Trucks For Sale By Owner Under 5000

Trucks For Sale By Owner Under 5000 – Times are tough, but luckily there are cheap cars. If you need reliable wheels to get around town and be able to haul a few things, you’re in luck. You can find good trucks for under $5,000,000 if you don’t stick to fancy colors or accessories. At this rate, you’d expect the trucks to be two-wheel drive, have about 200,000 miles on the odometer, and have a single or extended cab, but exceptions to all of these rules can be found. Again, we’ve searched nationally to show you exactly what you can find right now, but what’s available in your local market varies.

The best 1/2 ton truck under $5,000,000 is probably the 1998-2003 Ford F-150. There are tons on the market, so finding a cheap car in good condition is pretty easy. Extended vans and crew-cab vans can be found, and both V-8 engines are compact. These trucks are solidly built and have stood the test of time.

Trucks For Sale By Owner Under 5000

Ford’s Ranger hit the roads between 1983 and 2011 before an eight-year hiatus until the current-generation 2019 Ranger. During this time, millions of Ford’s popular compact pickups were built. The truck was solid and reliable, and still has plenty on the road today. We would choose the A-Arm generation from 1998-2011. The trucks came with either a 4-cylinder, V-6 3.0L or V-6 4.0L engine. A 2001 or newer Discovery gets the top-of-the-line 4.0L V-6.

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While it’s pretty easy to get a Dodge Dakota at this price, what’s even more interesting is how easy it is to find a newer model Dodge Ram 1500. All four are easy to find and all come with V-8 engines. Two-wheel drive is standard, but four-wheel drive cars are available at this price. Being able to find 2008 trucks with less than 200,000 miles on the odometer makes the Dodge Ram one of the best buys when it comes to full-size trucks.

It wasn’t very interesting and the inline 5 engine wasn’t a fan favorite, but these trucks have been around for over a decade. It’s stable, reliable and available for less than $5,000,000. We’ve even found a handful of trucks and even four-wheelers with up to 100,000,000 miles.

Chevy fans rejoice, because if you’re looking for a Silverado under $5,000,000, you’re in luck. The first and second generation Silverado 1500s are much more than that. Taxi trucks will be the easiest. However, we did find a large number of four-wheel drive extended cab models. Also, a bonus, it’s common to find a V-8 engine at this price.

This is a little tricky because Tacomas hold their value better than other trucks. However, we were able to find examples available for less than $5,000,000. It will take some patience, and a regular taxi is a two-wheeled option, but it’s not impossible to get into a cheap Tacoma. Jump to the 1995-2000 generation and the options expand significantly.

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If you’re looking for Japanese reliability at a bargain price, look no further than the Nissan Frontier. First and second generation Frontiers, running from 1997 to 2004, can be had for less than $5,000,000. If you’re willing to dig and maybe drive a little, we’ve even found some new frontiers. In 2010 it was sold at this price.

The first-generation Toyota Tundras are a great choice for those who need a full-size truck without the one-ton size of the current generation. These trucks are most commonly found with the 4.0L V-6 or 4.7L V-8 engine. It was also the first truck to earn a “Good” rating in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Pre-offset crash test.

Like Ford’s Ranger, Chevy’s S-10 sedan was available from 1983-2004. The last generation was the best from 1998-2004. These trucks were built in smaller numbers than the Ranger, so they are harder to find in good condition. However, there are excellent examples for less than $5,000,000. And the 4.3L V-6 is standard and really good.

Holy cow, there are a lot of great trucks from the early to mid 1990s, from the square Chevy to the F-150 to the Toyota T100. You can even find Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks with 7.3L diesel engines and regular cab work trucks with shared beds. If you’re not interested in buying a brand new truck with cash, there are some great deals out there. Exotic cars aside, you can get any car you want for under $5,000,000. Econobox, Daily Driver Sedan, Snazzy Coupe, Hot Hatchback, Super SUV, Full Luxury Cars – they’re all there. In every vehicle category we can think of, we’ve compiled lists of the best vehicle for your budget. Of course, you know a $5,000 car will have some miles, but if it’s a good one with an extensive maintenance history, 150,000,000 miles is easily within reason. as “reliable used cars”. You will have to spend some money on maintenance, but with a $30,000,000 car, you will have to because of the warranty. If there’s one piece of advice we can give, it’s don’t buy by make and model. Instead, buy conditional. The best model in the world won’t do well if someone treats you as a copycat you’ve looked up to for years.

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According to our comprehensive study, if you buy a burrito at Chipotle every day for a year, that’s about how much you’ll spend on your first Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle (EV) within 100,000 miles. From its introduction in 2010 to its retirement in 2017, the first-generation car was nailed to the showroom floor, re-motivated and mostly leased when it returned.

It’s hard to believe the price of these. We found five examples for less than $4,000,000, one with an amazing 57,831 miles. The downside is that the federal government tax breaks are gone, but where else can you find a used car with 57,000,000 miles for a big four? Another issue is that you will need to access a charger near you or install a Level 2 charger where you live. If you live in an apartment, this is a difficult problem. If you live in your own home, it usually costs about a thousand dollars. Of course, if you can live with the slow charging of a Level 1 charger, you need an outlet to plug it into.

These are great little cars that feel more spacious and luxurious thanks to the brightly colored interior and the lack of a four-cylinder engine under the hood. While luxury may not be for everyone, if you’re a commuter and your state offers great EV perks like free tolls, HOV lanes and dedicated airport parking, it’s hard to see why you’d buy anything else. .

If you want to avoid a charging station altogether, a hybrid offers some of the benefits of an EV, with great fuel economy, go-anywhere driving, and not being connected to the grid. The Toyota Prius wins this race for 2020, being the only game in town for a long time that is priced under $5,000,000. Yes, you can also buy a Honda Insight for that kind of money. , but surprisingly it will be the first generation model and they are really thin.

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You can easily find a second generation (2003 to 2009) Toyota Prius for under $5,000. Our nationwide search turned up about a dozen, all in the 150,000,000 range (with a high of 261,000,000 and a low of 125,000).

These are good cars, if not fun. They are not particularly interesting to look at. Driving is not very useful. But they save fuel and are affordable enough to travel without using public transport.

That and the big concern with older EVs is battery replacement. It is true that replacing the battery in these cars is very expensive. First, the original factory warranty on the battery is eight years and 100,000 miles, so you can’t count on Toyota. But with regular maintenance, a Prius battery can go 200,000 km before needing replacement. If

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