Sometimes You Ve Gotta Fall Before You Fly

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Sometimes You Ve Gotta Fall Before You Fly

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When you dream of your perfect life, you always believe that you will always be happy. That things will always go your way.

You dream of achieving everything you want, when and how you want it. You want to achieve all your future goals without much trouble.

Always have the people you love and the people who love you by your side. You dream of having a successful career and a healthy, loving relationship.

And there is nothing wrong with that. After all, we all want to be happy and we all want to have what we want.

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But life usually has its own plans, sometimes different from ours. Usually, we don’t get what we want, when or how we want it.

You do what you’re asked to do and work your ass off at work, but someone else gets that promotion you’ve been wanting so much.

You love someone with all your heart and make a lot of sacrifices for them but that person chooses not to appreciate it and walks away from you.

And you are angry. Angry at yourself, at people who got what they wanted without putting in a little effort. And you are angry about the future.

Sometimes You Gotta Fall …

But you seem to have forgotten that everything happens for a reason and a great reason. Even when you break your heart, it happens for a reason.

You wouldn’t enjoy every breath you take and you wouldn’t be able to find the best in each new day like you do now.

Anyone who has walked out of your life is clearly not worth the time in your future. And though you may not know it now, many people have saved you and abandoned you.

Whenever you lose something that seems important to you at the time, it will come your way to get something bigger.

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Because that’s the only way to appreciate all the good things life has to offer. It is the only way to serve yourself and to appreciate everyone and everything you receive.

When you finally get a better job, you’ll be thankful you didn’t get that promotion you wanted so badly.

You will be grateful to stay in the position that you are most reluctant to because it brings you a lot of experience and allows you to meet good people who see your potential.

When you finally meet the right guy, you’ll be thankful for all those bad men who have been in your life in the past.

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You will thank those men who cheated on you and treated you like you weren’t good enough. You’ll even appreciate that they don’t love you enough.

Because if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t know what love isn’t. You’ll never know what you don’t want, and you’ll never know who to stay away from.

And most importantly, you will never know how much you need to appreciate this man for being different.

If you have never faced all the pain in your life, you would not know your true strength.

Sometimes You Gotta Fall Before You Fly Wooden Wall D├ęcor

You’ll never know how much you can really take and you’ll never know how much more powerful you are than anything else.

Instead of getting angry and thinking about how unhappy you are that you failed at something, see it as a blessing.

Enjoy every time you get tired, because every time it happens, know that you are going to fly. And know that this happened for your benefit.

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