Move Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

Move Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone – If you have switched from Android to iPhone, you will be surprised how you can transfer your WhatsApp conversations to your new device. Chat history, pictures, audio and documents are important and you can’t afford to lose them. Remember that WhatsApp is now encrypted to protect your privacy. iOS and Android have different protocols, so you’ll need a third-party backup encryption for Android so they can assimilate. In this article, I will share with you various proven methods to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone.

Note: Unfortunately, this method cannot share WhatsApp conversations on your iPhone. This means they can only be seen as documents in an email chat.

Move Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

Move Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

The easiest way is to backup to the cloud to restore all your WhatsApp conversations to your iPhone.

Whatsapp Hadirkan Fitur Baru Transfer Chat History Dari Android Ke Iphone

Note: Messages deleted after cloud backup will not be recovered. For this method to work, you need to backup your chats to Google Drive by going to your device’s Settings > Conversations > Chat Backup and backing up your WhatsApp data to Google Drive or local storage.

This method allows you to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone without a computer. You need an OTG cable for Android and iPhone devices. Then open Wutsapper to transfer it. Switching to a new phone can be quite an experience, especially if you’re switching to a completely different operating system. We want to make this process easier, so with the recent release of Android 12, we’ve added the ability to transfer all the essentials by connecting your device to a new Android phone using a cable. With your permission, Android automatically pairs and installs the same apps from Google Play and lets you take your SMS and iMessage history with you, along with your photos, videos, contacts, calendars and more.

But we can do more. Historically, some types of data could not be transferred from iPhone to Android. Things like your WhatsApp chat history — precious memories, photos, voicemails and conversations with friends and family — can be really hard to leave behind, and that’s something we want to fix. So, starting today, you can transfer your chat history and memories from your WhatsApp account on iPhone to Android. We’ve worked closely with the WhatsApp team to create a new set of features, all designed to make it easier to switch from iPhone to Android and take your WhatsApp history with you.

All you need to get started is a USB-C Lightning cable. Simply connect your phones and once you’ve set up your new Android device, scan the QR code on your iPhone to launch WhatsApp and transfer all your chats, media and more to your new device.

Cara Mudah Transfer Data Whatsapp Dari Android Ke Iphone

Our team has worked hand in hand with WhatsApp to ensure that your data is protected during the transfer process so that no one can access your WhatsApp data and files. Your WhatsApp chat history will be transferred from your iPhone to your new Android phone, and we’ll automatically check that you’re not receiving new messages on your old device while the transfer is in progress.

This streaming feature is available on Samsung Galaxy devices and now all Pixel phones, and will be available on new smartphones starting with Android 12, so you’ll never lose what’s important to you during the transition. There’s never been a better time to switch to Android. WhatsApp allows users to transfer chat history, photos, videos and voice messages from Android to iPhone via Apple’s Transfer iOS app. Before this extension, users had to transfer conversations from iPhone to Android. The ability to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone is in beta as of today, but it will take a week to reach all users.

“We’re adding to WhatsApp the ability to securely switch between phones and transfer chat history, photos, videos and voice messages between Android and iPhone, while maintaining end-to-end encryption,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “This is the most requested feature. Last year we launched the ability to switch from iPhone->Android, and now we are adding Android->iPhone. “

Move Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

WhatsApp notes that the transfer process works for new or factory settings. You must also have Android 5 or later on your Android device and iOS 15.5 on your iPhone.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone? [official]

To get started, you need to open the Switch to iOS app on your Android phone and follow the on-screen instructions. After completing the steps, the code will be displayed on your iPhone. You will be asked to enter a code on your Android phone. Then you need to click “Next” and follow the instructions on the screen. Then you have to select “WhatsApp” on the “Send Data” screen. You can then start the process by clicking “Start” on your Android phone. You will then have to wait for WhatsApp to prepare for the export. Once the data is ready, you will be signed out of your Android phone.

Then click Next to proceed to the iOS app. Then click the “Continue” button to transfer data from your Android phone to iPhone and wait for the transfer to iOS to confirm that the transfer is complete. Then you need to install the latest version of WhatsApp from Apps and then sign in using the same phone number you used on your old device. Then click the “Start” button to complete the process.

WhatsApp notes that this process can be used to transfer your account information, profile picture, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media and settings. However, you cannot display call history or name.

Company-provided data will not be included in cloud storage as a result of the migration until iCloud is backed up. Also note that WhatsApp cannot see the data you send and unless you uninstall WhatsApp or wipe your phone, your Android phone will still have your data.

Cara Transfer Chat Whatsapp Iphone Ke Android (tanpa Aplikasi Tambahan)

Although it is easy to transfer WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another or from one Android to another, users had to find a difficult task while transferring from Android to iPhone. The new tool will solve this problem and make the transfer easier.

WhatsApp increases revenue with global launch of Cloud API and paid tier for Business App Google coming soon, WhatsApp’s chat history migration feature can now be used from your iPhone to Android messages on “all Pixel phones” and “works with Android 12” will be used in new smartphones. This feature was already available for Samsung phones, but it will make the transition from iOS to Android easier because you don’t have to give up your message history.

This process should be relatively easy, as long as you have updated WhatsApp on your iPhone and Android phone and have a USB-C Lightning cable. Google says that when you set up your Android phone, you’ll be prompted to scan a QR code, which will allow you to start the transfer process.

Move Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

Check out our instructions for more detailed instructions (they’re written for Samsung, but the process should be similar) and read a few caveats with the transition. Google says your iPhone won’t receive your WhatsApp messages while your messages are in motion, so you shouldn’t lose anything on the switch.

How To Move Your Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone

Google says phone OEMs can add support for the feature when they update their phones to Android 12, so those with existing phones can get access to it for a while. The company says it’s working with phone manufacturers to ensure phones that ship with Android 12 support streaming out of the box. The basic techniques can be difficult to understand, but once you see how the simple processes work, you’ll be more than ready to make the necessary changes. Transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone is not difficult at all, but if you have recently changed your device, it can be confusing because WhatsApp does not have a direct chat transfer feature. Everything you need to know is covered in this article, and by the end, your worries and questions will be cleared.

There are several ways to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. The next section discusses the best techniques for transferring conversations.

This process is efficient but not suitable for those with large backups as conversations are only transferred one at a time in this process.

Step 3: Select Export Chat and select the contact you want to chat with by clicking on their name.

Nggak Lagi Iri, Pengguna Android Bakal Bisa Transfer Riwayat Chat Whatsapp Ke Ios

Step 4: You will now have the option to insert the backup media; proceed only if there is a backup.

Step 5: Once you are done with this,

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