Shows To Watch When You Re Depressed

Shows To Watch When You Re Depressed – When you’re feeling down, sometimes all you want to do is crawl into bed and watch reruns of your favorite TV show.

Maybe you used to watch the game from your childhood because the familiarity brings a smile to your face. Maybe you like a certain TV show because it makes you feel like you’re not alone and you understand. Or maybe you want to get away from your reality and want to disappear into other people’s thoughts.

Shows To Watch When You Re Depressed

Whatever type of television you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We asked our powerful family to share their “go-to” conversations they turn to when they’re feeling down. Did your “go” make the list? Tell us in the comments.

The Most Depressing Movies

“’Supernatural,’ all the way. The show is amazing, even the story is dark. The strength of character and sense of family transcends pain and turmoil. Also, everyone in this show is really nice people. Many of them have been honest about their mental health, and have spoken lovingly to their loved ones in order to inform and promote recovery. In fact, these are friendly, good people who saved and improved their lives with their voices, and they truly appreciate those of us who watch and listen. To me, that’s part of what keeps fans growing and giving. – Nicole W.

“Rachel somehow gives me hope that one day I will reach the top of the day when I feel depressed and want to give up. Rachel left [a] jobless to volunteer in France for something she loves. Phoebe encourages me to look at life from the other side – that no matter how bad life is, sometimes it’s still beautiful. And when I feel like I have to be someone else to feel accepted, Monica reminds me that I just have to be me and I’m right. Someone will love me the way I am, so, ‘Friend.’ – Lauren P.

“I watch Pokemon when I’m feeling down. I know it’s for children, but all people are always really nice and there are many ways to start words to solve problems and deal with your emotions. It’s refreshing and encouraging to see.” – Summer R.

“Great women, great actors, and not too picky. That’s what I want when I’m feeling down.” – Erica H.

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“Leslie Knope is funny and the whole cast makes you forget about the bad things in your life and just look at how funny things can be in Pawnee,” he said. -James T.

“It’s simple and uplifting and about a family struggling to get by but never letting pressure stop them from taking risks and living their lives. It’s inspiring to see a family that doesn’t have everything but doesn’t care.” – Margo M.

“For two reasons… One because Mariska Hargitay is my hero, but also because the sense of justice helps me and gives me the strength to continue despite my past.” – Sarah C.

“I’m biased because I’m a big brony, but ‘My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.’ There is a part of everything you feel, and whatever happens, it all works out in the end. It’s small, but it makes me feel like there’s still hope and I don’t have to give up. There are parts that deal with many adult topics too, like the grief of losing a pet or struggling to start a business/find your passion as a career . It’s simple because it’s a cartoon, but it always makes me feel good. – Maddie V.

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“Both women go to hell quickly, and find comfort in spending time together in their relationship. It reminds me to talk to those who care about me when I’m depressed, even when I’m alone. – Allie M.

“It’s just a good show and it gets your mind off the ground and you’re not thinking about anything but solving problems,” he said. – Nicole S.

“I miss the high school choir like crazy and I enjoy watching this show. I get into a bad mood in the last few weeks so I take advantage of that by watching ‘Glee’ all day. – Elodie G.

“I watch it every night when I go to bed. The show is lighthearted and I love the humor that takes on mental illness and mental illness. It’s funny without being disrespectful and/or disrespectful! -Bridget P.

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“There is always something to save the day. Someone always comes along and does something good and I want that to happen in my life. I want one day to treat myself like they do in my favorite conversation. I also want to be a hero. – Savannah A.

“It’s normal, it’s comforting and I can relate to any story line or character,” he said. – Katie D.

“Hearing the camaraderie of the players makes me feel better in the world,” he said. – Emma A.

“‘Home, M.D.’ it was my go-to when it was still on Netflix. It never failed to impress me, I easily watched the show 10 times. I think it was the combination of the legal science behind House’s problems and his self-destructive mindset. It’s amazing.” – Jess B.

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“Full House [I loved] when I was little. My mom and I would connect when she was home… And of course, the main reason why Netflix is ​​because of ‘Fuller House.’ – Brandy T.

“Louis Litt is an amazing person and his interaction with his therapist is fun to watch. Just because his character is human, complex and successful gives me hope for the future. – Eunice T.

“Sometimes, a silly cartoon that doesn’t require much thought or feel useful… It makes me laugh.” – Chelsea Y.

“It has a nice balance to it, so you don’t have to worry about getting too excited and pumping and falling off before bed.” – Kate F.

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I occasionally slip in some funny stuff on Resilient (pug pictures, etc.), so today I thought I’d make a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 things you shouldn’t do when you’re depressed. It’s a bad habit but it will help you if you don’t do these things. These things may or may not cause you to lose faith in a person. 😉

Reading the comment section on any website, but especially Youtube, is a BAD IDEA. It is even worse if you are depressed and have bad feelings towards others. Just don’t do it, people. Even active radio equipment does not download as quickly as YouTube content.

Anon Is Depressed

There is no faster way to get angry than to get into arguments about gun control or a war of intimidation with strangers on the internet. You just have to avoid this one.

This is not news. This is a murder report. I didn’t want to know that there was a murderer nearby, thank you. And neither do you.

Most information is not written for you to learn – it is written for people to understand and make money. Like tabloids, many magazines, gossip sites, etc. You may think it’s a silly form of entertainment but it might lift your spirits while still feeling the bad things in the world.

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Cabin Fever: Tips And Advice For Social Isolation

I’m a little confused by shows like Game of Thrones. On one hand, it’s a very good show, but on the other hand, wow there’s a lot of violence packed into that show. It’s kind of anxiety-inducing to see people cutting off heads, so if you feel that way, you should avoid watching the Saw movies (I watched them. Big mistake). Like video games.

I have spent many hours on Facebook and I can confirm that the purpose of life is, in fact, not found on Facebook. Don’t worry, I already checked. You can get an explanation of health if you read enough articles on Resilient though (are you kidding me 🙂 … or am I?).

Social media is very deceptive because we often use it as

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