My Eyes Always Feel Tired And Heavy

My Eyes Always Feel Tired And Heavy – Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP – By Jennifer Chesak and Breanna Mona – Updated March 14, 2022

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My Eyes Always Feel Tired And Heavy

It doesn’t take much. Going out later than usual at night, having high pollen levels, or watching an episode of This Is Us can make your eyes look like raccoon eyes or bags under the eyes.

Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, And Bags: Dermatologists Explain The Difference

You can certainly embrace these bags, and if you follow our guide, you’ll find that some people are naturally inclined towards this look. Street rumor: A little shade and puff is the new sexy.

But if you have a reason to lighten your complexion and reduce puffiness, we have some remedies for you.

You don’t need to pay big bucks for skin care products to get rid of rings or bags under your eyes. You can find the remedy in your pantry, refrigerator, and within easy reach.

May help to narrow the blood vessels and reduce the blue color. These caffeinated teas also help fight bloating by drawing out fluid.

How Does Being Tired Affect Your Eye Health?

However, if you want a more soothing effect on irritated skin, choose rooibos (black tea) or chamomile.

Cold brew coffee can give you that pick-me-up feeling, but the skin-restoring properties of caffeine can also help relieve blemishes or swelling.

Start by freezing some brewed coffee in ice cube trays. After your coffee ice is ready, take a few minutes to gently rub the ice cubes:

You can also try 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. The product has 4.5-star ratings from reviewers who say it helps treat crow’s feet and keep the eyes moisturized.

Eye Fatigue: How To Prevent & Relieve Tired Eyes

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and folic acid, a combination of ingredients that help stimulate cell growth and deal with environmental stressors. The final result? Reduces irritation and puffiness, and reduces dark spots under the eyes.

You can also try Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel. Reviews suggest that the gel is a bit harsh for those with sensitive skin, but they also point out that it works better than more expensive creams.

By gently drawing your index and middle fingers around your eye sockets, over your angles and cheekbones, you can improve lymphatic drainage. This can help even out skin tone and reduce inflammation.

Need to spend a lot of money on fancy lip balm? For dark circles, the short answer is no.

Pressure Behind The Eyes: 6 Causes And Treatment

However, you can try more affordable moisturizers that contain tea, coffee or cucumber extract – some can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye Care Ingredients Before choosing an expensive jar product, be sure to read the label carefully. We have Dr. She recommends keeping an eye on the following factors: Caffeine. The benefits of coffee are worth repeating. As Marcus explains, caffeine in eye creams works to combat dark circles and puffiness by temporarily reducing blood flow to the area. Retinol and peptides. You are probably already familiar with these skin care ingredients. They help stimulate collagen and thicken the skin, making underlying blood vessels less visible and restoring skin firmness, says Marcus. Nicotinamide. A small amount of this brightening ingredient can go a long way to wake up tired eyes. This ingredient is a form of vitamin B-3 that also offers many other benefits. hyaluronic acid. According to Marcus, the hydrating ingredient hydrates the skin and provides anti-aging support by smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin K. This antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve circulation, says Marcus.

Under-eye stickers are the new trend for caring for the skin around the eyes. Yes, they’re cute and Instagram-worthy, but many people also find them to be effective.

Just know that they offer quick fixes – if you want it, to lend a helping hand after a night full of action.

Ergonomics And Your Home Office

Not sure how to choose a patch? Choose ingredients that are good for the eyes, such as retinol and hyaluronic acid. You can also check out our list of the best packaging options.

Here’s why she recommends eye cream with concealer: Applying eye cream can help treat the cause

“Concealer will go on smoother on darker skin,” she notes. “So, applying a hydrating eye cream can help prepare your skin for eye cream application.”

If you’re in a pinch, concealer alone can still do the trick. So when an important meeting or event creeps up on you, use a little color correcting concealer.

Why Am I Always Tired And Sleepy?

The biggest answer to this, especially for those who have tried every trick in the book, is genetics.

, this condition may be part of your genetics. Even permanent bags under the eyes can be a facial feature that you inherit.

A puffy lower eyelid, or bag, occurs when the tissue there fills with water. As we age, the fatty tissue within the fossa and the upper eyelid can leave, causing more fluid retention in the area.

Puffiness tends to be most prominent when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning. That’s because the fluid has a chance to pool during sleep. Bags tend to get smaller after being placed vertically for a while.

This Is Why You’re Always Tired During Your Period

Although there are many causes of dark circles, most people tend to have darker circles around the eyes simply because of the thinner skin there, which is covered with clumps of purple blood vessels and muscle.

Cut back on your late night Netflix binge, or watch as many Zzz’s as you can. If you still notice puffy or blue eyes in the morning, support your head a bit while you sleep.

As Marcus explains, sleeping with your head slightly warm helps prevent fluid from accumulating in the periorbital area.

Remove all makeup before hitting the hay to avoid irritating the eyes and surrounding skin.

Soothe Tired Eyes With These Quick Fixes

Marcus recommends wrapping a cold washcloth over your eyes to ease the “I just woke up” look.

She says this helps cause vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels), which can help reduce puffiness and skin discoloration. Plus, it’s generally comforting, and you don’t have to rummage through the fridge for fresh cucumbers.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to make a mess on your face, ice packs work great too. Be sure to wrap it with a soft cloth to protect your eyes.

According to Marcus, eye fatigue can lead to eye strain by reducing the production of natural lubricating tears and causing dry eyes.

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“Regular breaks from screen time and eye exercises can help reduce eye strain, which helps the eyes work properly by producing lubricating tears and reducing eye dryness, redness and congestion,” she says.

Eye exercises can be very simple. In fact, an exercise involves shifting focus while sitting. Learn some simple moves here.

Leaving your phone or tablet on night mode can reduce blue light exposure, which can help improve the quality of your sleep, she adds.

If night mode doesn’t make your tablet or device shine like a diamond, blue light glasses might just relieve the stress.

Why Do I Get So Tired After Eating? Is It Normal?

Staring at a screen for long periods of time can cause eye strain, says Marcus. This happens in part because the blood vessels around the eyes become congested, which, as you might have expected, can lead to dark circles.

Allergy symptoms and illnesses like flu and colds can hit you hard. Itchy eyes, sneezing, sinus congestion, or postnasal drip can all cause dark circles around the eyes.

Those with allergies may notice frequent swelling and discoloration in the area under their eyes, says Marcus.

It happens when an allergen prompts your cells to trigger the release of histamine, she explains. This, in turn, causes fluid to be released, creating the swelling and tearing effect you know and love so well.

Why Are Your Eyes Red—and How To Treat Them

An allergist or otolaryngologist (ENT) can gain more insight into possible triggers and recommend treatments to control runny nose and itchy eyes, including:

Even when you are sick, the eyes can also look puffy due to sinus congestion and reduced drainage of fluid around the eyes.

Remember that cosmetics and skin care products can also trigger an allergic rash or eyelid dermatitis. It is a good idea to check the ingredients and do a patch test before using a new product.

Improving air quality can help the eyes look less tired by reducing the amount of allergens or irritants they are exposed to, Marcus said.

How To Support Your Friends When You’re Emotionally Drained

“If eye exposure is due to irritants or allergens that were previously in the air, a high-quality air filter can help,” says Marcus.

This can be especially helpful if you are sensitive to these factors and live in an area with high levels of pollution or airborne allergens.

If you notice an increase in the appearance of your hamburger or puff pastry, you may just be having a stressful week or a busy weekend that is interfering with your sleep or diet.

What other reasons could prevent you from waking up with less active peepers? Eating salty snacks, drinking too much coffee or drinking a late night cocktail.

Dry Eye Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you have permanent dark eye sockets

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