Someone Is Using My Social Security Number

Someone Is Using My Social Security Number – Is it true that the US government assigns Social Security numbers based on race? I read something in an email from Tavis Smiley that if you are African American or other minority, the fifth digit in your SSN is even and odd if you are white.

The Social Security “middle number” rumor has been circulating for some time, claiming that the federal government is helping to perpetuate racism. reports that the numbers allegedly target mortgage lenders, college admissions officers, employers and others who identify as black and minorities.

Someone Is Using My Social Security Number

The warnings sent by email are absolutely false; Any digit in the Social Security number has nothing to do with race. According to the Social Security Administration’s website and government oversight resources, the only information “hidden” in the SSN is where and when it was issued.

Someone Is Using My Name And My Social Security Number On Google Play Store I Need Help To Remove It

Each SSN consists of nine digits, usually written AAA-BB-CCCC. The first three-digit region (region number) indicates the state that the applicant’s mailing address was listed at the time the number was issued. The postal address of the applicant need not match with the place of residence. Thus, the area number does not necessarily represent the place of residence of the applicant.

In general, numbers were assigned starting from the northeast and moving west. That’s why the East Coast has the least number of people and the West Coast has the most number of people.

According to, the second set of numbers (the set of two that includes the alleged “racial” digit) shows when the SSN was issued, not to whom. This does not correspond directly to the year of issue: for example, the number 42 does not necessarily mean that the number was issued in 1942. According to Snopes, different states see this two-digit code at different rates, which makes sense. com. For the government, but probably not for anyone else.

Group numbers range from 01 to 99, but are not specified in sequential order. For administrative reasons, the issued group numbers first consist of the odd numbers from 01 to 09 and then the even numbers from 10 to 98 within each specified country area number. When issuing all numbers in group 98 of a particular region, even groups 02 to 08 are used, followed by odd groups 11 to 99.

Why Would Someone Change Their Social Security Number? found that the odds are 10 to 1 that any individual’s SSN group code is an even number. When you consider that the first five odd group numbers were given, it’s almost a no-brainer that most people you meet will have an even group code in their SSN.

The last four digits (serial numbers) run consecutively from 0001 to 9999, are unique to the individual and are given in chronological order within each field and group number. So if two neighbors apply for SSNs in the same year, the first five digits of both numbers will be the same. If his claims hit the Social Security Administration, it would be a single digit difference, like 3456 vs 3456. 3457.

Although the numbering system sounds confusing, it can be summed up simply: The first five digits of the SSN represent the status and year of issue. The last four digits are specific to the individual customer, but are distributed randomly with paperwork the only determining factor. Nothing about the SSN holder’s identity is encoded in the assigned number except the residence status at the time of application.

Even the Social Security Administration says on its website, “It is true that the SSN application form requires identifying information such as date of birth, place of birth, parents’ names, and (optionally) the applicant’s race.” However, none of this identifying information is encoded in the SSN itself—not in the person’s date of birth, place of birth, or race. U.S. citizens. And eligible U.S. residents who apply. The government uses this number to To track lifetime earnings and years of service.

What Can Someone Do With Your Social Security Number?

When it comes time to retire, or if you ever need to receive Social Security disability income, the government will use information about your Social Security contributions to determine your eligibility and calculate your benefits. Most people will use the same Social Security number throughout their lives, although some may need to apply for a replacement number at some point due to identity theft.

Continue reading below to learn more about when and why you might need a Social Security number, and when you should avoid it.

Whenever you are hired for a new job, your employer will ask you for your Social Security number. Your employer’s accounting department will use this number to report your earnings to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and your Social Security pay to the Social Security Administration.

Your employer will also use it for state income tax reporting unless your state has an income tax. Employers that participate in the E-Verify program, which ensures that employees can work legally in the United States, must also obtain your Social Security number before you can start working.

What To Do If You Lose Your Social Security Card

Since the 1970s, the federal government has required banks to obtain customers’ Social Security numbers or Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). Financial institutions use your SSN to check your credit, to report your interest and investment income or losses to the IRS, to report your tax-deductible mortgage interest to the IRS, and to manage your account. For.

Alternatively, some financial institutions will accept a Taxpayer Identification Number (also called an Employer Identification Number or EIN in some forms), which you must apply for through the IRS.

When applying for federal loans, such as federal student loans, the government uses your Social Security number to make sure you qualify. For example, to qualify for federal student loans, you must not be in default on any other federal loans, you must have qualifying citizenship or visitor status, and most male applicants must be registered with Selective Service. .

Public assistance programs, such as unemployment benefits or Social Security disability income, are typically administered by federal or state government agencies that use Social Security numbers to identify people and ensure they claim those benefits. They do not do what they are not entitled to.

Why Is Paypal Suddenly Asking Me For My Social Security Number?

The Social Security Administration works with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to enroll people in Medicare.

Federal law requires that you provide your Social Security number, if you have one, when you apply for a US passport. If you do not have an SSN, you must provide an affidavit that you have never been issued an SSN.

The IRS uses this number to match the income you report on your tax return with the income paid by your employer and financial institutions. In addition, you must provide your child’s SSN in order to claim your child as a dependent on your tax return.

If you have an SSN, many states require that you provide it when you apply for a driver’s license.

Do The Digits In My Social Security Number Represent Anything In Particular?

Non-citizens who do not have a Social Security number are exempt from providing a Social Security number in a number of situations, which typically include obtaining a driver’s license, enrolling in school, obtaining private health insurance, or subsidies. This includes applying for public assistance such as affordable housing. The government does not like to assign Social Security numbers to non-citizens who are not authorized to work in the United States. That said, even banks and credit unions usually can’t require you to provide a Social Security number if you don’t have one.

However, without this number, financial institutions will not be able to run a credit check on you, which can make it difficult, if not impossible, to get a credit card or loan.

Federal law basically allows anyone to ask for your Social Security number, but that doesn’t mean you have to provide it. You should use the Social Security number as little as possible. Just because someone asks for it doesn’t mean they really need it.

For example, although most health care providers will ask for your SSN, you can leave the request line blank when filling out medical records and often no one will question it. Your doctor’s office and other companies may use other information to identify you and track your records. This means that while you may refuse to provide your SSN, the other party may also refuse to do business with you.

Aliexpress Wants The Last 6 Digits Of My Social Security Number

You shouldn’t carry your Social Security card with you unless you’re using it for a specific purpose that day, such as filling out paperwork for a new job, and you must show it to your employer. As proof of citizenship (however, if you can show a valid passport, you do not need to provide a Social Security card).

You don’t want to risk losing your card or having it stolen, because thieves can use that number along with your other personal information to apply for credit, loans, jobs or even health care.

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