Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise Meaning

Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise Meaning – The disciples James and John asked Jesus if they could sit to his right and to his left when Jesus entered His glory, but Jesus told them they did not know what they were asking for. Furthermore, Jesus said that He had no power to give, and that Heavenly Father had determined who would have these places of honor (Mark 10:35-40). In a few minutes we will hear who received these offices – two criminals, one to the right of Jesus and the other to the left (Mk 15:27; Lk 23:33).

At first, both of these convicts mocked Jesus as they hung with Jesus on the cross (Mark 15:32). But something happened as the thief on the right watched Jesus suffer. This thief heard the words of Jesus as He hung on the cross. Perhaps that was when he heard Jesus say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). And faith grows in the heart of a criminal. He has been converted and is a Christian.

Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise Meaning

Now instead of mocking Jesus, he prayed to Jesus. And his prayer sounded absurd: “Jesus, when you return to your Kingdom, remember me.” Here Jesus was beaten, bloodied, scourged, stripped naked, hanged, and died on the cross. He’s far from getting the kingdom like you. But by faith, this thief knew that Jesus was not done. He knew that the cross would not be the end of Jesus. For some reason, and possibly only through the work of the Holy Spirit, this man believed that death would not be the end for Jesus. He is the king coming into his kingdom. And even then, this thief believed that Jesus was the Savior who could save him from punishment, which was a worthy reward for his deeds (Luke 23:41).

What Does Luke 23:43 Mean?

Jesus looked at him and said, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in heaven.”

And when Jesus died, His body was pierced with a spear, was taken down from the cross and placed in the tomb. But the soul of Jesus went to the Father in heaven, and the thief went with him. Jesus and this thief met that same day in Paradise. The Bible says that to leave the body is to be with the Lord (2 Cor. 5:8).

The separation of body and soul that Jesus and this criminal will experience when they die is similar to the separation we would face if Jesus did not return first. Our bodies will go to the grave, our souls will go to God. But when Jesus returns, He will bring you back together. Your body will rise from the grave. Your soul will enter your body and you will live forever. This is our hope and our consolation.

But there is something more comforting to learn from the thief on the cross, and it is this: you are saved not by your works, but by the grace of God. You are justified not by your works, but by God’s promises. You are not liberated by your own efforts, but by God’s mercy. And this is only possible because Jesus took on all your sins and suffered for you on the cross.

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The story of the thief today teaches you this. He lived a life that earned him the death penalty. But the Holy Spirit possessed him. He believed and converted. And he’s right there in heaven.

A thief is not saved by his work, actions or efforts! Even if he wanted to do a good deed, he wouldn’t be able to because his hands and feet were nailed to the cross. The only thing he needed to stand before God’s judgment was the promise of Jesus, and that was enough for him. And you are enough.

When you stand before God’s holiness and perfection to be judged, you have nothing to offer – no excuses, no excuses for yourself, no good deeds. Nothing

Promise of Jesus. And, again, that’s enough. Jesus said to this convicted criminal, “Truly, today you will be with Me in Heaven.” And Christ says the same to you, dear saint. “Indeed, you will be with Me in Heaven.” Amen. And He said to him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in heaven.” Luke 23:43 (NASB)

Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

The world’s only Savior hangs on a cruel wooden cross with open arms pardoning all who trust in His name. The armies of heaven are at His disposal, but He can never respond to the mocking crowd:

For to do so is to close the door of heaven to all, and to close the door of heaven forever, leaving no hope for mankind in the world.

The mocking hatred of the crowd, the false lies of the leaders, the distorted testimonies of false witnesses, and the evil deeds of the Roman soldiers were combined by the words. derisive mockery of two criminals crucified with Jesus, until one feels deeply. was convicted and admitted the King was on his side. I wonder if Christ’s plea for forgiveness prompted him to pray as he wept with a contrite heart:

Nor could he foresee the magical joy he would soon enter. But immediately his simple faith was rewarded with the promise of heaven, accompanied by the Redeemer himself.

Christ The King

Although salvation depends on repenting sinners back to Christ, this wonderful passage ensures that it is never too late to turn to Jesus and live. It proves that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ and is independent of any liturgical sacraments, baptisms, good works, man-made doctrines, or legal requirements. . It is faith in the Person, Works, and Word of the Savior that brings us forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

It was because of the first Adam’s sins that heaven was lost, the way to the Tree of Life was blocked and guarded by mighty angels with shining swords, and it was through Adam’s sacrifice second that heaven has been restored, and the way to the Tree of Life is once again open to all who believe.

The gates of heaven have been unlocked, and the doors of heaven have been opened wide for this repentant sinner who hangs beside our Lord, for he has earned the right to eat the Tree of Life in heaven. God’s way, just because he trusted in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. Because as it is written:

Or that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Andy At Faith: Final Words

Thank you Father for the priceless gift of salvation given to all who trust in your name. I thank You that God’s way to heaven has been opened again through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and all my sins, past, present and future, have been forgiven only because I trusted in the name of Jesus Christ. In Your name I pray, Amen. In the weeks leading up to Easter, we look at Jesus’ last words from the cross. We believe these words are important because Jesus spent an extraordinary amount of time sharing them with us. It was not easy for Jesus to speak while hanging on the cross, so he tried to say these 7 words (or sayings) and say them loud enough for everyone to hear, which tells us that these are the words that Jesus wants us to say. listen, remember and live their lives.

Last week, we heard that Jesus’ first words on the cross were actually a prayer. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Now, we should not be surprised that Jesus began with prayer, because Jesus’ entire life was built on prayer. And we should not be surprised that it is a prayer of forgiveness for others, because Jesus lived a life focused on meeting the needs of others rather than his own. taught his followers about the strength and freedom that come with forgiveness. What is amazing is that in the second word from the cross, Jesus put this plea for forgiveness into action.

Jesus’ second word from the cross was spoken to a man who was crucified with Jesus. He told him: Today you will be with me in heaven. On the day Jesus was crucified, he was not the only one executed, there were at least two others. To the right and to the left of Jesus are two men also sentenced to death. Both Matthew and Mark refer to these men as “lestes,” which means armed robbers or bandits, but in Luke the word used for these two is “kakopoios,” meaning means those who do

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