Smith Lake Property For Sale By Owner

Smith Lake Property For Sale By Owner – If you are looking for a Lewis Smith Lake home or property for sale, look no further. As a top Smith Lake Realtor, I list and sell properties in all three Smith Lake counties. In 2021, we closed on more than $250 million in Lewis Smith Lake homes and properties. We completed the largest residential sale in the history of Smith Lake while also closing one of the smallest waterfront property sales. That’s why everyone calls me “Sir”. Smith Lake! “In addition to being a real estate agent, I’m a local who lives on this lovely lake and I know what I’m getting on the road and on the water. They sell millions of dollars worth of lakefront properties every year and continue to be an integral part of Lake Sales and A leader in listing activities.

Finding lakeside homes and properties for sale in Lewis Smith Lake can be time consuming and exhausting due to the large amount of space that Smith Lake covers. With over 500 miles of coastline and 22,000 acres covering Walker, Winston and Cullman counties, you need a professional, experienced realtor who knows where to go and won’t waste your precious time.

Smith Lake Property For Sale By Owner

Choose me as your “Lakeside Realtor”. I’ll make your time count and ultimately your goal of finding the perfect Lake District property, whether it’s a vacant lot or a million dollar waterfront home.

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I’m very experienced with lakefront properties, whether it’s a vacant lot, a weekend getaway, or a large year-round home.

Here are some common questions about Smith Lake that I get asked every day that you may not know but must know when looking for a Smith Lake waterfront home or property:

My answer: no! Water levels in Smith Lake fluctuate wildly. The normal pool for this lake is 510 feet ASL (above sea level). Lakes typically run up and down at least 14 feet from a regular swimming pool. The lake’s winter pool is 496 feet ASL. You should take this volatility into account when looking for a home. View water level history.

So, for example, if you look at a waterfront home or property with 10 feet of water under a dock in June, it’s likely that the dock will be on the ground by September.

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My tip: Get a handheld depth gauge or use a tape measure with a weight on the end. As a seasoned varnish specialist, I have this tool close at hand and use it every day.

Note – Smith Lake has been known to recede 19 feet like it did in 2007 due to extreme drought.

My answer: All structures below an elevation of 522 must be approved by the Alabama Power Company (APCO). All applications for Smith Lake Marina permits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. An APCO representative will make the final decision on what will be allowed on your property. Before purchasing any type of waterfront home or property, you should always contact Alabama Power Shoreline Management, Inc., at (205) 384-7385, to obtain approval for a marina or boathouse prior to closing on your property.

Most piers on Smith Lake float due to fluctuating water levels. Piers are often located at 510 degrees above sea level to maximize the use of structures on the lake. The Alabama Power Company (APCO) requires 100 feet of waterfront for full-size piers. In most cases, Alabama Power will allow 60 feet of walkway to connect to boathouses no more than 32 feet deep. Up to 92 feet from altitude 510 (normal summer pool). The boathouse measures up to 32′ x 32′ and can accommodate 2 boats. However, if your home or property is located on a narrow section of the lake, APCO will allow piers and boathouses to only reach one-third of the total width of the fairway. If your waterfront is less than 100 feet, APCO may impose certain restrictions on the size of the boathouse you can install.

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I have the contact information for the houseboat builder and all of Alabama Power’s contact information for the lake’s rules and regulations.

3) What does it mean when I see a Smith Lake waterfront home or property advertised as a “seasonal water source”?

My answer: “Seasonal water” means that the water on the shore of the lake recedes completely during the off-season, not that there is water “year-round”. Because Smith Lake is highly volatile, many properties lose water when water levels drop in winter. Typically, a waterfront property such as this will have water from late spring to early September, depending on a number of factors. Some lakefront properties may dry up completely in August, while others may remain so until late September. This varies widely along the shores of Smith Lake.

When you have questions about a waterfront home or property with seasonal waters, check the water depth and compare it to the current level of the dam, or visit the Smith Lake Water Levels website.

Paradise Point’ Lewis Smith Lake Al

When the water level rises to a normal pool of 510 ASL in summer, the boat above will float normally

The pier above is at ground level at this time. However, it will float in summer.

My answer: no. In terms of water supply, some areas of Smith Lake have public water, while others have to drill wells for water. This is the question you should be asking before buying any type of home or property in Smith Lake. A local drilling company can estimate this type of water supply for you.

In terms of the sewer system, all homes in Smith Lake require an on-site septic system to hold the wastewater. When purchasing a home or property with an existing septic tank, I recommend having a septic system inspection done by a professional septic company.

Blue Water Pointe Dr, Jasper, Smith Lake — Real Estate Photography By Dave Warren

As an experienced Smith Lake professional, I have all the information on these topics as well as contact information for all types of water and septic companies.

My answer: Depending on the county your home or property is located in, a certified county appraiser will usually appraise your home or property and determine the value, and you will be taxed on the assessed amount.

My answer: yes. Alabama Power requires a $250 fee to obtain a new permit for a Smith Lake marina or boathouse. An APCO representative will meet with you to advise you of the types of structures your property allows under their regulations.

My answer: of course. Smith Lake is considered one of the cleanest lakes in America, so don’t think twice! The water is crystal clear and very deep. Some are more than 300 feet deep.

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My answer: Fishing in Smith Lake is great. Several races are held each year on the lake. Rain or shine, it’s not uncommon to see anglers crossing Smith Lake year-round.

Need a map of Smith Lake to avoid getting lost? Go here and grab one online before you come.

My answer: yes. Smith Lake has a number of piers with gas pumps right on the water for easy access when fuel is needed. Some marinas are open year-round and offer fishing tackle/tackle, boat rentals, and everything you need to get in the water.

My answer: There is currently no speed limit on the water. However, there are several “no wake” areas posted throughout Smith Lake, which means your boat/boat can only be run at idle in these areas. Keep in mind that state law requires everyone who operates a boat to be licensed as a crew member.

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11) What size boat can I use on Smith Lake? Can I paddle on this lake?

My answer: There are currently no size restrictions on boats on Smith Lake. Smith Lake allows houseboats!

My answer: “Restricted” usually means that the property has a restrictive covenant that dictates what types of homes can be built in the subdivision. For example, most zoning on Smith Lake is limited to site-built homes, with lots ranging from 1200 minutes to 2000 minutes. However, each subdivision has a separate set of recording protocols tailored to that subdivision, and these agreements are typically recorded in that county’s courthouse.

Before purchasing any type of restricted property, you should look at the deed of record (restriction) located in the courthouse where your property is located so that you are informed at the outset and not surprised later.

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NOTE: Some developers provide a “Contract Summary” that summarizes the registered version in one page of copy. I do not recommend relying on this documentation alone. The deed of record explains all aspects of subdivision restrictions in detail, usually 15-30 pages. These are readily available and are public records.

Many conservation councils monitor water transparency

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