Should I Get My Ears Pierced At Claire's

Should I Get My Ears Pierced At Claire's – An additional fee applies to cartilage and nose piercings. 20% discount on in-store purchases excluding the ear piercing kit. Other versions may apply.

This piercing is located in the section between the earlobe and the upper helix, in the open space of the cartilage that forms the outer curve of the ear.

Should I Get My Ears Pierced At Claire's

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My Ear Piercing Experience With Claire’s

There is always excitement in our stores when we have a customer coming in, ready to get their ears pierced! There’s a lot going on in a decision like fitting a new stud, especially for your little ones getting their first ear piercings! We have been lucky enough to share many “firsts” with people over the years and we would love to share your memories with you!

When you feel ready for a brand new Claire’s ear piercing, be sure to check out our range of studs. If you prefer traditional earrings, take a look at our 24ct gold stud earrings set on your standard ball or cubic zirconia. Claire offers beautiful birthstone options to add some color to subtle and eye-catching accessories.

All of our ear piercing professionals are fully trained to ensure they meet all regulations and safety requirements prior to piercing. With over 100 million ear piercings since 1978, it’s no wonder we’re considered the piercing experts! Did you know we pierced the ears of Olympians, singers and actors? We have pierced them with their children!

So what is Rapid ™ After Care Lotion? Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but it packs a powerful magical potion that takes care of your ears in the best possible way! This product is a specialty of Claire because we care a lot about how you look after your new ear piercing when you leave our shop. Daily care is important and Rapid ™ After Care is the best!

Claire’s Employee Pressured To Pierce A Non Consenting Child’s Ears

When you visit us in our stores, we want to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable in the process. We will chat with you, tell us what you are looking for and use all pre-packaged and sterilized equipment. Next, we’ll go over how to care for your new piercing, including guidelines and ear care. Simple and easy, you will wonder why you didn’t sign up before! We pay attention! Drop by Claire today and talk to an ear piercing specialist!

For each piercing we thoroughly clean the ear piercing station and clean chairs, hands and equipment using medical equipment. Our range of disposable face shields, masks, aprons and gloves is one level of treatment. Use specially designed piercings that are securely packaged in pre-sterilized cartridges. A pre-sterilized cartridge is loaded directly into the device without being touched by a friend. We tell you about our after-sales service options and show you how to take care of your new piercing as efficiently and cleanly as possible. We ask that customers continue to wear a mask while piercing, unless they are exempted under government guidelines.

Always try to keep your new ear piercing free of soap, perfume and hair products. Wash your ears with clean water after shampooing, then clean with After Care Lotion to keep your ears clean and your earrings shiny. Piercings should be cleaned with Claire’s After Care Lotion and kept dry, especially after bathing, swimming or exercising. Be careful when washing your hair, exercising, wearing headphones, or anything that may cause discomfort with your new piercing. Avoid pushing back too far, the tip of the pole should be covered and protected by the safety notch.

All piercing employees are trained in the piercing site policy and practice basic procedures to provide clean, hygienic and safe piercing sites. Each one will work on his he active release, where he will demonstrate great piercing techniques before our Piercing Trainer confirms the workout. Our training program is validated by our Studex partners and our training modules ensure that our associates not only understand the policy, but can also implement it. The key is consistency. All this coupled with annual refresher training, which gives you the extra certainty that your ear piercing specialist is up to date. In the lives of many young people, getting an ear piercing is like a right of way. Whether it’s a small child who wants to wear cute, trendy and stylish earrings with his whole look, a teenager looking to add an extra touch to their style or parents who have decided they want to get a pierced ears. baby or child as part. of culture or religious tradition (in onesie), there are many places that offer piercing services, some for free.

Studs Is The New Piercing Shop That’s Like A Grown Up Claire’s

Another popular spot is Claire’s boutique, where they offer free ear piercings every day with the purchase of a starter kit. While Claire seems like a safe and reasonable place to get her ear piercings, it’s not the best option. Of course, the old shop’s free piercings hit the spot

Charming and honest, the truth behind Claire’s ear piercing procedure will leave many looking for alternatives.

While many parents choose to go to Claire to have their children’s ears pierced, the in-store piercing protocol does not provide the safest procedure. When it comes to piercings, hygiene and safety come first (via Mayo Clinic). Claire happened to use an ear piercing gun, which experts say is less safe than using a needle. Not only are piercing guns more dangerous than needles, they are not properly sterilized and carry a greater risk of infection.

Piercing guns, unlike needles, are made of plastic materials that cannot withstand the sanitary procedures required for safe sterilization. John Joyce, a professional piercer with 18 years of experience, explained to Good Home Maintenance: “The plastic will dissolve in the piercing, which is what we use to clean tools such as needles, jewelry and all the tools we use when piercing.

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The chances of infection when using a plastic gun are high. A former client even recalled, on an online forum, that their bad experience resulted in 3 infections and a hospital visit where the infection became so severe that it had to be amputated.

Getting a piercing is a body modification, so make sure the piercer you use has experience in the field. Most of the time, the people who pierce at Claire’s are professional staff trained only to use the piercing gun they have there and have no formal hygiene training or, as Infinite Body Piercing points out, “virus in the blood.”

Some piercers disagree with shop policies regarding ear piercings as well. In 2019, Claire’s former employee went viral after sharing on social media that he was “shocked” when a 7-year-old girl took her mom to get her ears pierced, but then changed her mind before the start of the. procedure. Her mother, however, insisted that Claire’s employee continue the process and pierce her daughter’s ears, even though her daughter was worried, she was crying and begging him to stop (via Inside Edition).

According to the clerk, her boss said that if her mother insisted that her daughter get her ears pierced, that was the clerk’s job. The employee immediately resigned.

Mum Horrified At The Price Of Claire’s Accessories Ear Piercing For Her Daughter

Making sure you find the right person to pierce your ears is important. Doing any kind of body transformation requires not only a trained and experienced professional, but also someone who knows how to put your worries at ease. The shop needs to be clean, comfortable, and all equipment needs to be cleaned properly (via NeilMed). The best way to find a good, experienced, and trustworthy tattoo artist is to search for local tattoo and piercing shops in your area on the Internet, on websites like Yelp.

Do your research and feel free to not only read customer and customer reviews, but stop by the store and look around. Many times, people will be open and honest about how they feel during the procedure and who is best in the shop for certain types of piercings. You can also use websites like which is a repository of reputable stores certified for the use of new and clean piercing needles, with reputable, trained and experienced technicians. But a Claire’s Accessories employee responded to the backlash the company is receiving, insisting that if people get infections after being stabbed, it’s because they aren’t doing proper after-sales service.

Riley reached out to TikTok to share a video diary of her work day, showing herself stocking up on gummies at the grocery store, unloading groceries, and receiving a visit from her boyfriend.

She also wrote “Piercing Time”, where she wore plastic gloves while she armed herself with a gun.

Here’s Why You Should Think Twice About Getting A Piercing At Claire’s

Her video quickly drew comments from people criticizing Claire for her piercings, with the words: “You are not getting any piercings from Claire!

“To everyone who blames their earrings for the infection

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