Pickup Trucks For Sale On Craigslist By Owner

Pickup Trucks For Sale On Craigslist By Owner – Money can’t buy everything, it’s true. Want proof? Buy a truck. You can be every mover’s best friend overnight, but you can also get a lot of freebies by keeping your eyes open. And maybe an open mind.

To do this, you must be a frequent follower of Craigslist, the Internet’s bottom-feeding catfish. CL is full of ads for free stuff that can only be obtained by people who can take it, ie a delivery van or pickup truck.

Pickup Trucks For Sale On Craigslist By Owner

It’s one of the most interesting, uncomfortable social conundrums in modern America, and you won’t miss it. Ironically, you have to buy a truck in the first place, but once you have one, if you’re fast on email and cell phone in a city the size of Atlanta, you can comfortably secure an apartment, about six million. people.

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We’ve been perusing Craigslist’s “free” ads for the past week with interest — and since we’re having a yard sale, to get in on the competition, too. We quickly came up with our maxim: whoever has a truck gets as many free trampolines. Unfortunately, how many free pets are there. fuel? Also, when you’re ready to cut it.

Best of all, we found over a dozen ads that let you run across town with two hands. And some entered only because the temptation was strong enough to make us doubt.

Ads are not too good to be true or worth the price.

Our 2013 Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab 4X4 has a tough schedule this month as we’ve taken it from Georgia to Arkansas and back with towing, hauling, off-roading and accessories. Stay tuned for more – follow our Ram 1500 work here and as always follow Car Connection on Facebook , Twitter and Google+ . Recently at TFL HQ, we decided to buy an old Toyota Pick’emup truck to go up in the mountains, film and go off-roading. The reason we decide to buy a truck is that we usually borrow the truck from the manufacturer for a week and they expect us to return it to our office in the same condition as it arrives.

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If we take a truck up a mountain and bring it back dented, bumped, or even with 200 pounds of dirt and mud stuck to the bottom, you’ll see the truck manufacturer get a little pissed off. So we thought it would be best to buy an old truck that we could describe ourselves and dispose of at will, without asking for permission or apologies from the truck manufacturers.

We also thought it would be a fun video series to see an old truck put to good use (and yes, even a little abuse) in the Colorado Rockies.

After a long and fun search on Craigslist in Denver, we spotted an old 1994 Toyota pickup that looked great – but there was just one problem. Although the seller has included many pictures, they have not included many details. Of course, another thing that stood out in the ad was the price. The asking price was several thousand dollars below market value.

As trained investigative journalists, we decided to contact the seller and write a letter to get more information about the Toyota truck. Our calls were not returned and the next day the ad was removed from the Craigslist listing. We think someone must have gotten a good deal on a good used truck.

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Hi, I still have my 1994 toyota pickup truck for sale. This pickup truck is in excellent condition. I am the original owner. It has no damage, scratches, dents or hidden defects. It’s in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and has no accidents…only 115,000 miles, manual, 2.4L 4 cylinder engine, 4WD, red exterior and clean interior. I have a real name with no collateral or credit in my name. I am selling it at this last price of $1700 because my husband passed away 1 month ago (he had a heart attack) and it brings back bad memories so I want to sell it ASAP. I prefer to use eBay for both of our safety, so if you are interested in purchasing this truck, please email me with your full name, address, zip code, and phone number to let eBay know that you are my choice. I will inform you. potential buyer and they will contact you to explain the whole procedure. Thank you, Marie Garrett

Your question is simple. Is it too good to be true? Is this a craigslist trucking scam?

You might think of the 2023 Ram HD Rebel as a low-powered wagon, but there’s more to this truck than you might think. Check it out!

It’s been 23 years (1999) since I last bought myself a new car and the 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz SEL AWD is it! – The school in this city is diesel steel.

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The Best Diesel Deals on Craigslist Tour has come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Steel City as well. While this western Pennsylvania town is known for its professional and college sports teams, Pitt has a blue-collar history, which explains why the area is full of hard-working diesel trucks.

But before we go any further, a little history about this series. We began our journey in March 2020 with a story about the 1994 gas-powered, four-wheel-drive Ford E-350 that served as a vehicle for former President Bill Clinton’s motorcade. Since that first report, we’ve featured diesel rigs for sale privately on Craigslist in Cleveland, Birmingham, Nashville, Miami, Charlotte, North Carolina, Boston, and New York.

One of the things that draws diesel enthusiasts to Craigslist is the wide variety of trucks, cars, engines, tools and other mechanical equipment found on its pages. Very cool stuff, and thanks to the negotiations, try to get the best deal, which can usually be for a song.

While following this collection, note that diesel pickups are not the main focus of our searches, although they are almost everywhere. For the fun of this project, we’re looking for unusual, unique or even weird diesel vehicles, equipment, parts, etc. However, there are times when we have late model pickups. Everyone is familiar with getting their treats.

Always Check The Inland Empire Craigslist Posts For Glorious Trucks

The Pittsburgh area offers a balanced lineup of diesel vehicles. This time, old hardware caught our attention. Yes, they’re slow (powered by 5.9L 12-valve Cummins, 7.3L Power Stroke, 6.5L Detroit Diesel, and 6.2L GM engines), get 200,000 miles or more, and have body panels that are laser straight maybe not, but the trucks we’ve mentioned have character (and maybe some interesting stories behind them) and great potential for restoration glory.

Let us know about any great diesel deals you find on Craigslist. Send info and link to: [email protected]

The old Dodge had two owners. It’s currently in Ohioville, has 210,000 miles on it, and for $5,900 you can be the third person to claim it. Sure, there’s a 5.9L 12-valve Cummins under the hood, but the standout quality of this rig is that it serves as the basis for a 1-ton D350 truck with a diesel powerplant. Consider this if you’re buying a first-generation Dodge Ram. Although it requires front tires and brake lines, the truck offers an impressive list of interchangeable service parts and aftermarket mods to help get the job done.

Seriously, what’s not to love about this classic OBS setup? It has a clean Pennsylvania title, 208,000 miles, four-wheel drive, a five-speed stick transmission, a 7.3L power stroke, a 5-inch exhaust, a bunch of other new parts, and a solid frame (again, Pittsburgh, where rusty frames are the norm). . We couldn’t find the location, but the seller quoted $12,000 as the price.

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We’ll start with the important information. According to the seller: “Any reasonable offer will be considered (advertised price $2,500) as this rig needs to sell quickly. Suburban trucks are great for versatility. This is a 309,000 mile 4×4 with automatic transmission and a running 6, but needs a turbocharger.” 5L Detroit Diesel Powerplant It’s very clean and so is the Pittsburgh, so take the money and go for it.

We think it might be a solid semi-classic, and it’s actually for sale in Columbia, Ohio (which is just west of the ‘burg) and for a very good price ($8,000 or best offer). The 5.9L Cummins and five-speed manual transmission has 258,850 miles, and new parts include a thermostat and heater core,

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