Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word

Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word – Do you want to make a digital format with the hard copy of any document? If you do, OCR (short for “Optical Character Recognition”) technology is what you need.

Optical character recognition is widely used for digital replication. Most notably, OCR technology does more than read fonts from scanned documents or digitally captured images: it can recognize line breaks in the document, split columns, convert images to graphics, allow you to search text by keywords, allow editing of documents, etc. ..The process is quite simple, easy to manage and can take only a few seconds.

Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word

Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word

Scanners and imaging devices were introduced with one goal in mind: to convert paper documents into electronic file formats that can be stored electronically.

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With the introduction of scanning devices and the concept of a paperless office, companies have been able to save time and significantly reduce operating costs.

However, the need soon arose for technology that could transform these digitized image-based documents into files that could be searched and reused in an effort to make office work even more efficient. That’s when OCR came on the scene and changed the way we deal with documents forever.

For humans, it doesn’t matter whether a document is an image-based scanned file or any other digital file format. If we see letters, numbers, symbols and pictures, we understand them. But for computers, it’s not that simple.

Essentially, OCR technology helps computers break down the structure of a document into decipherable elements. In an OCR program, what begins as a block of text separated from other formatting features becomes a line of text, then words, and finally individual characters. Once the scan is complete, the OCR algorithm replicates each character one by one, then reassembles the entire document with one important difference: the text is now extracted from the image and can be edited.

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Although OCR technology has improved greatly since its inception, errors still occur. If the original document is handwritten, torn, smudged, old, coffee-stained, or has some kind of mark that prevents easy recognition of the content, the machine will have a hard time “reading” it and translating it into an accurate electronic version of the file.

However, advanced OCR programs minimize the number of conversion errors with each version update and are now highly reliable and cost-effective. When dealing with scanned text and image documents, OCR conversion software provides the speed, flexibility and control needed in any professional work environment.

If you want to convert a document into an editable digital format, OCR software is the best choice. It provides a fast and reliable alternative to writing by hand. The optical character recognition process can save time and effort when developing a digital copy of the document.

Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word

Software with built-in OCR technology can convert a document into many different electronic formats, such as Microsoft Word, Text (and Rich Text), Excel, and of course, it can also convert scanned PDF files.

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All documents created through an OCR program are editable and allow you to change the content as you see fit. If you compare the cost of OCR to the cost of manual data entry, OCR is much cheaper. It is already an indispensable part of the office equipment of most large companies and is valuable in industries that scan a lot of documents, such as legal departments and law firms, financial and insurance companies, public authorities, healthcare institutions, personnel departments, law and real estate. companies, etc.

OCR has improved all aspects of the paperless concept, making documents searchable, editable, accessible, translatable… Document workflows have become less time- and resource-intensive, resulting in improved office productivity. office and reduced operating costs for companies.

As already mentioned, high-precision OCR programs are able to read and convert volumes of scanned data in a very short time, creating editable documents that are often error-free. Able2Extract Professional is an example of such software.

Able2Extract Professional is easy to use and can convert scanned PDFs and images containing text to the most popular electronic formats: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, OpenOffice, etc. It is equipped with the most advanced optical character recognition technology, which we highly recommend. for users with large amounts of paper documentation that need to be converted to an editable digital format.

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Step 1: Open the scanned PDF or image file containing text by clicking the Open button on the main toolbar.

Step 2: Select what you want to convert using the options on the right side panel or by dragging the relevant content (the entire document is selected by default).

Step 3: Choose from the conversion options available on the Convert tab on the main toolbar and follow the instructions to complete the OCR conversion.

Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word

Able2Extract Professional automatically recognizes your PDF as scanned and performs an OCR conversion by default, so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary steps. Your content will be extracted accurately with no time invested or wasted.PDF to Word Scanned PDF to Word Add PDF to Word Image PDF to Word Extract PDF to Word Paste PDF to Word Copy PDF to Word PDF to Word OCR Compress PDF to Word Copy table of PDF to Word Import PDF to Word Converter PDF to Word Online Google PDF to Word Converter PDF to Word Online Without Email PDF to Docx Converter PDF to Google Docs PDF to Doc Converter

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How to convert a scanned PDF to Word format to make it editable in Microsoft software? Converting a scanned or non-editable PDF file requires a special process called OCR, or optical character recognition. After processing the document using OCR, you can proceed to convert the PDF to a Word file. There are a few different ways to do it, but in this article we will show you the two most effective and convenient ways to convert scanned PDF files to Word online for free and offline on Windows and Mac.

Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word

With support for more than 20 OCR languages, it’s definitely one of the most versatile and powerful scanned PDF to Word converters you’ll find for Windows and Mac. Remember: converting a scanned document with OCR requires high precision and uses a powerful OCR engine for its conversions. The final output will be a Word document with the same design and format as the original document. Some fonts may not translate exactly, especially if the scanned file has calligraphy, but the content will be as close as possible to the scanned copy.

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Let’s take a look at some of its key features and how to use this complete Superace PDF conversion tool.

Select the language of the document. If you want to apply the same OCR settings to all files in the queue, click “Apply to All”.

If you want to convert part of the scanned PDF documents, set the page range for conversion.

The DOCX file will be generated and saved in the folder you just selected, which will appear on your screen; you can now open it with MS Word for editing.

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This is the best way to convert scanned PDF to Word for free, but the free version only allows you to convert 5 files. If you want to convert more scanned PDFs, you can also upgrade to a paid plan to remove the limitations of the trial version. This is very reasonable considering how expensive OCR tools can be.

Another way to convert scanned PDF files into editable Word documents is to use an online service. One of the good ones out there is The site is free and the OCR conversion is quite accurate. It’s also easy to use: just upload your file, select the OCR language and output file format, convert it online and save it to your desktop. A detailed process flow is provided below for your convenience.

When it’s ready, you’ll see a link to download the file, and you’ll also see a preview of the text content in the box below it.

Software To Convert Scanned Document Into Word

There is a huge amount of software

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