Used Refrigerated Trucks For Sale By Owner

Used Refrigerated Trucks For Sale By Owner – Refrigerated trucks, also known as refrigerated trucks, are used to transport temperature-sensitive goods. These commercial vehicles are designed to transport large quantities of goods, similar to standard semi-trailers. However, the ability to keep cargo at a certain temperature is built into their design, most often keeping items cold. At , we can help you buy the right refrigerated truck for your needs and budget.

Commercial trucks play an integral role in the transportation of goods. A specialized component of the supply chain is often referred to as the cold chain. In this part of the shipping world, there are goods that must be kept at a specified temperature. Refrigerated vehicles are the main force of the cold chain. They supply everything from fresh produce to packaged meats through state and national lines.

Used Refrigerated Trucks For Sale By Owner

When choosing a refrigerated vehicle, it is crucial to have access to the best manufacturers. You need to invest in a refrigerated truck to keep your cargo at a set temperature. We are proud to offer the highest inventory of refrigerated vehicles available on the market, including trucks designed by Western Star and Freightliner.

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In addition, we match our high-quality commercial vehicle inventory with knowledgeable and helpful dealers. You can count on our team for transparency throughout the entire sales process. If necessary, we can also help you choose a financing option. We look forward to helping you as soon as possible.

For over 30 years, be a trusted partner in choosing a trusted source for commercial vehicle purchases. At , we specialize in providing quality solutions throughout the process of buying or leasing a truck. Our sales team is trained to efficiently guide you through your selection and match the ideal vehicle to your specific needs. We rely on the fact that we deal with procurement, financing and the entire sales process transparently. Whether you are buying a truck for a specific mission or an entire truck for your business, we can help you with everything you need.

We work with the leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure we offer the best selection of commercial trucks. This allows our customers to get the highest quality options in commercial trucking. If you are currently considering an investment in commercial vehicles, let our team know how we can help. We always put the customer first and will work with you to find the best truck for your situation. Your one stop shop for all your commercial vehicle supply needs. From financing options to premium inventory, we’ll show you why it’s the trusted name for commercial truck shopping. The middle of the year is always one of the most favorable times to buy a new car for personal or business use. However, 2020 has set a record for bargain business purchases as the immediate asset write-off incentive package has now been extended to 31 December 2020. Scully RSV is offering a huge discount on our 2-Pallet Semi-Annual Refrigeration Sale, encouraging businesses to benefited from the IAWO.

We are reducing the prices of all 2 pallet refrigerated trucks! Why? Because these trucks benefit most of our customers.

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No additional permit requirements are required to operate a 2-pallet truck. They can drive with a class C (car) driver’s license. This means you don’t need to hire additional staff or upskill existing staff to get them on the road.

A vehicle’s payload is the amount of weight a vehicle can carry, including cargo and passengers. The light construction of our 2 pallet trucks allows the use of smaller vehicles to transport heavier items. This significantly improves cost efficiency and helps increase cash flow.

It can easily handle multiple drops, getting on and off the cart is quick manually. The simple loading and unloading process reduces costly downtime and provides maximum driver comfort. Thanks to their small dimensions, they are also easy to handle.

The following 2 refrigerated pallet trucks have the latest model Scully RSV premium fiberglass body (water and rot resistant), the cargo refrigeration unit is adjustable from -20 to +20 degrees and automatic and manual transmissions are available. See for yourself why the Scully RSV is the food delivery vehicle.

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Can’t pick up? Do not worry! With our partner Truckmoves, we can deliver any truck to you (for a fee).

With the new deferment order, you now have until December to take advantage of the $150,000 Immediate Asset Write-Off (IAWO), which was introduced earlier this year as part of the government’s COVID19 stimulus package. This means your business can claim up to $150,000 in rebates today when they purchase a Scully vehicle through December 31st! That’s a huge increase from the usual $30,000.

This, combined with our half-yearly discount on 2 pallet trucks, provides our customers with an undeniable financial benefit. Now is the time to expand your business selling mid-year Scully RSV Refrigerated Trucks and IAWO Composite Refrigerated Trucks!

Our semi-annual sale includes all new and used 2-drawer refrigerated vehicles, as well as IAWO. This gives you the flexibility to decide which truck is the right investment for your business.

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New refrigerated vehicles offer long-life benefits such as low mileage, high resale value and increased reliability. However, used refrigerated trucks can also offer huge advantages in terms of affordability and have a full service history to ensure you get the best quality used refrigerated trucks.

Our refrigerated vehicles are hand-built and built on site in Archerfield. We use only premium materials to ensure superior thermal efficiency and unrivaled quality control. Our goal is to ensure that your cargo is protected and transported without risk!

To find out more about this limited time combo offer, visit us in Archerfield or Lansvale or contact us via our website.

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