The Rocky Horror Picture Show Near Me

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Near Me – Sometime in the 80’s I did The Rocky Horror Show with my nets for good – or so I thought.

Then I had my kids and everything I swore I’d never do again…I’m doing it again. So the four teenage girls squirrelly accompanied them to the midnight showing of the movie that had recently acquired a new lease on life on the second Friday of the month at the new Frida Cinema in downtown Santa Ana.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Near Me

In the mid 70s there was nothing to do here late at night. Rocky Horror was like a friend to us in the morning hours. In Orange County, the film was shown at several theaters, including The Balboa in Newport Beach, the Regency in Santa Ana, and the Wilshire Theater in Fullerton (demolished in 1991 to make way for apartments).

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Sometimes it disappeared completely. But we in Orange County have done more than our part to secure his place

In history, in spite of periodic interpolations. After 41 years this film has become the longest continuous film in the world.

Thinking back to my reaction to the film’s language a while back, I just hope no one’s a teenager. But how could something from 1975 have value now? Do you remember how out of the ordinary this whole cross-dressing of transsexuals seemed in Transylvania ten years ago? My now muscular decathlete brother in the 1976 Olympics wore pumps and a DVF hat. Everything looks old school. The cast of the Golden Circle – the shadow, as these groups call it – stand on the stage below the screen and act out the film as it happens. In total, the actors stopped the story for 293 years.

At the door of the theater we met a beautiful old woman from Transylvania, in which the group also included actors and heralds. Los Angeles County takes Rocky Horror seriously; the audition is for you to be cast. Local sportsmen who call their band KAOS, or Killer Aliens from Outer Space, are made up in part of defectors from other groups. One actor commutes from Las Vegas. Perhaps because the cult classic is as much a social event as the movie, they open at 11:30 p.m. and spend half an hour in the lobby talking, selling movie props and doing raffles on stage.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Satisfied, the Transylvanian RV notices a red label on the girls’ foreheads, the honored sign of the Virgin Horror of the Rocks. I’m standing at the end of the line waiting for a character to at least take a selfie, even though I’m not a Rocky Horror virgin. But he who meets me without notice; It seems that it is not as if I was already here for the first time.

In the lobby, I pick out a cast member with a maid outfit and hat from the characters in the movie Magenta. Mandy Wallingford, 40, says she has been in the shooting for 25 years and even met her (now ex) husband while she was in it. They had a boy who today, at the age of 18, is an artist. Wallingford says O.C. the audience is more youthful, favoring the 18-25 demographic – probably because there aren’t many places to gather for those under the drinking age.

I introduce Logan Crowe, Frida’s founder and CEO. He told me the cast of Orange County decided he wanted to be more like a family; Members often socialize and show up to raise money for local causes.

Frida, who just celebrated her birthday, takes her books to the big film museum and lives up to it, attracting films from Los Angeles and beyond. I loved watching Jodorowsky’s Dune and the David Lynch Film Tribute. And my brother and his friend will probably always remember this year’s special Valentine’s Day screening of one of their favorite movies, Harold and Matilda, at Long Cemetery.

The Rocky Horror Show

Like the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the entire theater regularly hosts community events, with many supporting local charities. In 2014, after the death of Robin Williams, the film “The Pisser King” was shown and all the money received went to the Jacqueline Bogue Foundation for the prevention of suicides in Orange County. Crowe says, “Santa Ana is an amazing community that has all this fire and passion and culture and community and people working together.”

While I do the crow, my girls slip into the theater. While I find – amazing! — there were no places left for the accompanying mother. I sit behind them and look over their shoulders. A little chuckle in his hands. I look closer and see that the rings are fake nipples.

The acting is almost professional-level, the actors rarely distract from the film and sometimes complete its understanding. Their costumes are almost an exact copy of the costumes in the movie. The audience also participates in the ritual of shouting voices over four decades of cinema (not for the faint of heart). Spectators also shoot guns and throw confetti and toilet paper at each other. I tell girls that they are experiencing the first form of interactive entertainment.

After the show, we hit the quiet streets of Santa Ana. It’s 2 am and I know I forgot how early the fog appears. I’m usually in bed by now. It will be time to get up in three hours.

Summer Orlando Productions Presents: The Rocky Horror Show

I remember when the only entertainment in Orange County after hours was Rocky Horror Show. But there are other options. But the girls were still laughing about the show when we got home. It’s old school, but teenagers seem to love it. And I was pleased to receive them in one of the chief rites of my youth.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show” airs every second Friday of the month starting at 11:30 p.m. at Frida Cinema, 305 E. Fourth St. in Santa Ana For information, visit or call 714-285-9422. Frida is a non-profit theater that operates through membership (offering special benefits) and fundraising. Public tickets are available for individual screenings.

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City Theater In Biddeford, Me, Presents The Rocky Horror Show

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At The Firehouse: The Rocky Horror Show By Theater

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Rocky Horror Show @bay Street Theatre (club One)

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The Rocky Horror Show, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton Review

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