Serco Dock Leveler Parts Diagram

Serco Dock Leveler Parts Diagram – Serco® hydraulic dock levelers have been installed in thousands of large-scale loading docks worldwide, offering exceptional performance in terms of strength, safety and durability.

Serco® hydraulic dock levelers offer quick, easy and safe button operation. Compared to other types of levelers, hydraulic dock levelers provide the longest lasting performance with the lowest operating cost.

Serco Dock Leveler Parts Diagram

Serco Dock Leveler Parts Diagram

Serco® hydraulic dock levelers are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of high volume loading docks. They offer a minimal lip crown to accommodate low clearance electric pallet trucks and avoid door and ceiling interference in high loading conditions.

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N/A Features on/off lip control, auto return to dock, one push button, speed protection, CLEAN FRAME design and built-in bracket maintenance.

N/A Features push button control with quick cycle lip extension, on/off button, safety speed protection, CLEAN FRAME design, integrated maintenance support and mushroom stop button.

N/A Quality classic well platform with CLEAN FRAME design, seal, grease fittings and control panel with mushroom stop button, quick cycle lip extension and automatic return to dock.

N/A Available with dual main and lip hydraulic cylinders, five position steel bushing rear hinge and quick release. An optional full control panel is available with a mushroom stop button, quick cycle lip extension and automatic dock return.

Operators Daily Checklist For Dock Leveler

N/A Patented Serco Versa Series Levelers are the only dock levelers that have the flexibility to handle both conventional loads and high dock loading (lower loading) in the same dock position. With the popularity of air suspensions, heavy-duty “low boy” trailers, and the ever-increasing popularity of low-profile tires, truck bed heights can be extended to the 12-inch range of most common leveling systems, making maintenance on these trailers difficult or impossible. trailers up to 8′ 6″ wide, standard 7′ 0″ wide graders leave little or no room to maneuver Forklifts When cargo handlers try to “cube” the trailer, loading loads is often impossible using special docks or expensive truck leveling equipment Versa Series graders provide unobstructed access to a 9-ft. wide for extra wide loads under the dock.

Pop-ups on this page appear to be blocked. Allow the pop-up window to complete the download. Click here to download. Anyway, EOD levelers are the most economical way to maintain trucks with minimal height differences. Safe, easy and ergonomic to use for all your charging dock transmitters.

Say goodbye to portable discs. Our dock levelers provide the convenience and power you need. Dock leveling machines

Serco Dock Leveler Parts Diagram

Serco Edge-of-Dock levelers are an efficient and affordable alternative to portable tiles. This loading dock leveler attaches to the front of the dock to facilitate loading and unloading trailers and is ideal for medium traffic loading docks. With easy push-button styling, you get the reliable durability you’ve been looking for and superior performance that won’t break your budget.

Do I Need To Replace Or Repair My Dock Leveler (dock Plate)?

Rice Equipment offers many options for safely attaching a dock edge leveler. Adding a steel cap to a doorway can eliminate the need for concrete work and add years of reliable service.

Dock levelers use a manual lifting hook that requires enormous lifting power. These hooks are clumsy and present a dangerous pinch hazard. Similarly, other EODs require your center of gravity to be in front of the leveler, which requires a high degree of balance, skill, and timing.

The Serco EZ-Lift system takes the frustration out, just insert the bar and pull back. Once the leveling assembly is safely seated in the trailer, you’re good to go.

The Edge-of-Dock Leveler is easy to use, requiring only 15 pounds of force. The patented EZ-Lift design is balanced by the Spring Assist system. The strong steel lifting lever with safety handle ensures simple and intuitive activation. Work area is 5″ above and 5″ below dock height.

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The Serco SM Series Mechanical Edge Leveler offers both durability and affordability with a proven design for optimal performance. Plus, you can get up and running quickly with simple setup and easy-to-use operation. Standard product features include an exclusive ear-shaped lip hinge for increased strength and extended life, EZ-Lift™ spring assist to reduce lift, laminated bumpers and integrated maintenance support.

The Serco SA Series Pneumatic Dock Leveler combines a pneumatic lifting system with a convenient push button, eliminating manual work when loading and unloading trailers for maximum efficiency. Using a patented airbag lift system, this dock leveling system provides reliable performance that reduces cost of ownership with no springs or fasteners to repair or replace. Other top-of-the-line features include a goggle-shaped lip hinge for even more strength and durability, as well as laminated bumpers and an integrated maintenance support.

Having trouble with your current EOD service suite? Our elevated EOD levelers are ideal for dock positions that are normally too low.

Serco Dock Leveler Parts Diagram

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