Final code for

Translation Memory · Documentation · Webtranslateit

To test, leave a comment, select your language, click translate, make sure your voice is on, and hear the translation! If your translation request takes 1-2 seconds there is. However, I found it to be fairly fast.

Added a translation function to the site. Added in comments, but the basic process can be repeated for larger text components and different use cases.

Well done! You’ve learned how to add translation features that can help your app stand out from the competition and improve the experience for current users.

We used about 300 calls to the Microsoft Text Translate API while testing and building the app. As a result, we received over 2,000 more calls this month to further improve our functionality.

Translating And Reviewing Websites In…

So many possibilities! I may have explained some aspects of the code that confused you. If so, ask in the comments. I will be happy to answer. thank you for reading!

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