Used Diesel Generators For Sale By Owner

Used Diesel Generators For Sale By Owner – Power Generation Perissible eission liit and other CPCB regulations that manufacturers and users of diesel generators need to be aware of

CPCB in collaboration with the Environment and Forests industry has established the emission standards for diesel generator sets

Used Diesel Generators For Sale By Owner

Are you a manufacturer, assembler, importer or user of diesel generator sets? In this case, you need to be aware of all the requirements set by CPCB so that you can only manufacture or use the generator sets that comply with the prescribed emission standards.

What Is A Power Generator, And How Does It Work?

A typical diesel generator converts the chemical energy contained in the diesel fuel into mechanical energy which then turns the generator crank to generate electricity. A diesel generator set achieves the highest thermal efficiency compared to any other co-combustion engine, which is quite close to Carnot’s efficiency. That is why diesel generators are very popular among users.

However, when diesel is burned in a generator, it emits nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulates. These emissions are released directly into the atmosphere and are harmful to the environment and to the inhabitants. When released, these tend to significantly reduce air quality.

Emissions from diesel generators make it difficult for people living nearby to breathe and even affect their quality of life. That is why the emissions should be kept under control. Therefore, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in collaboration with the environmental institution and forest has established the emission standards for diesel generator sets.


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According to CPCB, the emission of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons in a diesel generator with power up to 19 kW should not exceed 7.5 g/kW-hour. The emission of carbon monoxide should not exceed 3.5 g/kW-hour, while the emission of particles should not exceed 0.3 g/kW-hour. The Soke Lite for the generators is kept at 0.7

The emission limit of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons for the generators is 4.7 g/kW-h. The emissions of carbon monoxide should not exceed 3.5 g/kW-hour, while the emissions of particles should be less than 0.3 g/kW-hour. The Sake Lite here is 0.7

The emission of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons by the generating sets in this range should not exceed 4.0 g/kw-hour. The emission limit for carbon monoxide is 3.5 g/kW-hour while that of particulate matter is 0.2 g/kW-hour. The SOCE emission should be 0.7 or less

These standards are applicable to all generator sets manufactured, assembled or imported into India. These are not applicable to gensets manufactured for the purpose of being exported to other countries or gensets used as saplings (maximum number of saplings limited to four and should be exported in three months).

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Every manufacturer, importer or assembler of diesel generators must have an approval certificate for each product and a COP (Confority of Product) certificate for each product series. The COP certificate must be validated every year (from 1 July to 30 June). Without valid certificates, manufacturers cannot sell, import or assemble any diesel generators. Users should also ensure that they only purchase generator sets from the manufacturer that has valid approval and COP.

If it is discovered that a manufacturer, assembler or importer is producing generators that do not comply with the emission standards, a COP verification report is sent to the nodal agency specifying the non-compliance. Moreover, in such cases, the manufacturer or the importer is asked to stop production until the necessary changes are made to ensure compliance with the emission standards.

Users should also be careful to only purchase gensets from a legitimate manufacturer/seller to avoid government sanctions.

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