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Play Hidden Object Games Online Free No Downloads – When it comes to “casual” games (which I always put in quotes because I don’t believe in the division between casual and “real” games), HOPA games are all the rage. But what if you’re in the mood for a pure hidden object (HOG) game? What if you don’t like a story, inventory and complex puzzles? Then this post is for you.

One thing you should know: most pure HOGs also include minigames. Usually you do a HOG or three, then complete a mini-game, then do another HOG. These mini games are simpler than what you usually find in HOPAs. They don’t straighten your brain much.

Play Hidden Object Games Online Free No Downloads

Any Casual Art: Casual Art excels at hidden object games without stories. Its two main series are Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger and Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director. It also releases holiday-themed games. At certain times of the year, I play their Christmas Wonderland, Easter Eggztravaganza, and Halloween Trick or Treat series. The same characters appear (literally) in the games, but there really isn’t a story. You spend most of your time looking for hidden objects in simple mini-games.

The Best Hidden Object Games For Windows 10 Pcs

Big City Adventure – This Jolly Bear Games series takes you to famous cities around the world. You will find hidden objects in each location and also learn a little about each town. The first game takes you to San Francisco, and the last game (14th in the series) takes you to Moscow.

Clutter: In the Clutter series, you spend your time hunting for hidden objects. This is not your typical HOG. Objects cannot be hidden in scenes. However, there is a bunch of them on the screen, and it’s up to you to clean them up. Each level is randomly generated, so the game has a lot of replayability. There are also mini games.

Shopping Clutter: Although it shares the word “Clutter” with the Clutter series, Shopping Clutter comes from a different developer. But this is a kind of HOG that resembles clutter. There are Christmas and Thanksgiving themed games if you want them.

100% Hidden Objects – This is an amazing game and is exactly what the title says. No story No inventory. No minigames. Just hidden things. You can choose timed mode for a challenge or go into relaxed mode and find things at your own pace.

Hidden Epee — Hidden For Android

Hidden World of Art: In this series, you will restore classic paintings by finding hidden objects. These are really classic paintings, so you are familiar with the paintings of the masters. If you like art, you’ll want to check out this series.

Pure Hidden – This game delivers exactly what its title suggests. It is a pure HOG, and there are many different graphic styles in HOG scenes. I haven’t played it yet, but it’s on my “to buy” list. Big Fish Games rated it highly.

Scrapbook Paige: If you like scrapbooking, this game is for you. If you’ve never tried scrapbooking, you might want to give it a try. You will find the materials in a store and you can design the scrapbook pages. If you’re up for a challenge, you can try the quick rounds. It’s a simple game, so tweens or young adults can enjoy it, but sometimes us adults just want to relax, and this is a great game to play when that feeling hits.

Hidden Folks: This is a different kind of HOG. You look for people in hand-drawn scenes, like “Where’s Waldo?” scene The scenes are huge. You have to move/zoom them to see them all. I admit I have this game but I haven’t finished it yet. He didn’t catch me. But players are different, so you can do it this way. It’s on Steam, but not on Big Fish Games.

Hidden Object Game 4 In For Android

Anything from Crisp App Studio: Crisp App only launches HOG (so far). There are more than ten games available on Steam with different themes, mostly based on classic stories like Around the World in 80 Days and Sherlock Holmes. You will find hidden objects and solve mini games. I have a few games on the Crisp app and their hidden object scenes are quite challenging.

Mystery Season: The Cherry Blossom Murders: Set in Japan, you must solve your husband’s murder. In that sense, it has a story, but in the form of things you find and a detective who pops up from time to time to talk to you. This is the first HOG I’ve played (see below). This one is on Steam, but not on Big Fish Games.

HOPAs rule the hidden object world today, many pure HOGs are older games. I have no problem running Steam, but sometimes I buy an older game from Big Fish Games and have trouble running it.

If you’re interested in a game released before 2013, download the demo before you buy to make sure you can play. All games available at Big Fish Games have a trial version that allows you to play part of the game.

The Hidden Treasures: Objects

It was a HOG that made me HOG and HOPA in the first place. Before that, I’d stumbled upon the odd scene hidden object adventure games, but somehow, even though I’d been playing for over thirty-five years at that point, I hadn’t turns out there is a whole genre of HOG and HOPA.

When Steam has a sale (and they used to be really good because you can get a lot of games at deep discounts like 85%), I choose games that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. If it’s only $5, why not? I can give away some games that I love that I wouldn’t have tried if they weren’t heavily discounted.

The game Mystery Age: Cherry Blossom Murders must have appeared in my browsing queue or somehow caught my eye on the store’s main page. I sure didn’t know it was a hidden object game, so I bought it. And when I played it, I loved it. Since then, I have played over a hundred HOGs and HOPAs and will probably play them until I turn off my gaming machine for the last time.

If you’re in the mood for a hidden object game without a story, try one of the HOGs I’ve listed. This is not an exhaustive list. I’m sure there are more hidden object games that don’t have a story. But this list will get you started.

Best Hidden Object Games For Android & Ipad

If you know of another pure HOG, please let me know. I recently added a “Part 2” post with more suggestions for hidden object games without stories. As I said in the post, there are many such games released today. You can watch the second part here:

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