Used Aluminum Boats For Sale Near Me

Used Aluminum Boats For Sale Near Me – When it comes to shallow water excursions and activities, the John boat has all the features that make it the perfect fit. Whether you choose a standard flat bottom Jon boat or a modified half V Jon boat, it is important to choose the right size boat. The 18ft John boat is one of the most demanded and suitable size that many people prefer to purchase. This article is about the best 18ft Jon boats for sale, new and used, that you should consider buying.

The John boat comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 10 feet to 24 feet. John’s 18ft boat is the perfect size compared to the others. The optimal width is between 60 and 80 inches to provide good seating capacity, with room for 6 to 8 people and storage for gear. The 18-foot John boat allows up to 1,400 lbs. A 60-horsepower engine powers it for smooth passage through shallow waters. It offers a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h) and a top speed of 45 (72 km/h). Its length and weight make it easy to fly by itself on the ground, to ride behind, tow and transport from one place to another.

Used Aluminum Boats For Sale Near Me

An 18-foot john boat is a more appropriate size than a 16-foot or 20-foot john boat. The 16-foot john is narrower and offers less cargo capacity, less deck space, and fewer seats than the 18-foot john. It has basic seating and because of its small size, you can’t raise the seats for comfort. On the contrary, the 20-foot size provides all of these benefits, but is very expensive compared to the 18-foot size. People have a hard time launching, carrying, hauling and hauling the 20-foot john boat on their own.

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The smaller size may be easier to carry in a pocket or lighter, but it is too small to provide a proper sitting and positioning place for equipment. The 18-foot John boat supports hunting, fishing, or any other shallow-water activity, while accommodating a small group of people, and provides good seating, gear storage, and additional added value. If you want to explore shallow water lakes, water sports, fishing trips, duck hunting and utility purposes in different locations, then you just have to invest thousands of dollars in this 18ft John boat.

John’s 18-foot boat also has some flaws. Not suitable for racing or other extreme water sports. Its engine is very noisy and does not provide a comfortable ride. You should not buy this boat when you are thinking of a very comfortable and luxurious water cruise.

There are different types of john boats depending on the material of manufacture. Depending on whether you use it in fresh or salt water, you can choose between wood, plastic, aluminum or fiberglass boats. Ultimately, the boat should be light and durable.

The classic john boat is a flat bottomed boat. It is designed to calm shallow waters and cannot withstand waves and rough water conditions. The “V” modification removes this limitation and is now the most common type of Jon boat.

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John boats are simple and don’t have any equipment on board. Some manufacturers also build special purpose gun boats with shooter decks or camo hunting boats for an enhanced hunting experience.

The 1872 MVT Jon series is the first Jon boat on our list. Its body is made of 0.125 gauge aluminum. It is technically designed to operate in quite shallow waters with an 80/140 * HP engine. The boat is equipped with optional LED navigation lights and floor space for a fuel tank and battery. This is John’s modified V-boat with a solid frame and customization options for paint color, hood style, and additional accessories.

The main advantages of this 18ft jon boat is that it can perform efficiently in both calm and rough waters and has many customization options. The 1872 MVT is a mid-range workboat. You can request the latest prices with the customization options included at This boat has 98% positive reviews from previous users.

The 1860 Retriever SC from Crestliner is one of Jon’s best 18-foot boats for birding and fishing. This is a rigid boat with a 0.100″ aluminum transom. Specifically designed in a V-shape to suit anglers and shooters, this item comes with a superior ball system to mount your accessories and a powerful 90-horsepower motor to move quickly in shallow water. It has a large fuel tank and advanced options such as premium consoles, hot foot control, shallow water stabilizers, paddle trim, ample storage space and casting decks to facilitate its users.

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Key features of the 1860 SC Retriever include a lively fish-carrying feed and multi-piece construction with an interlocking tongue and groove system for easy storage and transport. The only downside to this boat is that it can only fit two people. Retail price for this product is $18,286. Users appreciate its quality and durability.

The Lowe┬« L1852MT Aura Jon is a multi-purpose jon boat for working, hunting and fishing. It is an 18 feet long V-shaped boat built using aluminum material. It’s a simple yet versatile boat with ample storage spaces, a soft cockpit floor, aft seat and fisherman’s seat for added comfort. Portable fuel tank allows you to carry fuel as needed. It is the perfect john boat for shallow water surfing.

This product leads the way with its storage compartments and transport handles. The only down point is the price aspect as this boat is a bit more expensive than others in its price range. You can get the latest prices and discount offers on their website. The boat is recommended by many people because of its sturdy construction and durability.

The Lowe┬« L1852MT Jon is Jon’s favorite if you are looking for an extra wide and spacious 18ft boat. A sturdy aluminum frame with a modified V-bracket and flat bottom on the keel makes it suitable for performing in rough waters. The boat is very spacious and has good seating and storage space, perfect for hunting, fishing and utility purposes.

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Other features of the L1853MT include an aft side console with steering and control cables, and a 65-horsepower engine that enables shallow water exploration at greater distances. This boat only comes in 3 prints and does not offer many customization options to its users. This boat is available at a reasonable price of $7,703. Users of this boat attest to its efficiency and recommend it over other Jon boats on the market.

The 1852 Tiller MT is one of Jon’s finest 18ft boats. Its body is made of aluminum to increase its durability. This modified V-boat with flat bottom has gear knobs, a bow handle, a keel, two spray rails and a 45 HP motor to make surfing in shallow water an amazing experience. This boat gives Jon’s other 18′ boats a solid competition with a wide range of features such as a gravity fed Livewell, paddle locks and spacious storage rooms.

The most important feature of this boat is the price point. Available for only $5,613. The downside is that this price does not include the motor. Buyers should search for the engine separately. Despite this shortcoming, buyers enjoy the features and durability of this boat and recommend it to everyone.

This jon boat is the perfect solution for all your shallow water fishing needs. The hull of this 18-foot boat is constructed using 0.100 aluminum, making this boat durable and reliable for water exploration and fishing. It is powered by a Yamaha mid-range four-stroke engine with a maximum output of 90 horsepower. It is a boat favorite because it is specifically designed for fishing and has internal rod holders for rods and storage.

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The main feature of this Jon boat is that it offers two comfortable fishing seats and two trolling motors for shallow water fishing. This boat only seats two people, so it’s suitable for group fishing trips. This John’s Special Purpose Boat is available at a discounted boat line. Shallow water anglers recommend this boat to anyone who loves to fish.

The 1995 Damien Oyster Bay is the original classic John’s boat. Its hull is made of solid wood so that it can float in shallow fresh and salt water without any damage to the boat’s hull. It’s a simple boat without any fancy technical equipment, but you can add an engine and basic technical equipment to make your experience comfortable.

This John boat is very pocket friendly. It has two large seats and enough space and load capacity to accommodate 5-6 people to explore the water. This boat offers no upgrade options and lacks enough storage space. he

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