Retail Jobs Near Me Part Time For 16 Year Olds

Retail Jobs Near Me Part Time For 16 Year Olds – Whether you’re looking for your first job or your next job, you’ve come to the right page. Many places hire at 16, so you’re only a few steps away from finding a part-time, online or summer job. You can’t do many things yet and you may have to follow certain rules (details below), but you have more freedom than your 14 and 15 year old friends. We’ve listed the jobs best for putting together 16 year olds that will teach you important skills and prepare you for the future. Your teen jobs can be a stepping stone to the career you envision for yourself. Don’t you think it’s time to take matters into your own hands and gain more independence from your parents or legal guardians?

You don’t have to drink coffee to be barista of the month. Working in a coffee shop attracts students because it allows for flexible working hours and anyone can learn how to use a coffee machine. Large chains such as Costa Coffee or Starbucks employ 16-year-olds in selected locations. It is worth visiting a local coffee shop and asking the manager. Would you rather learn about coffee beans at an independent coffee shop? Visit your favorite ones in the neighborhood and see if they are hiring. Remember that small businesses cannot offer high-paying jobs to 16-year-olds and others.

Retail Jobs Near Me Part Time For 16 Year Olds

Many teenagers name fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Publix, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, KFC, Taco Bell, Ruby Tuesdays, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Cracker Barrel or IHOP as their first job. They take on various tasks like kitchen helpers, cashiers, waiters, hostesses and even cleaners. These jobs do not allow a slow pace with frequent breaks, so stamina is important. During your physical and mental movements, you will learn a lot: how to communicate effectively, how to work more efficiently, how to organize tasks, etc.

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TJ Maxx, Walgreens, Target, Fareway and Walmart stores welcome thousands of people every day. They always need extra hands to stock shelves, display products in a pleasant and attractive way, load trucks or help customers with bags at the checkout. Thanks to the work mix, you won’t get tired so easily, but be physically ready. You stand and walk a lot in the shop and sometimes you have to lift weights. Once you are of age, you can sign up for companies like Instacart and Shipt to earn extra income as a grocery shopper and delivery person.

More and more people are buying clothes online, but this is not the end of retail stores. As long as they exist, they need staff to organize shelves and displays, communicate with suppliers and serve customers. After going through a few trends, you’ll see your clothing vocabulary expand. Your communication skills will also improve. If you don’t know which stores are hiring in your city, go to the nearest mall and ask the companies there. Bring a few copies of your resume!

AMC Theaters and Palace Entertainment hire teenagers to serve hot and cold food. If you want a more interesting job, look for a job at a local movie theater and/or amusement park. If you want to excel in this job, you need to be able to handle pressure and stress well in a fast-paced environment. Sometimes there is a long line of people waiting to get a drink or a sandwich.

Do you love books and spend most of your free time reading books? Then go to your local bookstores and look for part-time jobs. You don’t get paid to read books, you get paid to organize them, pack and unpack them, and recommend titles for customers to read. Sure, some get hooked on a best-selling novel, but not all. Bookstore associates work does not require experience, so you will learn everything on the job. A large crowd is expected at the shop before Christmas; books sell well during the holidays.

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If you want to work with books, but in a more relaxed environment, take a job as a library assistant. You probably know the staff at your local school or public library well by now. Ask them if they need someone to sort books, update databases, or answer visitors’ questions. If you later dream of a career as an archivist, this job will help you get there. Please note that some libraries close for the summer.

Tutoring is not work experience for 16 year olds. To be a tutor, you need to be a good and hardworking student. Some students struggle to keep up with schoolwork and need math, literature or English tutors to pass the test. Be the one to help them after school! Where do you find students? Advertise your services at school, join your school’s tutoring program, or ask people in your social circle.

Every day a person learns new things unconsciously. Some choose to learn new skills to advance their careers or change careers. Others turn to teachers to pursue a new hobby or passion. Don’t think a 16-year-old can’t teach adults! If you have the right skills, someone will be happy to take your classes or check out the design or language courses you share on Udemy. You need the consent of your parent or legal guardian to register.

Even kindergarten teachers and kindergarten helpers can use their beautiful singing voice and musical talent to entertain groups. Caring for young children requires stamina, but offers great rewards. This position is suitable for those with some experience (taking care of siblings, babysitting neighbors, etc.) and/or CPR/First Aid certification. Not all daycare centers hire teenagers to help with children, but they can connect you with childcare jobs for 16-year-olds in your area. After all, they meet many parents every day!

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Personal contacts and word of mouth recommendations improve everyone’s chances of getting a job. That’s how life goes. But you can find many babysitting jobs online. displays job offers for the recruitment of people aged 16. Always read the advertisement carefully to ensure that you meet the criteria, considering your qualifications, level of knowledge, preferences and access. Maybe the parents want someone older, someone with a car, or someone who speaks more languages. Carers also sometimes do light housework.

If children scare you, you certainly don’t mention babysitting as one of the good jobs for 16-year-olds. And that’s good. What about pet sitter jobs? Of course, that means scooping poop, but also playing with cute puppies and kittens. Start your job search within your extended family and social circle and check out as well. Teens as young as 13 can join the platform and offer their services to pet parents.

Do your relatives travel a lot for work? So what about pets? Or who collects the mail? Let them help you as a housekeeper! If your parents are worried about you spending the night without supervision, ask them to come with you. Show them how responsible you are. You can also use this time to bond with them. And when they go to work, they know who to call!

After you celebrate your 18th birthday, you can create a profile on and find new places in your city or country. Janitorial work has become popular among digital nomads and freelancers. They do not pay for accommodation or finance themselves by performing tasks remotely and/or on a project basis.

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Are you comfortable in front of the camera or on stage? Give acting a chance! Not all movies, TV shows or commercials feature children, but many do. You may have watched The Middle, Modern Family, Black-ish, Stranger Things, etc. And several big stars started on the Disney Channel show. Acting is definitely on the list of high paying jobs for 16 year olds, but it all depends on what gig you get hired for. Actors face a lot of challenges and rejections, so just wait. To break them big, create a profile on Fiverr and provide voice calling services.

Are you a member of your school or church choir? Are you interested in roles where you can showcase your vocal range? Browse jobs to find open calls for musicals, movies, plays and more. Expect great competition if you try anything. While you’re waiting for your big moment, why not form a band with your best friends and play at weddings, office parties, school functions, etc. or sell your songs on Fiverr. In the early 2000s, Myspace launched the careers of musicians such as Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Arctic Monkeys and Panic! at the disco. Today’s new artists upload their tracks to SoundCloud or YouTube.

Not all children go to school where music is included in the curriculum. And not every parent can afford to hire a private music tutor for their child. Even if you do not plan to apply for a conservatory, you should not shy away from it

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