Transfer Text Messages From One Iphone To Another

Transfer Text Messages From One Iphone To Another – Do you want to sync messages from iPhone to iPad but don’t know how? Read this guide that will give you an effective way to solve this tricky problem easily.

Text messages are important data that contain secure and personal information that we often store on our devices. As we know, there are two types of messages on iPhone: iMessage and SMS/MMS messages. Messages are messages sent from your iPhone to another iPhone over data or Wi-Fi. SMS/MMS messages are traditional text messages sent from iPhone to other mobile phones or devices without requiring an internet connection.

Transfer Text Messages From One Iphone To Another

Given the privacy and volume of messages, we cannot lose it. In this case, the best way to keep it safe is to create an iMessage backup, which helps us find those messages easily even if we lose them. Therefore, we recommend two ways to backup your messages by syncing them from iPhone to iPad.

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This guide will show you 3 effective and efficient ways to sync messages from iPhone to iPad. For those who want to sync with iCloud, detailed steps on how to sync messages from iPhone to iPad with iCloud sync are also shown. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Apple makes it easy and simple to sync data between iOS devices. Setting up the SMS forwarding feature in the Settings app also works if you want to sync messages from iPhone to iPad as long as the two iOS devices work with the same Apple ID. Once you enable Send and get the option, you can easily transfer old messages and new messages from iPhone to iPad.

After that, your iPad device is enabled to receive messages from your iPhone. The next time your iPhone receives messages, they will automatically sync to the iPad.

Instead of a time-consuming backup and restore process, there is always a better way to save time and meet your needs to sync messages from iPhone to iPad easily – AnyTrans. As an iOS data transfer tool with over 11 million users, it can help you transfer files between iDevices with these features:

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AnyTrans can be the best data management software that you can use to sync messages from iPhone to iPad. You can download it now and follow the steps below to give it a try.

Step 1. Launch AnyTrans on your computer > Connect your iPhone and iPad to your computer with USB cables. Click Phone Changer > Select phone to iPhone option.

Step 2. Check the source device and destination device. Select “Messages” and click the “Next” button to start connecting.

Considering how to sync messages from iPhone to iPad, it is also a good way to use iCloud to sync messages from iPhone to iPad. But there’s something you need to know before you start syncing with iCloud.

Simple Ways To Transfer Messages From Iphone To Iphone

In this case, if you want to avoid these distractions and problems, we sincerely recommend that you go back to Method 1 for a reliable and easy transfer.

To sync messages in iCloud, you need to make sure that both your iPhone and iPad are logged into iCloud with the same Apple ID.

Step 2. Click Send & Receive > Choose an email address to register your Apple ID. Make sure the Apple ID above is the one you used for iMessage on both iPhone and iPad > Repeat this process on your iPad.

Step 3. Open Settings on your iPhone > Tap Messages > Tap SMS Forwarding > Turn on iPad. If you set up two-factor authentication, a verification code will be sent to your iPad. Then enter this code on your iPhone.

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As you can see in this guide, one way is much easier and faster than two ways to sync messages from iPhone to iPad. In addition to transferring messages, AnyTrans supports managing all kinds of iOS data such as contacts, photos, music, movies, etc. Download now and try it for free!

A team member and Apple fan, he is happy to help many users to solve various iOS and Android related issues. Your iOS device can store thousands of messages, from fond memories and photos to important information your attorney may need to use in a legal case. You can export your messages to both Mac and PC and in many different formats:

You can simply export attachments to your messages, so you can save all those beautiful photos sent by your friends and print your messages.

💡 Tip: To download messages from your iPhone, you must perform a full backup of your device. This may take some time, so please be patient.

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If you’ve been using it for a while, make sure you’re using 2.9 (macOS) or 2.8 (Windows). In this release, some of the features described here have been added.

Select your device in the sidebar, then select Messages. loading the latest backup for your device. If you have new messages, click the Refresh button on the toolbar to prompt for a new backup.

If you select a conversation in the left column, the corresponding messages and attachments will be displayed on the right in the right column.

If you only want to keep certain messages, select them now. If you want to export multiple conversations in bulk, you can select them now as well.

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💡 Tip: To select multiple items in a row, click one, scroll, then press Shift and click another. To select unrelated items, click one, then CTRL (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) and the other. This way you can select as many messages or conversations as you like. 4. Click on one of the export buttons

Displays a configuration page where you can customize the export. Here is the PDF export page:

. create and save a file, and you can read those messages in the format of your choice or import them into other apps.

💡 Drag and drop! For a quick workflow, you can drag every conversation or selection of messages anywhere on your Mac or PC. If your selection contains only attachments, export raw attachments. In all other cases, a PDF file is generated with the default export option. And if you drag and drop directly into the text editor, you get to export the raw text. Export formats and options Export (and print) to PDF

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It offers great options for generating PDFs and print messages from version 2.9 (macOS) or 2.8 (Windows) and above. The printers are both customizable and very close to what appears on your iPhone.

💡 Legal export: If you’re creating PDF or print court case messages, be sure to check Enter contact information before clicking Export to PDF or Print. It is often required that a phone or account number be included on printouts. Export to Excel or CSV

One of the best features is the ability to export data from iPhone and iPad into something you can use for further analysis. The most common use case is when lawyers or other independent professionals write and respond to communications with clients. If that’s what you’re looking for, Excel or CSV are the formats you choose and they’re great to use in conjunction with WhatsApp for Excel and CSV export and call history.

💡 Reviewer’s tip: You can export all conversations in bulk to a single Excel or CSV file. combines each conversation into a single Excel or CSV file, which you can then easily import into Excel or Google Sheets. Easily sort by date sent to see the cumulative time of your message activity. Send to text

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The file is compatible with any text editor. Maybe you’re writing an article and want to cite a source? Or does your autobiography quote a lot of your conversations? you can choose exactly what type of content is included in the resulting text file:

If you only want photos, videos, contacts, and files in your conversations, just select one or more threads and click on them.

The news view offers a list filter and text search fields to help you find and find content quickly.

If you want to put a particular message in its original context, select it and delete the navigation bar. saves the selected message and displays it again in its original state.

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You can also send messages from existing backups made with iTunes or with. You may need to do this if you’ve lost your iPhone or if you’ve accidentally deleted some of your messages and want to get them back. Sending messages from a backup works the same way from a live device. Just choose a backup

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