Tribute To My Friend Who Passed Away

Tribute To My Friend Who Passed Away – As a certified Christian counselor, MsDora helps grieving people by sharing practical suggestions and personal expressions of grief.

My cousin Deloris, who lives a mile away, shares the same grandmother, and we’ve only been together for six years, and I were close in our early teens and teens. My first memory of her is walking into the house where she lived with her grandmother and her mother (her aunt) just before the sun went down many evenings. She didn’t have a phone call letting her know she was coming. She simply showed up and spent the night. As the only child in the house, his company was welcome and never lasted long.

Tribute To My Friend Who Passed Away

My mother and grandmother loved spending time with Delores. We loved him. He was a churchgoer, a Bible reader, and a moral practitioner. To them, and to many others who knew her, she was the beautiful image of a sensual teenage girl who was properly transitioning into a productive woman. He was a desirable role model.

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What I remember vividly about those days is how beautiful Deloris was, more than the food we ate or the conversations we had. Photography was not a feature of everyday life in the 1950s. At least not for my family. But I want her children and grandchildren to see just one picture of a beautiful teenage girl named Deloris. She was tall, medium brown, and attractive in her looks and physique. The silk of her dark hair suggested racial mixing, and she never looked more beautiful than when she wore it in two pigtails that fell on either side of her face.

Looking back, Deloris had a different kind of beauty that affected me more. In today’s society, it might not even be worth mentioning. But it must be said about the impact it had on an impressionable girl who adored and admired her older cousin.

My grandmother and her four sisters were all single mothers and raised their children out of wedlock. Two of the sisters married in their old age.

Both my mother and older sister have children out of wedlock. None of them are married. We don’t judge our predecessors. Instead, we were careful to encourage them to pursue a different way of life than they did.

A Tribute To A Friend

Of the three generations of women (from my mother), Deloris was the first to be a young bride, to have a full home as her husband and wife, and to bear all her children out of her wedlock. She broke the mold of the single mother, a testimony of positive female beauty. His success influenced me to strive for the same. He also has a daughter who follows in his footsteps.

In my workshops for women over the years, I often do not settle for her cousin, who has grown like her lilies in her swamp, her muddy traditions that surround her, but instead absorb and reflect the brilliance of her life. – Eat yourself.

Deloris and I became too distant after moving to college. She stayed home and became her mother. A constant theme whenever we interviewed her was what a diligent and hard-working wife and mother she had become. Although we did not communicate directly, we never doubted each other’s love.

I was away for several years before returning home, and I learned that my cousin was faithful to the God of childhood and to the wise feminine principles learned from my mother and grandmother. Her children did well for her academically and professionally, putting her on a par with the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.

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The following quote is dedicated to the memory of my cousin. “Cousins ​​are a part of childhood that you can never lose.” – Marion C. Garretty “In my cousin I found my second self.” – Isabel Norton “Friendship is the only cement that unites cousins.” – Woodrow Wilson “Cousins ​​are those rare people who ask how we are and wait to hear the answer.” – Ed Cunningham “At Christmas, a cousin is a present under the tree.” – Karen Decourcey in his final days

Deloris survived several health complications, then spent her later years confined to bed. She spoke candidly of her own pains and discomforts, but they did not erase her sweet memories of the good old days. Occasionally she always joked and laughed and usually prayed.

The day she passed away I visited her at her hospital. To my untrained eye, there was no evidence that death was imminent. He was alert and spoke very clearly. He promised to come back after visiting hours and he left. Delores said it was fine, but soon she passed away, saying her final goodbyes to her children. We will miss him, but the memories of his childhood and later years will be treasured. 25 months and one day before her death, my best friend of 20 years, Debby, was diagnosed with cancer and so was she. Finally he gave up the fight. We knew this would come. I thought I was ready, but the news stirred up more emotions than I expected, many of which I have never experienced in my life.

For 20 years, Debby, who is 15 years older than me, has played a mother and sister role in my life, but now our story is over. I was terrified of her being lost at the thought of her going on without her, but I knew she had no choice.

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Our story didn’t seem complete without an epilogue, but at times like this, we always wrestle with words. Fortunately, music has always been able to say what I couldn’t, and I found comfort again in the lyrics of songs that best express the grief and loss of my best friend.

The genre of songs I added to my sadness playlist included many songs, but I quickly realized that the most played songs were from the country music genre. It’s no surprise, as his story is filled with songs that aren’t afraid to share his most raw feelings about loss and heartbreak. All of these songs gave the author what he needed to express the pain of losing close friends and loved ones and write an epilogue about his friendship with Debby.

But sometimes I pull out my playlist and have another day of pain. Always start with these 7 songs.

, Miranda Lambert revealed that she wrote her song after hearing about her older brother dying in her (her ex) dream. She said, “You never get over it. You just learn to live with it.”

Tribute For A Friend Who Passed Away 5 Years Ago By Keithzdarkside On Deviantart

Authors Aimee Mayo and Bill Luther remind us to have faith that one day we will see the people we miss in this beautiful song by Kenny Chesney.

God knows how much I miss you, knowing that no one can replace you.

At the 2013 Country Music Awards (CMA), singer Luke Bryan dedicated what would become his next hit to his brothers, Chris and Kelly. Written by Chris Stapleton and Jim Beavers, “Drink a Beer” is a ballad about learning about the death of a friend and saying goodbye.

My friend, until we meet again, I’ll remember you and all the time we spent

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Carrie Underwood, along with her co-writers David Hodges and Hillary Lindsay, beautifully expresses the grief and pain she feels when you lose a loved one and reminds you that you must be comforted in the knowledge that you will one day see them.

, Cole Swindell and Ashley Gorley said it was two very different feelings that inspired them to create this beautiful song about missing a loved one.

Gorley said the idea first came to her while exchanging texts with her daughter. When she confided in her thoughts to Swindel and asked him to write her song with her, Swindel confided in her sadness at the sudden loss of her father. The result is a tear-jerking song about her struggles as she continues to struggle while feeling the absence of her friend.

They say you’re in a better place now and I want to see your face too.

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Oklahoma Sooners star Wayne Tisdale was a close friend of Toby Keith when he lost his battle with cancer in 2009. Tisdale and Keith shared a love of Oklahoma, sports, and music. Grief-stricken after Tisdale’s death, Keith wrote a moving tribute to his late friend.

In this beautiful tribute ballad, Alan remembers the Jacksons’ wife, Leslie “Sissy” Fitzgerald, who died in a motorcycle accident in May 2007. Jackson, who used his musical talents to express his grief over Sissy’s death, wrote “Sissy’s Song,” which

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