Used Scamp Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner

Used Scamp Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner – Prices for fake trailers range from a few thousand dollars for a pre-owned 13′ model to $23,000 or more for a high-end 19′ model with all the extras.

The company began in 1972 and still makes campers to order in their Backus, Minnesota factory, using all American-made components.

Used Scamp Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner

There are several floor plans for different size models. All campers have features that make them safe and durable, such as R15 insulation, which can withstand solar heat better than other types of insulation.

How Much Does A Scamp Trailer Cost? (buy, Rent & Own)

A marine material with the friendly nickname “mouse hair” resists mold and moisture and lines the interior of Scamp trailers. This layer protects the contents from damage due to condensation.

The camper has an aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance, which makes it easier to tow with a car.

The lightweight fiberglass and design make Scamp campers easier to transport than many other brands.

The 13′ model is the most expensive of all Scamper trailers. You can choose the basic model without shower and toilet or add it. Luxury models include a birch or oak dining table or a luxury bathroom with shower, toilet and bath.

Jess & Andy In A Travel Trailer — Tiny House, Tiny Footprint

The 13′ Scamp model carries one to four people and has a 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator. They have city water hookups on all models and a 12 gallon water tank.

The three-meter extension offers a basic model with a shower, WC and additional room to accommodate five people.

The 19′ Scamp model is a 5th wheel that you can still tow, but your fuel economy will suffer if you go over big hills or steep grades. For a normal car, you won’t notice the difference.

This model can accommodate up to six people with more storage and counter space. It has a shower and toilet. An expensive option adds oak or birch dining chairs and cabinets.

Scamp 16′ Travel Trailer Rental In Kent, Wa

The standard model floor plan has a two-sided dining table on one side and a queen-size bunk bed with optional storage. The sink and refrigerator are on one side, and the kitchen and bathroom face the other.

The luxury 5th wheel has a larger bathroom that separates the queen bed upstairs from the main area.

The end table and bed are the same in all three models, but the deluxe model offers two ways to arrange the cooking area and the countertop, depending on whether you prefer the counter space or the closet.

It is almost impossible to give an accurate average price for Scamp trailer models. The price varies with add-ons that increase the base price, sometimes by thousands of dollars. Expect to pay between $15,000 and $30,000 for a Scamp trailer.

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You can only buy new Scamp trailers through the factory because they make new trailers to order. You have to drive to Backus, Minnesota, pick it up at the factory or pay to have it shipped.

Shipping costs vary by location and shipping company used, but can add another $2,000+ to the final price.

Many people choose new used Scamp models for sale in their area to save on production time and shipping costs.

If you live in Minnesota and are willing to drive to the company in Backus to pick up the trailer, you can save money on shipping.

Of The Best Small Travel Trailers For Sale Right Now

Scamp requires you to contact them for a price list rather than advertise on their website, and their prices are subject to change until they order and lock in the price. You usually need to order months in advance.

You may find that the price is generally only a few thousand if you are willing to spend a little time on the road to get it.

You can find a used Scamp trailer for anywhere from $2,000 to $22,000, depending on the age and condition of the trailer, the features included and whether you bought it from a private owner or dealer.

Scamp trailer prices vary depending on whether it is a basic or standard model or a deluxe model. The Deluxe model also has many additional options that can increase the price by thousands of dollars.

Used Scamp 16′ Travel Trailer In Washington Wa

A standard 13′ trailer can cost around $15,000, but models with luxury tubs and dining can cost over $20,000.

A 19′ trailer starts at about $23,000 for a basic model, but a deluxe model with a large bunk bed, separate bathroom and many other extras can cost $30,000.

Whether it’s worth buying a Scamp trailer depends on what you want out of your camping or hiking experience.

Instead of paying $25,000 or more for a deluxe 19′ model with a few extras, you may find it cheaper to buy a used RV or trailer for less.

A Little Scamp You Can Pull With Your Subaru

If you have a large family, the small Scamp may be too comfortable if you plan to spend a lot of time in it.

Even in larger models that can accommodate families, the interior is still small enough that several people staying together can feel cramped.

If camping is a frequent sleeper if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, perhaps under an optional retractable roof, a Scamp trailer can be perfect for camping trips.

Local Craigslist ads and Facebook Marketplace ads are worth checking out, but always be careful about giving out your address or meeting with people to discuss sales. Gather during the day in a public place where there are other people around to be safe.

Scamp Trailer Price 2022 (new And Used)

Local RV dealers sometimes have travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers for sale. Any local buyer or classifieds where people buy, sell and sell can produce a used Scamp trailer. The egg-shaped fiberglass campers called Scamps have been made by the Backus family of Minnesota since the 1970s. Photo by Linda Koutsky

My husband and I talked about getting one last fall. I’ve always wanted to go to Vancouver and there are parks and a few friends we like to visit here and there. We thought a recreational vehicle was the best way to cover it all. We started searching randomly and thought it would take a year to find it.

Before the virus hit, we wandered the aisles of the convention center’s RV show in February. Some RVs are larger than a semitruck and feature marble counters, kitchen islands with pendant lights, open living areas, fireplaces and televisions in every other room and even outside the vehicle. Prices are $500,000 and up! Too much for us. We also rode the Teardrop Vistabule camper. This St.-Paul ground floor trailer can be towed by any vehicle. It’s basically a small sofa bed with a built-in fireplace in the back. They are a great step in camping but not something I would want to settle for on an overland trip.

Years ago, I remember seeing Scamps perform at the state fair. This egg shaped fiberglass trailer has been made in Backus, Minnesota since the mid 1970’s.They are still in production today, the business is run by the second generation of the Eveland family. Apart from minor changes, it is identical to the first model. Handcrafted and available only at the factory — not a retailer. If you want to see it in person, the drive to Backus is 185 miles north of Minneapolis, between Brainerd and Walker.

Scamp 13 Fiberglass Lightweight Travel Trailer Camper

Used ones are good here in our country so I started looking online. Facebook, Craigslist, eBay and vintage RV and fiberglass sales sites all list Scamps for sale. They range from Florida to Oregon and everywhere in between. The years cover the spectrum from the 1970s to 2019. Prices range from $2,000 for a partially renovated dilapidated home to an almost new camper at $14,000 – price almost new. Updates often include new cushion covers and painted cabinet doors. Scamp owners are more practical than the popular campers known as “glampers” who dress in trailer-style outfits with polka-dot curtains and kitschy collections. But the DIY home improvement industry is really coming into Scamp. I love creative change.

Minnesota was closed and we didn’t want to see anyone, but I kept looking at the posts. They will appear in the market and disappear after a few days. I can’t believe how fast they sell. A salesman introduced it by saying, “Yes, this is for sale and you can see it. If you actually saw this post during the shutdown, it looks like you weren’t worried about the virus either.” Yes! Don’t buy from them.

The day before the foreclosure was lifted I saw an article about a 1981 13 foot in Owatonna. We made an appointment the next day. We brought a list of buyers I found on the Scamp Travel Trailers Facebook group. We entered the farm as soon as the seller opened the door of the farm house. Looks small! My husband put on his mask and clothes and crawled under it. I went in there. The actual interior is only 6-by-10 feet. There is a bed/sofa, kitchen and dining area that folds out into a queen size bed. The floor isn’t rotting, it doesn’t seem to have blown in and the walls are still in place. It was our first time together. We stood in the cage and looked at each other. We offer

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