Used Living Quarters Horse Trailers For Sale In Alberta

Used Living Quarters Horse Trailers For Sale In Alberta – We believe in offering trailers of the highest quality that will provide you with convenience and comfort on the road. If you often travel to horse shows and events, a horse trailer may be the right choice for you. Interiors range from simple to extravagant, and with added amenities such as TVs, surround sound and retractable awnings, you’re sure to find a lifestyle to suit your needs.

Adding a living section to your trailer will allow you to stay put during shows and events. The convenience is unmatched; you will have somewhere to stop for lunch, in a storm or even take a nap. As a one-stop solution, we offer reliable financing plans locally through our wholly owned finance company. This gives you the opportunity to choose the plan that suits your needs and budget.

Used Living Quarters Horse Trailers For Sale In Alberta

We also offer a full range of ongoing maintenance, repairs and complete installation services to keep you on the road, including battery maintenance, rubber roof maintenance, winter heating, furnace maintenance and more. We understand how important it is to keep your trailer in top condition at all times. That’s why we’re proud to offer the best trailers, parts, financing and service. *Original price may not include all accessories or options. Your geographic location, taxes, ownership, license, transportation, preparation and other fees may not be included, dealer prices may vary. Contact your local authorized Trails West Trailers dealer for details and availability.

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Trails West knows everything about your lifestyle and the importance of lightness on the road. That’s why we design every horse carrier with living quarters to suit your needs. We’re taking it one step further by building the trailer body and completing the living quarters at our facility in Preston, Idaho. Buying from us, you get the same quality horse carrier with living quarters inside and out. We do this so that you do not have to worry about anything, and you can spend time enjoying your family and horses.

Our caravans come in many varieties, but they are all gooseneck trailers. So, whether you have two, three or even four horse friends, everyone can ride in the most comfortable way. We offer 7ft and 8ft bases with a variety of comfort options and color combinations. This is truly the best living quarters trailer you will find on the market.

Do you have any questions? Consider reading our blog for great tips on what to consider when buying a horse trailer. Whether you’re taking your horses to shows or going for a ride, a horse trailer with built-in living quarters adds extra convenience to a comfortable place to sleep. Wherever your next adventure takes you and your family, you’ll have sleeping and relaxing areas, clothing, and other essentials. This is your home away from home.

We have a quality stock of horse trailers. When the latest horse trailers are released, we display the best products on the market in our showroom.

Horse Trailer With Living Quarters

Today we will look at the four most popular in 2021. residential horse trailer. If you would like to know more about any of these premium trailers, please contact our team.

Cimarron has long been trusted in the horse trailer industry. Premium trailers are known for their durability and comfort. The 2022 Cimarron Norstar 4HLQ is no exception. This horse trailer has triple air draft to give your horses a comfortable ride. Full-width rear mounts make it easy to grab your essentials. This gooseneck horse trailer also provides more stability on the road.

The horse carrier comes with extras including a built-in hay rack, emergency door, floor mats, padded baffles, side ramp, interior lighting, roof vents and cargo lights.

This trailer’s living quarters were designed by Outlaw Conversions, a leader in trailer interiors. Outlaw Conversions offers a three-year warranty on all interiors, including appliances. Combined with your Cimarron warranty, this warranty means you’ll be protected from bumper to tow so you can drive with peace of mind.

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Since the living quarters were designed by Outlaw Conversions, no detail was overlooked. A built-in generator provides everything you need for your comfort, while power sliding blinds maximize space. Thanks to the large bed, you can relax in comfort wherever you go.

The living areas also have a seating area with a sofa that can be converted into an extra bed. The kitchenette with convection stove and sink makes it easy to prepare meals on the go. In the fully equipped bathroom with shower and toilet, you can clean up and relax after a long day of skiing.

In addition to the comfort of the living spaces, the layout is also designed to maximize storage space with additional wardrobes, closets and overhead storage boxes.

Another good choice for Cimarron is 2022. Norstar 5HLQ is the perfect combination of functionality and comfort. This horse trailer has a gooseneck for added stability and has a triple axle.

Lakota Charger 2 Horse Living Quarters

The interior of this stroller is designed to keep your horses comfortable. The trailer has rubber mats and a rear suspension compartment.

Outlaw Conversions designed the living spaces in this trailer with perfect comfort in mind. In front of the living room is the master bedroom with a double bed, TV cabinet and wardrobe. The main rooms have a power sliding door that includes a dining area that can be converted into an extra bed.

The living rooms have a comfortable sofa, which can also be turned into a sleeping area, and a fold-out chaise longue. The kitchen has a sink, built-in convector stove and drawers for storage. At the rear of the living quarters is a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.

With all the extra sleeping space, this residential horse carrier is a great choice for traveling with multiple people. This trailer is backed by the Outlaw Conversions Warranty, which you can also rely on.

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Another long-established name in the horse transport world is Logan Coach. The 2022 Logan Coach Select 812 4HLQ is a great example of this manufacturer’s premium horse carrier.

This gooseneck horse carrier features a built-in hay rack, emergency door, partial baffles, manger and roof vents for added stability. In addition, there is a saddle rack at the rear of the horse carrier. This trailer is easy to clean because it has a permanent self-draining SureGrip rubber floor. You don’t have to worry about rubber mats slipping during transport or falling apart during use.

There are living quarters at the front of the trailer. The layout is designed to make the most of the space with a small kitchen equipped with a microwave, stove, sink and refrigerator. The floor plan also includes a fully equipped bathroom with toilet, shower, sink and seating area next to the kitchen. In front of the living room is the master bedroom with dressing room and walk-in closet.

Logan’s next coach in 2022 Select 810 3HLQ. This gooseneck horse trailer has been designed to provide a smooth and stable ride with all the extras you need. The trailer has a built-in haystack, emergency door, manger, partial partition walls, roof vents. There is a saddle rack and blankets at the back of the horse carrier.

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These simple living spaces have everything you need to feel comfortable. The master bedroom has a comfortable sleeping area and plenty of storage space.

In the center of the layout is a great place to relax with a comfortable sofa and a kitchenette.

The kitchenette has a fridge, microwave, hob, sink and cupboards. At the back of the building is a full bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. All living spaces are equipped with plenty of storage space, closets and wardrobes, making it easy to bring everything you need to enjoy the trails or attend the next big show.

If you are ready to upgrade your horse carrier with living quarters, please contact our team at . We have the latest and greatest residential horse trailers and are happy to show you some of the best options from trusted manufacturers such as Cimarron and Logan Coach.

Four Living Quarters Horse Trailers We Love

In addition, we offer in-house financing options that allow you to invest in the perfect horse trailer to suit your needs. To learn more about the options available, give us a call or stop by one of our convenient locations.

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