Tritoon Pontoon Boats For Sale Near Me

Tritoon Pontoon Boats For Sale Near Me – Jesse Manufacturing has been building pontoon boats for over 40 years with a sailing heritage that began in the mid-fifties. It has always been our goal to build a boat that is comfortable and functional without sacrificing functionality. Our original Triton hull, designed over 40 years ago, was the first successful integration of yachting performance into a luxury pontoon and continues to be our preferred choice for a smooth ride on the water. Now we offer a new generation of performance from JC based on the TriToon Sport Hull with a standard lift arm and hydraulic power assisted steering. This latest hull design offers more speed and better handling than anything we’ve built on our boats in the last 40 years.

Welcome to those considering a JC pontoon boat for the first time and a special thanks to our loyal returning JC owners who have supported us over the years.

Tritoon Pontoon Boats For Sale Near Me

U-shaped boats offer maximum size and carrying capacity (1-2 people on average). Ride high and dry. The U shape prevents water pooling and scaling of the pontoon. The traditional round tubes used by competitors offer more resistance and reduce boat handling because the hull sits deeper in the water.

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For more than 40 years, the craftsmen at JC Manufacturing have produced Triton boats of unmatched quality to ensure your safety and satisfaction. All JC pontoon boats include a 5-year bow-to-stern warranty on all other pontoon parts, structural components and every other aspect of the 250 DL3 has been hand-picked to deliver a superior and memorable experience every time . With premium touches from top to bottom and a 350 horsepower Mercury®, you’ll want nothing to inspire you.

Inside, the DL3 offers plenty of options for enjoying the views in the cushioned bow saloon or while away the day in the spacious convertible berth saloon. The deck features LED edge push-button switches, a Lawrence® depth finder and a four-speaker Bluetooth® Kicker® stereo. Recessed seat compartments complement the STOW MORE™ seat shield space and under the bed saloon is a changeable windowed enclosure for privacy. You get blue LEDs to set the mood after dark.

On the outside, the DL3’s presence is defined by a rich and elegant DIAMOND COAT™ finish with a TRACK FORMED™ fence mounted on a black powder-coated trunk for independent safety protection. LED navigation lights, dock and trunk offer stylish functionality and safety. Unwavering stiffness underfoot is a precise build that steers and handles elegantly at all RPMs. Simply put, the DL3 is the perfect weekend getaway vehicle.

Flip the rear seat the other way to provide comfort while watching water sports or chatting with friends in the L-Lounge.

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Dedicated bumper storage keeps your gear out of the way but ready when you need it.

Dual axle trailer with disc brakes on both axles and spare tire (additional freight charge applies to separate purchase of trailer)

Use the search box to find and select a dealer near you to see prices with dealer preparation and shipping. If you’re looking for the best pontoon, you might be in for a bit of a sticky ride. Pontoons have become incredibly sophisticated in recent years, and many have very luxurious interiors, massive power plants and beautiful bows or pinnacles. This thing is very good, but also expensive. What if you want to find an affordable pontoon boat? The cheapest new cars in America tend to be around $20,000, so we’ll use that price point as a benchmark. And you might be surprised how many fresh, new and fun pontoons are actually that cheap.

With an MSRP of just $11,182, the Princecraft BrioE 15 is one of the most affordable pontoons on the water. And it is one of the greenest. Powered by Torpedo Cruise’s 2.0R electric motor (which produces in the five-horsepower range), they silently zip around the lake at a brisk walking pace without leaving a carbon footprint. You say he prefers to run? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room in the budget to upgrade to the Cruise 4.0R (about eight hp), or maybe add 24-V solar panels.

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Admittedly, the boat is small and only rated for four passengers (though the stripped-down 17-foot version still falls within our price range at $13,028 and can carry up to five people). But surprisingly it is fully furnished with an L lounge and dining table, a ham chair and two forward facing seats. It also comes with a 160-watt Jensen stereo and four speakers, bimini top, cup holders and interior lighting.

But pre-orders are now available for the 2022 model year, however, and the new Sea Doo Shift Compact starts at just $17,999 for a base 13-foot boat trailer. But this is one of the few pontoons around that doesn’t include an outboard. Instead, it comes with a Rotax 1630 ACE engine that produces 100 horsepower and blasts the water with a jet engine. The steering system is also unique, and instead of coming with a steering wheel, the Switch enjoys a PWC-style steering wheel. It also enjoys some of the benefits of Sea Doo such as iBR Intelligent Brake and Reverse and Cruise Control.

Instead of riding on aluminum pontoons, the switch has a three-register configuration. Unless these are standard logs. The boat is built from Sea Doo’s Polytec material, which is polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass. From the deck, the vessel is customizable and reconfigurable, thanks to Sea Doo’s LinQ deck tile system that uses anchor points. If you want to move chairs here or cup holders there, simply pull the lever, move the item, place it in the mounting position where you want it, and put the lever back in place. And all Link accessories are compatible, so you can add coolers, toolboxes, fuel tanks, fishing rod holders and more. Note that there are 16-foot shoes, but they break our price ceiling (and the 19-foot version is significantly higher).

The MSRP is slightly higher than our price targets at $299, but shipping prices vary by region and dealer, so you can get the LX 16 R without breaking the bank. And what you’ll find is one of the most comfortable pontoons in the class, with three large sofas and an armchair for the captain. Additional comfort perks include a Sea Wave floor, a Torcello Lite sports steering wheel, a five-step boarding ladder, cup holders, front and rear swim platforms and even a bimini top.

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The LX 16 R is designed for cruising and cruising, and is rated as such for up to six passengers. At 17’0″ LOA and 8’0″ beam there is plenty of elbow room and this model can handle 40 horses in the aisle. For the fishermen among you, note that there is a fishing version (16F) with a live whale and two fishing seats instead of side sofas.

We can’t give a hard number for MSRP (SunChaser doesn’t publish them, which is a common issue thanks to Vivid’s current price range), however, the 16 LR 40-hp outboard usually comes in at or below the price ours. and you can lower the number by going with a smaller power plant. It comes standard with a wave floor and bimini top, and can happily hold up to six yachts.

The layout of the basic model is simple but comfortable: bathrooms face each other in the bow, and a third bathroom to port sits to port aft, opposite the chaise longue on the armrest. All of this runs through a pair of 23″ tubes made from 0.08″ gauge aluminum, and the boat comes with a Lifetime +6 warranty that covers the body and structure for life, plus six years of element, carpet, furniture and electronic. Moreover, it can be transferred to a second owner.

Above: 2022 Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16. Photo by Sun Tracker via Bowers Marine Sales Inc. in Temple, PA.

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On the back of a 50hp Mercury Outboard, the Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 is only $17,495. Add the $2,195 trailer and you’re still under $20k. The stock package includes features such as twin bucket seats, rear L-lounge and bench seat, console rod holders, nine-gallon vent well, responsive steering wheel, courtesy lighting, front and rear boarding/swimming platforms. , folding boarding ladder with four steps and folding lock. Construction includes robotic welding and plasma and laser-cut aluminum, and the 24-inch-diameter logs are split into multiple sections with internal bracing.

New updates have been made for the 2021 model year, and the revised Bass Buggy 16 now has support with a full section of M brackets. Sun Tracker is so confident in the construction of the Bass Buggy 16 that it backs it with an incredibly long warranty. strong “10+Life”, which eclipses most industry coverage. Includes a 10-year warranty on factory-installed materials and workmanship above.

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