Should I Go On The Pill Quiz

Should I Go On The Pill Quiz – The Pill, IUDs, Condoms, and Plan B Emergency Contraception: Taking care of birth control is so simple (it helps prevent pregnancy), it can be a really confusing topic. Even if you’ve been using birth control pills on the Reg, you may not fully understand how they work, which ones are best for you, and what side effects they may have. (Oh,

So let’s set the reproductive health record straight and look at some common myths that may have been debunked over the years. Because, come on, this is important!

Should I Go On The Pill Quiz

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If you’ve been led to believe that another form of emergency contraception, Plan B, can help terminate a pregnancy, then Plan B is not an abortion pill. Read: It won’t harm an existing pregnancy and won’t work at all if you’re already pregnant. Instead, think of it as a backup to birth control.

Basically, it works by temporarily delaying ovulation (in the absence of an egg, there is no fertilization, so pregnancy does not occur again). 7 out of 8 women who could get pregnant when used as directed have not become pregnant after using Plan B. But remember: Plan B should not be used as birth control.

This is one of the biggest myths gynecologists hear. “Many studies have been done on this topic and have found no significant association between weight gain and most types of birth control, especially low-dose estrogen pills,” says Tiffany Woods, MD. At Cedar. Hull, Texas

When you start taking birth control pills, you may notice a slight change in your weight. This may be due to water retention due to the hormonal response to the medication. But eventually your body will adjust and water weight will be a thing of the past.

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When you stop using hormonal birth control, it may take a while for your period to start, depending on how you used it. Dr. Woods notes that a period usually starts a month after taking the pill, and almost always within three months. After injecting birth control pills, it can take a while for your cycle to return, sometimes up to 6 to 12 months after you stop.

Important: Only contraceptives that create a barrier between bodily fluids protect against sexually transmitted diseases. That means no IUDs, pills, shots, emergency contraception, or patches.

Many sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomonas, should be prevented, Dr. Woods said. Of course, they are not the best form of protection. “Other sexually transmitted diseases such as human papillomavirus (HPV), genital herpes, syphilis, and chancroid are transmitted through the skin. Therefore, condom use is ineffective if the infected area is not covered with a condom,” he said. Dr. Woods warns.

Just because you’ve used Plan B for emergency contraception in the past doesn’t mean you should avoid unprotected sex or use it again after using contraception. Plan B will not affect your future fertility and will have no long-term side effects. In fact, Plan B contains levonorgestrel—the same hormone used in many popular forms of birth control—only in higher doses.

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But remember: emergency contraception should not be considered birth control (and should not be considered as such because it is not as effective as regular BC) – that’s why it’s called “emergency” contraception. .

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We have to make choices every day. These decisions range from simple things like what to have for breakfast or what route to take to more serious ones like choosing the best birth control pill. In fact, sorting through all the information and advice on birth control can be overwhelming.

When You Should Take Your Birth Control Pill

That’s where this guide comes in handy. This will put you on the right track to making a solid decision about the best birth control method.

There are many types of birth control, which means many of them work in different ways. In most cases, there are four types of birth control methods:

These are big and important questions, but don’t worry! If you are worried or nervous, a health professional can give you the information you need to answer. It’s a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor to address these questions. They will then help you address your concerns.

“There are birth control options you can buy at the drugstore without insurance,” says Dr. Phyllis Gersh, author of PCOS SOS: A Gynecological Lifeline to Restore Your Rhythm, Harmony, and Happiness Naturally.

Birth Control Methods

Many family planning clinics and health centers have programs to help you pay for your options. Some examples are:

Many telehealth services offer birth control. This is ideal if you live far from a hospital or health center or otherwise cannot reach it, or if you prefer a virtual appointment. Some of these services include:

Birds and Bees 101 tells us that sperm must meet an egg in order to conceive.

“If you want to avoid pregnancy, you should avoid vaginal intercourse,” says Gersh. “It really works for people who want to never have sex.”

Spotting On Birth Control: Top 9 Questions Answered

The effectiveness of extracurricular work depends on how you and your colleagues define it. If you decide to avoid any type of penetration (rectal, oral or hand-to-hand intercourse), the effectiveness is 100 percent.

Also known as the rhythm method, fertility awareness involves tracking your menstrual cycle and symptoms to avoid intercourse on your most fertile days.

Although they are cost-effective, low-risk, and a great way to learn more about your body, fertility awareness methods have a high failure rate.

Dr. G. Thomas Ruiz says, “In general, if you’re actively trying to get pregnant, fertility awareness practices are better.” Ruiz is chief of OB/GYN at Memorial Care Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California.

Do You Need A Birth Control Cleanse?

According to Planned Parenthood, fertility awareness practices are 76 to 88 percent effective. This means that 24 out of every 100 people become pregnant using fertility awareness.

Birth control may be a topic for some people, but if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, that doesn’t change how important it is to use the right method.

So, while it may be tempting to use the old pull method, it’s one of the most effective birth control options out there. You’ll want to believe it will work for you. But with a 22 percent failure rate in typical use, rest assured that won’t happen.

Fortunately, there are many other “use when needed” options. You can get some of these for free at your local health center.

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What is this? Condoms are latex-free, hormone-free polyurethane pouches that can be inserted into the vagina. They also greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy and STD transmission. win

Pros: Know you’re being held back? You can get that baby out 8(!) hours before intercourse.

Another advantage: even if your partner does not want to use condoms, you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Inner condoms fit less tightly around the penis – some users enjoy this freedom, but others find the extra material inhibits sensation.

Quiz: Am I Pregnant?

Disadvantages: On average, external condoms cost 2-4 times more, and these children have a slower learning curve. They are not.

How to use: Pinch the small, inner ring at the closed end of the condom and pull the folds of your labia around the vagina with your other hand. Insert the compressed inner ring into the vagina. Insert your index, middle or both fingers into the opening of the condom until you feel it.

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