Used Pickup Trucks For Sale Under 1000

Used Pickup Trucks For Sale Under 1000 – Some readers may remember that I bought a cheap electric pickup truck on Alibaba a few months ago. I know this because since then I’ve been getting emails every day asking if my Chinese electric pickup truck (some humorously call it my F-50) has arrived. Well, now I can finally say, “Yes!” Can reply and share with you exactly what I received.

I originally found the truck while researching Alibaba in search of a weekly nugget for my Incredibly Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column.

Used Pickup Trucks For Sale Under 1000

I found a $2,000 electric truck that looks perfect except for the 2:3 scale. And it only went 25 miles an hour. And only had a 3 kW motor. And you had to pay extra for batteries, shipping, etc.

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But sugarcoating all those hiccups, the truck looks as silly as it does awesome. It was a bit small but had a lot of charm. So I started talking to a trading company (a small company called Changli that also supplies some importers in the US).

I was able to fit the truck with a hydraulic dump body, air conditioning and a huge (for this small truck) 6kWh lithium ion battery.

These upgrades cost me about $1,500 over the original price, plus I had to pay an outrageous $2,200 for ocean shipping, but at least my truck is on its way to me now.

The shipping process seems to take forever. Everything went well at first, and a few weeks after the payment, my truck drove to the port. It sat for a few more weeks before going into a container and onto a ferry, and six weeks later the ferry arrived in Miami. The only problem was that my truck no longer stopped on it. No one knew where it was going and I spent several days calling the trucking company, the logistics company, my customs agent and the Chinese trading company. No one could explain it.

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Finally, the Chinese trading company found out from their shipper that my container had been unloaded in South Korea and loaded onto a second container ship – because the water in the port was not deep enough.

Long story short, the truck finally made it to Miami, but was then held up by customs for a few weeks. When it finally got through customs, I paid an extra $500 to a guy I found on Craigslist and he towed the truck and box in a big flatbed truck to my parents’ Florida lot, which was the truck’s new home. that .

The cage that carried it has been beaten to hell and back, but the truck is amazingly good. There I unpacked the truck, glad to have my angle grinder pre-loaded for this process. Finally, the unboxing went decently, with only a few hiccups, which I captured on video along with my first test drives (of course, my dad and wife, who were on site to catch the show, quickly volunteered to try it out).

I was surprised that the truck was in such good condition after a long trip around the world. Preparing for a wrecked truck helped lower my expectations so I was shocked when the truck arrived with no dents.

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It’s not particularly powerful, but the 3kW motor and 5.4kW peak ESC provide enough low-speed oomph to haul around my parents’ property. Top speed is only 40km/h, but I rarely reach that speed on the rough terrain around the fields anyway – more on that in a moment.

The litter bed is great and I have already put it to good use in rural areas to collect garden waste and carry it back to the rubbish heap.

The truck itself is surprisingly well made in some ways. It features all-metal body panels, power windows and doors with key fob locking and a complete lighting package including turn signals, headlights, headlights, taillights, reverse lights, etc. Reversing camera, steel luggage rack, bed rack are there. A heavy-duty charger, windshield wipers with washer fluid, and air conditioning are actually quite powerful (as tested in hot, humid Florida).

I can connect my phone to Bluetooth and play music or movies on the infotainment system.

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The whole thing could use better rust protection, as I can already see some rust in some places after months of cruising.

It’s definitely not a golf cart – it’s a fully enclosed vehicle, albeit a slow one. I rode mostly off-road, where the coarse suspension took me close to 40mph top speed, although I did a bit of on-road testing to check the speed, which was almost exactly the promised 25mph.

Unfortunately, these Changli cars and trucks are not road legal, and almost all Chinese-made electric vehicles (NEVs) or slow moving vehicles (LSVs) are not.

The problem is that these 25-mile EVs are in the federally licensed motor vehicle class (LSV) and there are actual federal motor vehicle safety standards that apply, believe it or not.

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I used to think NEVs and LSVs were road legal as long as they could go 25mph and have gear like turn signals, seatbelts. Unfortunately that is not true. This is

Cars actually have to meet a long list of requirements, including the presence of DOT parts, to be street legal. Glass must be from DOT registered glass factories, rear camera must be from DOT registered rear camera factories, etc. Just driving 25 mph and having seat belts and turn signals is not enough.

Even if the cars have all the required DOT parts, the factory that produces them in China must be registered with the NHTSA for the cars to be road legal in the US. Already some US companies are importing these into the US, some of which falsely claim that the cars are road legal as they go 25 mph, sadly these cars can actually be registered or taken over the road. It would take a huge responsibility to produce these in the US or build a factory in China that is DOT compliant and can be registered with the NHTSA. Perhaps that explains why a 25 mph 4-seater Polaris GEM with lead-acid batteries and no doors or windows costs $15,000!

You can usually see these things listed for around $2,000 on Alibaba and other Chinese shopping sites. The actual cost is really high. As I mentioned, I had to add $1,000 for the larger battery, $500 for any upgrades I chose, and $2,200 for ocean shipping.

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On the US side, I still had to add about $1,000 in customs and brokerage fees and some arrival fees. Ultimately, I ended up paying north of $7,000 for the whole kit and caboodle. It was definitely more than I expected. When I placed the order I was hoping to walk away with a $6,000 loss.

While some people call the final price a rip off, consider the alternative. A poor golf cart with flooded lead-acid batteries costs about $6,000 today. A half-decent price is $8,000. The really good ones land in the $10-12,000 range. And then, you only have one golf cart. It’s not enclosed, which means it’s raining. No air conditioning. No wipers. No lockable doors. No windows (electric or otherwise). No adjustable bucket seats. No infotainment system. No sunroof. No loading area with hydraulic tipping device etc.

While some people consider it a glorified golf cart (and I have to admit they’re somewhat on point), it’s cheaper than a golf cart and more capable with the utility you don’t get with a golf cart.

Even if the truck isn’t legal, that’s fine with me. I didn’t buy it for that purpose, and it certainly doesn’t have the safety features that would make it comfortable to use on the road.

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Instead, it’s a work truck. I use it (or rather my parents use it more than I do) as a farm truck on their property. It has already proven to be up to the task in the first few days I’ve had it. We’ve used it in the country to collect fallen branches and debris, carry boxes and gear around the property, and have fun visiting the neighbors!

It sure beats a gas powered UTV because I never have to fill it up or choke on the exhaust. And the same goes for just getting an old gas truck – I want my fun little electric vehicle that can do everything I want in this place.

I’m curious at this point

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