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Smith Mountain Lake Lots For Sale By Owner – The Coves is a private, exclusive community that expresses its kindness to the environment in meaningful yet practical ways. This is a place for people who are passionate about – and committed to – living in harmony with the area’s natural beauty. This is how the development was conceived, how we treat community resources, and how our homeowner’s association and residents’ club encourage homeowners to address the design, construction and maintenance of all our homes and shared community assets.

Every day, The Coves practice our distinctive design principles, commitment to innovative technology and passion for creating engaging amenities, all in support of our core values. The result is that homeowners at The Coves currently enjoy:

Smith Mountain Lake Lots For Sale By Owner

Sweeping views, gently curving paved roads, careful landscaping and signage create the feeling of being on an extension of the Blue Ridge Parkway. And the color, texture, and shape of all the houses and buildings all come together in a way that preserves nature, honors history, and provides a sense that everything “fits” together in a cohesive way.

Boardwalk Dr, Moneta, Va 24121

The towering views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the lake and the surrounding forests are the exact opposite of crowded city life, congested highways and busy retail malls. Conversely, with more than half of our 80-acre project dedicated to open space and low home density planned for residential lots, both the perception and the reality that every Coves homeowner enjoys is living in a park. large private with the ability to experience it all. . first hand

Any community that organizes a dozen concerts for the public each year can certainly be considered social. And, since our homes can be on over 80 acres, our Club members enjoy warm relationships among the families who live here. However, The Coves community places a premium on limiting outside vehicular and pedestrian traffic. As such, the main electronic entry gate to The Coves remains locked 24/7, the perimeter of our land is fenced and 1 mile of shoreline creates a natural buffer to the lake shore. All of this promotes a sense of privacy and serves to limit accidental or unauthorized intrusion. Recognizing the significant investments we have made in our infrastructure and homes, high-resolution cameras also monitor access points primarily at the community perimeter.

Optima Properties LLC, the original developer of The Coves, brought their passion for preserving the natural qualities of the land to the task of designing and building The Coves community and its infrastructure. Later, marketing responsibilities for the community were taken over by The Coves Club, Inc. which in collaboration with The Coves at Smith Mountain Lakes Homeowners Association (our POA) is committed to providing access and enjoyment of nature while helping to ensure its protection in our unique community. Through careful master planning, land use agreements and land conservation techniques, we strive to create communities that minimize impact on the land and preserve significant natural and open space.

The Coves community has a passion for design emphasizing the natural qualities of the land and expanding one’s concept of home to encompass much more than the boundaries of a lot. Our homes, common spaces and trail amenities are also configured to consciously blur the distinction between “indoor” and “outdoor” living and continually encourage residents and guests to enjoy all that nature has to offer around them. With Smith Mountain Lake being one of the best freshwater lakes in the eastern United States, we also offer creative ways to view, access and enjoy the water in engaging ways.

Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, Huddleston, Va 24104

Since its inception, The Coves’ overriding goal has been to create a community that brought the best in home design and construction, technology and innovative conservation techniques that would minimize the impact of construction on the land, preserve spaces important natural and open and would grow. a sense of privacy. ,

We also strive to design and construct buildings that are both environmentally and economically responsible, and promote the adoption of current technology to facilitate the comfortable, efficient and safe enjoyment of the home and its surrounding common spaces.

Click below to read about the exciting musical events featured at The Coves Amphitheater in our 2022 season.

The home page image represents the home designs available at The Coves. All images are copyrighted by Mountain Retreat Living and may not be copied or used without permission.

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The Coves is an ever-evolving community that offers everything from world-class entertainment to a vibrant community designed and developed around proven sustainable living guidelines.

The Coves Amphitheater hosted its first concert of the season on Saturday 17th April. Headlining was Crawford and Power with net proceeds benefiting SML Good Neighbors, Inc. and 5 Points Music Foundation. This year, we continue to bring world-class events to The Coves Amphitheater.

Some recently announced events at The Coves Amphitheater include Paul Thorn with Corey Hunley, The Kruger Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, The SML Live Music Festival!

Explore the design and features of our model home at 480 Coves Road and decide if it’s the home that will allow you to come here with us!

Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate For Sale

Coves Designer Home Pre-Approved Packages are offered exclusively by Mountain Retreat Living, our Southern Living Custom Builderâ„¢ partner. Click below for more information on our Estate Lots.

View Currently Occupied Homes in the Coves Community. Coves are like having your own private reserve, where nature is preserved, honored and intended to be actively experienced. Only a limited number of home sites are planned in this 90-acre community. Click below to learn more about current The Coves home offerings.

The Coves offer distinctive assets and services to create a unique and enjoyable community. Click below to learn more.

Explore the wilderness with 5 miles of trails and shelters and pavilions connected to the extensive Coves hiking system. View the legend to explore the various amenities around the area. Click below to learn more. Named for Virginia’s most visited freshwater reservoir, this picture-perfect community features low-maintenance beauty with clear waters and a rocky shoreline dotted with pondweed, snailtail and water willow.

Us Route 2 Grand Isle Vt

It’s no surprise that the country attracts its fair share of out-of-towners every year. In 2017, Bedford and Franklin counties reported a 4% and 1% increase in tourism revenue, respectively.

And while there are no specific numbers for SML, it’s worth noting that the lake’s roughly 500 miles of shoreline spans three counties, including the two mentioned above.

Additionally, local events like the Antique & Classic Boat Show and the Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival are a big draw for tourists.

But SML is more than just a place to visit—it’s a place to put down roots. There are residents whose families have been here for generations and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Homes By The Lake In Virginia, Usa Stock Photo

Located in the Roanoke region of Virginia, just southwest of the city of Roanoke, SML is bordered by Smith Mountain Lake Park and Bedford County to the north, Franklin County and Moneta to the southwest, and Pittsylvania County to the southeast.

It is not uncommon for residents to travel to these towns and cities for work, school, retail and entertainment.

Not that you’ll have to go far from home for leisure and opportunity – SML is an independent, self-sufficient community with excellent amenities and services.

Smith Mountain Lake Airport is located about four miles southeast of Moneta. Despite being privately owned, the airport is open to the public and offers hangar rentals and other services.

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate

Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport is located about three miles northwest of Roanoke. The airport offers flights to eight major cities with more than 40 scheduled flights departing and arriving daily. Major airlines and regional subsidiaries serving the airport include:

Travelers coming from North Carolina can take the major freeways south, US 220 North and US 29 North.

The community was built around a reservoir that generates power for the Appalachian Electric Company. Construction of the Smith Mountain and Leesville Dams on the Roanoke River began in 1960 and took about six years to complete.

Since then, SML quickly became a major attraction. Stretching 40 miles, the reservoir offers countless opportunities for fishing, boating and swimming. The wooded areas that surround it are also ideal for hiking and camping.

New Home Community Toll Brothers At Heron Lakes

During the construction of the dam, a group of archaeologists from the Smithsonian Institution excavated the site and discovered the remains of Algonquin Indians who fished and hunted in the abundant area.

Reformer and presidential adviser Booker T. Washington was born and raised on a historic plantation west of SML, where today stands a monument commemorating his life and influence on the Civil Rights movement.

SML has also served as the backdrop for several movies, including “What About Bob?” from 1991, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss, and 2012’s Lake Effects.

Today, guests can learn more about the community’s rich history at the Smith Mountain Lake Visitor Center. The center has interactive exhibits about the SML, including a scale model of the tank.

Avalon Avenue, Unit 60, Dennisville, Nj 08214

SML has grown as a community over the last few decades. Today, it is considered one of the most desirable places to live in Virginia because of the area’s lifestyle and sense of identity.

This growth can be seen in the housing market – which used to be rural

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