Used Lifted Trucks For Sale Phoenix Az

Used Lifted Trucks For Sale Phoenix Az – LIFTED TRUCKS specializes in the sale of gas and diesel trucks with and without lifts. Largest selection of custom trucks in the American Southwest! We offer the best financing options with interest rates as low as 1.5%. We also offer military discounts and hassle free credit union memberships!

Jae McCaskill has been my sales representative for two years. And he is not a five-star service provider at all. I live in Tennessee and transport trucks. Every time was flawlessly successful! Jae is not just my sales representative but also a friend. Thank you Jae and Lifted Trucks for your great customer service. I will be a lifelong customer. God bless.

Used Lifted Trucks For Sale Phoenix Az

At first I found a luxury jeep online and it was priced at $28,000. Then reviews said it was raised $6,000 so sticker price was $34,000 but somehow I was charged $38,000 for the car. my (Which has a distance of 88,000 miles) felt that the dealer was deceived.

Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 For Sale In Phoenix, Az

Returning customers. I just bought a double Gmc. good inventory Clean trucks. Nice lifts. Staff kicks xxx. Thank you Adrian for always taking care of me.

The truck I bought had a programmer in it. which was taken off by this dealer or the previous owner – either way it was lost and my truck tuning was set somewhere – out of stock! I spent 73,000 on this truck when I bought it 5 months ago, they never sent me a 2017 F250 6.7L programmer to replace me. I had to buy a wireless airbag controller because it disappeared. It also had 3 empty tires and 1 new tire (not the same tire). I had them put 3 new tires to match, 1 new tire that I know is already included in the cost of the truck – somewhere Save your money – buy and build your own complete truck. I’m wondering what will happen to the $500-$1000 programmers, bags and air regulators that are taken off??? I stopped posting for a while. Thought they would send me a backup programmer…nothing happened. so come back again

I don’t want to write this review but it’s been a week and I still haven’t received a refund. Bought 2018 f350 limited by Phoenix lift truck Nov 6, engine light at 2 miles off the road, Nov 8. The car was returned with check engine light, with 3/4 tank of fuel, said it had run about 15-20 miles. The truck had a 34 gallon fuel tank. The car was picked up Nov. 10 with 1/4 fuel. The tank called and asked where the gas was used. They said they would fill me in. The truck was dumped on November 15th due to a loud noise in the front and an oil leak. Nov 16 Called to check the status of the truck. I was told that the oil pan was leaking oil. and the oil pan was removed, cleaned and filled with new silicone. I’ve heard that they can’t reproduce the rattle in the front. And they want me to drive to simulate the sound. Went to the dealer on November 17 and while I waited for a test drive. I then climbed downstairs to check that the oil pan was indeed sealed. My discovery was that someone put some silicone on their finger and applied it to cover it. I told my seller what I found. I then went for a test drive with the service manager and asked about the oil leak and was told it had just been reinforced with silicone. It was my intention to not tighten the drain pan nut or have a wrench or socket on the bolt. I went to talk to the sales representative. He told me that he would call me a little later after talking to the service manager. I got a call from Bill 30 minutes later saying that I would take the truck to fix the bandages over the weekend. And his service department assured me it wouldn’t leak. And on Monday, November 22, they will pull out the oil pan and fix it in the right way. Then I said, or we can do this differently, you can keep the truck or I’ll try to find something else on the property. He said that when he came back, we would get to know each other. I went back that day and they tried to get me in another truck. But I refused and want a refund. It’s been a week now. I still haven’t got my money back.

Mark McDonald at the main store was very helpful. And I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a cool truck! It was a good experience!

Used 2015 Trucks For Sale In Phoenix

When purchasing a truck at the 2021 E Bell Rd Phoenix Lifted Trucks location, salespeople Jae McCaskill and Bill from Finance were very friendly, helpful, professional and patient in choosing the right truck. I would definitely recommend a forklift to anyone looking for a car… and be sure to seek help from Jae and/or Bill. They take the time to find the right car for you without any pressure. Thank you Jay and Bill!!!

I made a deal with them to buy a truck. It had a problem and they said they would fix it. you never call back when I call them They said they sold my truck, Total BS, don’t try to buy the truth from them. I think they didn’t fix the truck and get the next guy drunk.

When I bought this truck I stumbled upon the wrong car on the internet before deciding to buy it thinking I had a good deal. I paid almost 15,000 too much for this truck. What do dealers do? Do your homework before buying. Check KBB and NADA values. These guys have dollar signs in their eyes and will tell you everything they need to make a sale. Don’t be fooled.

Look at the Ford V8 f150 advertised online, “No, I don’t get it, but this year we have 2019” Bait and Switch. But I still got good deals from them. Only two issues send documents to my bank for a loan. (You have to do it yourself) and they don’t follow the advice of the dealer from the bank. And I was charged $495 to do the paperwork my bank did for me. I called her and ran around. Until I give up. Summary , , , , , General used car salesman who likes to make money and has no integrity.

Lifted Gmc Trucks For Sale

Would you like this car to be delivered to your home? This dealer offers some or all of his prices. Contact our tool dealer for details such as features, test drive options. and related fees

You can get more information about this car from your sofa by making a virtual appointment! Use our tool to contact retailers to provide consulting videos. A video walkthrough of this vehicle may be available upon request, however, getting away from it all has been a familiar concept for custom truck dealers, Lifted Trucks. Since 1995, the family business has grown by enabling customers to use their vehicles. to find or improve outdoor living

“We support social distancing and … Take your truck, take it off, and use it as intended for use in the woods and outdoors,” says Lifted Trucks co-owner James Pillor.

For years, Lifted Trucks has opened up new adventures. to customers in outdoor activities Or give them style when they run errands or take the family to city activities. That success has resulted in 2,500 percent growth since 2008, Pillor said.

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The company’s expertise goes beyond pickup trucks. In addition to customers in all 50 states, the company also ships SUVs, sports cars and muscle cars to South America, the Middle East and Europe.

Co-owner Blake Desmarteau said: “Often high-end customers are looking for high-quality cars that are in excellent condition and are resistant to rust and salt. and are looking for the best means of transportation they can have,” co-owner Blake Desmarteau said.

Owners are eager to turn their trucks or idle vehicles into the perfect blend of transport, power and art.

Customers may or may not have decorated their trucks before and come to them to make the most of the vehicles that fit their lifestyle. Requests range from huge tires to complete customization and an almost overhaul to make the big toy dreams come true.

Lifted Trucks For Sale

“For the common people This might seem overkill. But no job is too complicated or too big,” James said.

But it’s not just a feature that needs one or two. People who come to forklifts tend to do so with above-average knowledge and expectations.

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