Tell Me A Good Book To Read

Tell Me A Good Book To Read – Reading books is as good for your brain as eating healthy food is for your body. Reading helps improve memory, improve thinking ability, reduce stress, improve knowledge, vocabulary, concentration and many other benefits. In fact, every successful person has one characteristic in common and that is their habit of reading books.

Warren Buffet reads 4-5 hours a day, Bill Gates reads 50 books a year, Mark Zuckerberg says he reads every day to learn more about the world and different cultures. The list doesn’t end there and I’m sure you must have found celebrity book recommendations on YouTube or Instagram as well.

Tell Me A Good Book To Read

Let me be very honest in this article. I will tell you how I read and how many people have successfully read books.

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1. Don’t read any bestsellers: I asked 20 people how they choose books? And the answer was that they choose a best selling book or they just see on Instagram if any book is popular among book bloggers. This is one of the biggest mistakes every beginner makes. First, you pick a bestseller because you’ve heard the book is good and reading helps in so many ways, and then you find the book boring and abandon the idea of ​​reading altogether.

All the right ones first ask themselves “what topic/subject would they like to know more about” and then choose the book accordingly. If you’re reading a book just because it’s a bestseller but has nothing to do with the problem you’re facing in your life, you’re just wasting your time and money.

For example: Let’s say you have stage fright but want to learn public speaking and communication skills. In this case, if you are reading Atomic Behavior, Eat That Frog or any such book, you are wasting your time because these books do not cover the solution to your problem. On the other hand, if you read How to Win Friends and Influence People, you will not only get a solution, but it will increase your passion and focus.

In short, humans are selfish animals and we listen/read carefully when someone talks about the solution to our problem. You want to automatically turn the pages for more information. Therefore, the first task is to choose the “best book” for yourself.

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2. Don’t read cover to cover: One of the biggest myths about reading is that you have to read every word to the last page. According to Ankur Warkioo, Jay Shetty, Naval Ravikant and many other influential people, one should not read books cover to cover.

Ankur Warkioo lays out the reason for book hopping well. He says “most non-fiction books are only as good as blog posts.” Naval RaviKant in Dan Lok, everyone says, “we have little time which we should not waste on books that do not deserve attention”

For example: Let’s say you already know about the subconscious mind but the book you are reading starts with “what is the subconscious mind” and you have to skip that part and jump to the new and more interesting part. Because if you feed your brain with repetitive boring information, it will stop thinking critically.

I know there are people who may object to this, but the truth is that most non-fiction books are about the same things, so you can turn to pages that you don’t think will add any value to your life. However, there are some books that deserve to be read cover to cover, in fact, twice, three times, or until you’ve extracted all the important lessons.

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However, if you are a complete beginner, this does not apply to you because you have yet to learn even the basics and your skills are limited. Also, if you skim the books to begin with, you’ll end up wasting your reading experience, time, and money.

3. Read first and last: The best time to read books is in the morning when your brain is free from previous worries or negative thoughts or at night when you have a lot of thoughts. Reading in the morning will fill your mind with positive, thought-provoking wisdom that will help you get through the rest of your day productively. At night, when you have all the burden of the day, you can relax your mind by reading something that makes you lose yourself. Reading at night will help you wake up in the morning with more energy and in a good mood. I prefer to study both times. I read at 1 am and 30 minutes before going to bed so that my whole day and night are happy and beautiful.

4. Don’t take notes on the spot: Many people take notes immediately after reading a thought-provoking passage, subtopic, or page. Studies show that when you write notes all at once, you are distracted and you will not be able to understand the subject.

The best way to write notes is after completing the entire chapter to force your mind to remember what you have learned. Dr. Jordan says, “Read several paragraphs or maybe an essay or something, depending on how dense the book is. Close the book. Think about it. Write what you think, write what you remember.” It asks us to separate the work of reading and taking notes.

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He goes on to say, “Don’t read a sentence and then write that sentence.” That doesn’t help. You can read a sentence, close the book, think about it, and then create a sentence to make it your sentence. This is how you will understand the book.

5. Visit your notes every month: According to some studies, “you can only retain 10% of what you read” and that’s why people started the note-taking trend. But alas! Almost no one invests their grades after they are made. You don’t need to reread some books if you don’t forget to read your notes.

To update your records and the book, you must read your own notes each month. Reading your own notes will help you remember the lessons, examine your thought patterns, realize what you felt while reading the book, and most importantly, get a reminder that you still need to act on the what have you learned

These are the 5-step principles that every successful person follows. I also follow these 5 steps and I can assure you that the results you will get are exciting and life changing. I hope you now not only read books, but understand them and benefit from them more Since I learned to read I have been a lover of books. It worked well for me: I remember at school I used to be the first to do reading exercises, so I could spend a lot of time joking around with the others. This has always sounded to me like “moulding myself and others”, but so what? Being able to distract yourself and others can also be a good skill, not so much in the teacher’s eyes.

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However, it had been years since then and I had lost my reading habit by the end of 2020. So I thought it was time to do something about it. Staring at the screen all day, I needed balance, but I still wanted to work my brain. The reading was

How did i do it Maybe a bit extreme. Some may try to get a book a month, but I read somewhere that CEOs read a book a week, and if they can do it, why shouldn’t I?

After all, you might think that CEOs are very busy. Then again, considering that Jack Dorsey can be the CEO of two companies, it could be the other way around. I have yet to ask CEOs if they read a book a week. If I find out that it doesn’t, I’m either going to be a little disappointed or, as I learned in “Crime the Shit,” I’m going to have to start questioning the research. If you’re a CEO and you don’t read a book a week, don’t let me know. I want to maintain the illusion of happiness that has made me challenge myself.

I know it’s common for people to make New Year’s resolutions that they’ll keep for a month or two and then abandon them. I’m not that kind of person. I don’t think you have to wait for a specific date to start. Waiting can make things difficult because you spend a lot of time thinking about everything that will get in the way of whatever good behavior you plan to implement. So I started around November 2020 with my project.

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This is the question that many people will ask me when I tell them that I read a book a week. Some will say,

There is no judgment. Let’s say you don’t want to study, then you don’t. If you want to, but don’t think you have the time, maybe it’s time to think more. I don’t know what your schedule is,

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