My Wife Had An Affair What Should I Do

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Recently you found out that your spouse is having an affair, and you are wondering what to do now?

My Wife Had An Affair What Should I Do

Or have you known for a long time but your feelings are still as vague as yesterday and you feel stuck?

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You didn’t ask for it and you could be blinded to the news that your husband is having an affair.

A “foggy love affair” will do this to an unfaithful spouse. They can’t see well and start acting like a completely different person.

He made a choice and you can’t blame yourself for someone else’s chosen course of action.

Please understand that although this article is written from the perspective of ‘I am an adulteress’, I also understand what your husband is feeling and going through.

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So I’ll share my take on what my wife said helped her and what made it worse.

I’ve also sunk so deeply into the ‘Fog of Infidelity’ that I don’t think I can live without him (which I believe is a lie in my head).

You can read more of my story here and our wedding story here if you have a few more minutes.

I realize that this may not always be the case and depends a lot on whether the couple really wants to work together.

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But here you are looking for the answer. Let’s face it: How do you deal with your spouse when it comes to sex?

Taking care of yourself is very important right now and may be the first thing you give up. DO NOT.

You won’t benefit your children, your career, or yourself if you don’t prioritize and take care of yourself.

You may not want to eat, but still eat. My husband lost 20 lbs in the first month after I confessed to my affair. Everyone at work thought he had cancer. He just doesn’t want to eat. OR, you may want to overeat. This is a request.

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You may need more than usual now. Do not stay up until early morning, this will further reduce your resistance and emotions.

This scene must have shocked you and possibly killed you in some way. It depends on how often you feel it first, but it’s normal to have different emotions, often in the same day or hour! Be kind to yourself and let yourself cry when you need to. Yes, grown men cry. It’s okay to do that sometimes, man.

Find a good counselor who will help you sort through your emotions and give you techniques for dealing with them.

Please don’t try to “fix it” by not seeing a counselor. It actually shows more strength when you are willing to seek advice in a crisis like this.

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I recommend choosing someone who doesn’t have their own agenda (as advisors are people and their opinions and personal stories can influence their advice).

This decision is yours alone. They are just there to help you through the pain and have a significant other to take everything away.

I also want to help, pray. Even if you don’t believe in this god right now. What do you have to lose? Honestly, this should be #1, but since I don’t know where your spirituality is, I’ll sprinkle it in here.

I believe there is a god who truly loves you and sees what you are going through. He is upset about what is happening in your marriage and your choice of life partner. I hope you will use this time to call on Jesus and let Him know your sadness and confusion. If you want to know more about what it means to believe in Jesus, click here.

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This is difficult because many of your friends and family will want to tell you to break up with him and possibly make you angry with him.

They may tell you things that are not necessarily good for you and your future spouse.

So limit what you say and think carefully if they are trustworthy people who will support you no matter what you decide to do in the end.

Someone said to my wife “change my locks” “tell her parents what she’s doing!” something like that. It’s good that he doesn’t listen to them or else he will get even more angry. They don’t really know me. They didn’t know that shame would push me further away. So be careful what you say AND the advice you listen to.

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Whether you decide to stay in the marriage and try with him or not, you still need to learn to let go.

There are many things you can do when you find out that your spouse is having an affair.

There is a second part of this article that I would like you to see called, I encourage you to check it out: (Please Note: This article is written in the “married wife” corner. But know that we are real. the feeling that sometimes men are the opposite. If this is true for you, change the pronoun.)

A couple is sitting together in our office on the sofa. She is pregnant with the other man’s child. “I don’t love my wife,” he told us and part of me was shocked.

She Blames Me For Her Affair

How long must this man suffer because of his betrayal? I wonder. He loves his wife, but he is disappointed that he is unfaithful.

Not only that, she was also pregnant with someone else, now she has to hear the saying: “I don’t love you”. Yet there he sat, a man of honor, ready to take responsibility in a way he might not be able to in marriage, willing to work for himself, willing to work to reconcile. prize.

He doesn’t love his wife, and I know that pushing him to continue his marriage is not the answer. Love is always a choice. You cannot force a woman to love her husband.

In another situation, I was working with an unfaithful spouse. It took her months to seek help and support. He is a 6’6 tall bodybuilder with a successful career. He told me he was not a very talkative or emotional person, and that he really didn’t know how he felt.

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However, she explained to me how the pain of her husband’s infidelity overcame her. He said it made him feel strong emotions he didn’t know he could feel. Sometimes he told me that he was curled up on the floor where the fetus was, feeling that he couldn’t stand the emotional pain.

It’s hard. Generally good, ethical, self-aware people who do and think things they never thought they could do or do.

Once a woman has had an affair, it is often difficult to get her to give up the business and be willing to put in the effort in marriage. He checked.

A man can have feelings for many women, but women tend to be committed to only one man, so when it comes to sex, he often takes away his love. wife and give it to another man. Even if a man commits adultery and gives part of himself to someone else, his love for his wife is unfaithful. When a woman cheats, she is more likely to have thoughts of leaving her marriage to follow her lover.

Most Common Mistakes Of The Unfaithful Spouse

Adulterous women often find their husbands, before having an affair, many times “confident” about their relationship. He told her what hurt her, and asked what she needed. But he couldn’t keep her. So he didn’t try, and stopped.

He realizes he’s been given opportunity after opportunity, and now he’s thinking, “That’s it!” After the affair, he reluctantly gives her another chance to win his heart. Women in general tend to be more “attached” than their husbands and perceive separation in the marriage. They often try to read a book, go to counseling, or attend a marriage retreat. They may even involve their partner in a “let’s fix our marriage” conversation before intercourse.

If a man is unhappy in a relationship, he is less likely to directly ask for help. He may not say, “Honey, we need to talk about our relationship.” He is afraid of being hurt in this way.

•   He died in a marriage that gave too much,

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