Old Dump Trucks For Sale By Owner

Old Dump Trucks For Sale By Owner – “Does that hold a piece of wood?” is a phrase I had to use recently.

Every now and then you have to remember that an old car, no matter how durable it is – and I think a 1960s Ford dump truck is considered pretty durable – still has old car problems.

Old Dump Trucks For Sale By Owner

If you didn’t catch the intro of my 1966 Ford F600 truck, here’s the long and short of it: I bought a two-tone beauty more than twice my age for $3,000 and immediately put it to work with gravel. Shortly after discussing the purchase with my more

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Resident Dump Truck Man. I used to claim my spot on Cloud Nine as the luckiest driver in Southwest Missouri, but now it’s broken and my feet are back on the ground. Kind of sad to be honest.

Not what you want to hear when you have five tons of dirt behind your head. As the bed returned to its original position, she began to rock from side to side as she stopped.

Along with the daily motley crew of camp workers, we inspected the steel bed frame to find a flat crack running the entire four-inch height of said piece of metal. As you can imagine, we finished the repair and started planning.

To top it off, a tree jumped behind me while reversing with a load in tow, making a whiskey dent in the top of the tailgate.

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In my defense, the frame was previously—and I say this with reluctance—attached with a bad weld that wouldn’t pass the grade of a lazy high school teacher. It was more a matter of “when” than “if” and given that we had completed almost 40 loads before the break, I would call it a success.

This will be my first real test when it comes to repairing an F series other than replacing the starter motor which involved three trips to the parts store. Such is life when you play the guessing game “What year is this engine from?” and “Does that hold a piece of wood?”

I am far from an expert on mechanics, much less on builders. Luckily, if you live in small town USA, you know someone who can do just about anything, and you are usually related to them. That’s it for me, because my brother-in-law and I will be working on it tonight with a welder, a steel plate, and probably a chain or two. Wish us luck.

Soon, maybe tomorrow, I’ll post an update on my dump truck adventures, with a good or bad report. Here’s hoping for the former.

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. He buys odd things like a ’66 Ford Dump Truck and a ’65 Chevy School Bus. We keep hiring him, although we can’t seem to figure out why. I trashed my 1966 Ford F600 when I called it a “mix of blue oval trucks” a few weeks ago. In reality, the 300cc inline six, which I thought was a transplant, actually came with a ton and a half heavy rig from the factory, turning my argument to pulp. But I agree, and I’m here to correct that mistake, as well as explain some other interesting information I discovered about my beloved workhorse.

First of all, an inline six under the hood is not that common. I have not been able to determine the exact number of production units at this point, but according to my door plate, it is the 300 heavy-duty that came in a select few F600s at the time. Most who decided to upgrade from the standard 240cc flat-six went for the 330 V8, even if it came at the expense of fuel economy. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty 300 delivered more power and better fuel economy, ideal if you need to keep production high and costs low.

This particular engine was also equipped with special parts, most of which are still wearing some 54 years (per month!) after it rolled off the production line in Kansas City, just three or so hours from my house. From what I know of the truck’s previous owners, it has lived in the area most of its life.

Let’s look at the heavy-duty exhaust manifold, which has a slightly larger outlet size of 2.5 inches. They are known to be more powerful than those found in more common one-ton and smaller trucks, and can handle higher RPMs for longer periods of time – like when you’re hauling gravel in both directions. Hotrodders also try to get these manifolds when building turbo setups because they can push more air without blowing them to pieces.

Berliet Editorial Photo. Image Of Dumper, French, Construction

Another component that I suspect my F600 sports is the forged steel crankshaft. As far as I know, this part is marked with no. The C6TE-G or C5TE-F was equipped with all high-definition applications of the big inline six. I’m not 100% sure my truck has kept the stock gear over the years, though I’ll have to pull the current one out to check, and as much as I love to provide you with clean information like this, I just have now is not the time to tear it apart.

According to the aforementioned door plate, the engine is said to produce 150 net horsepower at a whopping 3,600 rpm. No torque figures are given, but various sources around the Internet claim that figures vary widely between 222 and 260 pound-feet. Fortunately, the folks at the Ford Archives were able to come to my rescue and provide me with not only these fantastic old-school power charts, but over 50 pages of information on the 1966 model year F-series trucks.

As I continue to read through this digital data book, I learn more about what makes the F600 different from other models and what makes my particular ride unique from the rest. Without these I would never know about the specific thickness of the truck frame or that it has 300 heavy duty copper and lead main bearings and connecting rod bearings. All these details have made commercial trucks much more resilient and it’s really fun to tinker with.

Back on topic, the transmission is a New Process 435 four-speed that has been used in Ford trucks of all sizes for over 25 years. Unlike the engine, these are a dime a dozen that will come in handy if I ever have to replace parts or the whole thing. This transmission was also converted for use in Dodge, GM, and even International trucks of the same era, although there were differences in ratios for each application.

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As for the rest of the running gear, the rear is an Eaton electric two-speed motor, which I was already familiar with. However, it gives the high and low ranges as 5.83 and 8.11 respectively, which I did not know. Someone removed the wires and the switch needed to change between speeds so as far as I can tell I’m in low gear. However, it is sufficient to drive at a suitable speed on national highways. There’s nothing wrong with a slow lane in my eyes, especially when you approach the stated gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 20,000 pounds.

The exterior has obviously been repainted at some point, although it doesn’t stray too far from the original shade of Rangoon Red. The cabin is actually still the same light shade, from the door panels to the powerful metallic dashboard. Perhaps my favorite crazy detail of the entire truck is the speedometer that goes to “100”. Surely in this case km/h would be more appropriate, but no – it’s miles per hour. Such optimism must be respected.

So, alas, my ’66 is actually a solid piece of relatively original equipment – not some mish-mash like Johnny Cash’s Cadillac. The more I discover about him, the more I like his character and attitude towards everything. After hauling in over 60 loads of rock this spring, he deserves a little R&R. Don’t think they’re postponing it for the summer – I’ve still got a cruise to go.

. He buys unusual things, like a ’66 Ford truck and a ’65 Chevy school bus. We keep accepting him, even though we can’t understand why. Email him: [email protected]’s How Much I Spent Keeping My 1966 Ford Truck on the Road for Six Months

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It worked perfectly fine when I got it and it still does today. But in between? That is another story.

Owning a classic car is rarely cheap, even more so if the classic has been subject to abuse. Old muscle cars tend to break down on the road if they haven’t been driven in 30 years, so you can imagine what happens to a 55 year old dump truck that is put to work right away. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because I live it – today and every day – in my 1966 Ford F600. But when I say it’s not as bad as you think, you should listen to me.

Work trucks. It cost $3,000 to remove the previous one

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