The Best Place To Stay In Maui

The Best Place To Stay In Maui – There are two main areas of Maui to choose from – West and South. And the two sides have two parts, one with many expensive hotels and the other with many cheap houses. Information about each area is below the map on this page.

I like the west side (Kaanapali) because it has beautiful lush green mountains, and it’s very close to Lahaina (a fun historic tourist town with shopping, restaurants and a marina). Also, the condo areas to the west (Kahana and Napili) have less traffic than the condo areas to the south (Kihei). And most of the homes in west Maui are right on the ocean, while most of the homes in south Maui are across the street from the ocean. Now some people consider the west side to be the best place to live in Maui.

The Best Place To Stay In Maui

However, the southern part has the advantage of less rainfall in winter. Kihei (the south condo area) has more family restaurants than the west condo area. And Wailea (south side) is quieter than Kaanapali (west side). Kihei on the south side is a little closer to the sights of the rest of Maui than you are if you stay on the west side. Now some people consider the south side to be the best place to live in Maui.

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Is Maui’s Best Side West Side or South Side? The information below will help you decide which one is best for you.

The map below shows the area of ​​Maui known as the “West Side” and the area of ​​Maui known as the “South Side.” It takes about an hour to drive between the west side and the south side.

Kaanapali Beach is my favorite area of ​​Maui to live. This is the most expensive part west of Maui. There are many large hotels with large swimming pools, courtyards and lobbies, as well as some large apartments. All of these Kaanapali hotels and condos are within walking distance of each other, and restaurants, all beach activities, Luaus, snorkeling and Whalers Village shopping.

Honokowai, Kahana and Napili are located north of Kaanapali Beach. There are many large and small houses that are cheaper than staying right on Kaanapali beach, but they are not far from hotels and big shops and restaurants, and some of them do not have air conditioning or daily maid service. Most of these apartments are located right on the beach.

West Maui Vs South Maui

Kapalua is located on the northern tip of West Maui. There are several condos and one hotel. But Kapalua has more rain and wind than other parts of West or South Maui, so I don’t recommend this area. Although some may disagree, in my opinion, this is not the best place to stay in Maui.

Lahaina is a small tourist town with lots of shops, restaurants and history. If you stay in town, you’ll feel like you’re spending your Maui vacation in town, not at a beach resort. So Lahaina is a great place to visit, but I don’t want to live there. But do not confuse the mailing address of the hotel or building. All the hotels and condos on the west side of Maui have Lahaina mailing addresses, but almost none of them are in Lahaina. Only at the nearest post office. Traffic through Lahaina is busy at times.

Wailea has hotels and apartments. It’s a little more spacious than the luxury hotels and condos on Kaanapali beach, so some people like the quiet atmosphere, while others don’t like the fact that you can’t walk to all the big hotels. and restaurants and shops. . center as you can in Kaanapali. However, this is not true at all locations in Wailea. The Grand Wailea, Four Seasons, Andaz, Marriott Wailea and many other luxury condos are all next to each other (and next to the Shops at Wailea.) Three different luaus all within a few minutes walk, but so much more. known as the Grand Wailea Luau.

Kihei is located north of Wailea. There are many large and small homes that are cheaper than living in Wailea. Most of them do not have air conditioning or daily maid service. And most Kihei houses (unlike many in the west) are across the street from the beach, not right on the beach. Kihei is often busy with traffic jams. The Kihei family owns many restaurants. But because many condos here are cheaper than others elsewhere, many argue that Kihei is the best place to live on Maui.

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Haiku, Kula and Upcountry are other areas of Maui where you can stay. They don’t have hotels or mansions, but they do have B&Bs and other small accommodations. They are a long way from the tourist areas where there are many beaches, restaurants, and shopping.

Kahului is the largest town on Maui and is the location of the airport where you arrive in Maui. Kahului has a few older hotels, but they are mostly for business travelers and not suitable for travelers who want to be on the beach in a resort setting.

The islands of Lanai and Molokai are special parts of Maui County, although they are separate from the island of Maui.

So what are the best places to stay in Maui? Every part of Maui is beautiful, so you can’t go wrong. If you want a luxury hotel or motel, choose Wailea on the south side of Kaanapali on the west side. If you want a house, choose Kihei in the south or Honokowai-Kahana-Napili in the west. Then select your hotel or home from the information and photos on Where to Stay on Maui, which has links to reviews of each hotel and home.

Where To Stay In Kihei

What part of Maui has the best weather? There is little rain in Wailea or south of Kihei. In the west, the further south you live, the less rain you get, so Kaanapali has less rain and Kapalua has more. It rains less everywhere on Maui in the summer than in the winter. For monthly rainfall and temperature information, see Maui Weather.

It takes about an hour to go between Maui West and Maui South (more or less depending on which side west or south you go and return). And no matter where you live, you need to get around Maui to see the sights. So, once you’ve decided on your hotel or home, be sure to book your Maui rental car.

Now that you’ve decided whether to stay at a hotel or a condo and you’ve decided which area of ​​Maui you want to stay in, you’re ready to move forward with these two steps: Maui is a uniquely beautiful tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From coastlines to moon-shaped peaks and lush forests to beautiful pastoral landscapes, Maui has something to offer for every traveler. .

Maui is a delightful intermediate between the bustling cities of Honolulu and the quiet solitude of the Big Island’s secluded beaches. Whether you want to party at the club, get your adrenaline pumping with fun water sports, or just enjoy a really relaxing vacation, Maui has got you covered.

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In fact, there are so many beautiful places on the island, deciding where to stay in Maui can be quite overwhelming. The South Shore and West Side are tourist destinations with many of Maui’s best hotels, golden sand beaches and endless fun activities. The North Shore is lush all year round with great surfing competition in the winter.

East Maui is nestled in landscapes and villages reminiscent of old Hawaii, just a scenic drive down back roads. The famous “Road to Hannah”. And the Upcountry offers cool temperatures and sweeping island views straight out of a postcard.

In addition, the County of Maui also includes two other islands, Lanai and Molokai, which offer unparalleled privacy and culture.

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Kihei is a great destination for travelers looking for cool waves and tourist attractions at a much cheaper and more accessible price than the West Coast. The area offers the island’s longest continuous coastline and beaches from white sand to quiet golden beaches, anchored by Hawaiian volcanic remnants.

Since Kihei is also very residential, the area is full of everything you need to make your stay comfortable, including shops and more.

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