Used Small Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner Near Me

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During our RV downsizing journey, we came across quite a few small RVs. The top requirement was that the caravan should be light. Specifically, we looked for caravans under £3,500. Between all the searching, visiting dealers, and visiting RV shows, we came across several small RV trailers.

Used Small Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner Near Me

Located in Saint-Nicolas, Quebec, Canada. Alto’s caravan from Safari Condo is our favorite camper of all time. Kaitsaunt and Uncle own an Alto R1713 and Latus filmed a tour of their teardrop trailer which you can check out below.

Fiberglass Travel Trailer Faqs

They found the Alto caravan easy to tow with their Jeep Wrangler and took it on several camping trips before selling this unique teardrop trailer. Safari Condos currently manufactures two Alto R-Series trailers with retractable roofs: the Alto R1713 and the Alto R1723.

Based in Sugarcreek, Ohio. nuCamp makes a handful of lightweight campers that can be towed by Halfton trucks. TAB teardrop trailers are the most well-known of the nuCamp Trailers line of products. The nuCamp Barefoot is a lightweight European-style RV that is still in the prototype stage. Watch the video below for a tour of the nuCamp Barefoot Trailer.

Located in Jackson Center, Ohio. Basecamp caravans join Airstream’s aluminum caravan range for 2018. This small trailer caravan has a decent wet bathroom and wrap around windows in the galley. Check out our tour of Airstream Basecamp below.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bean Trailers manufactures lightweight trailers with a fiberglass shell. The lightest travel trailers in the line are the Bean Stock and the Classic Bean Trailer. Keep an eye out for these cool teardrop trailers at various Overland events and exhibitions across the country.

The 5 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers You Can Buy Right Now

Based in Arvada, Colorado. Boreas Campers manufactures several models of off-road overland campers. The Boreas XT camper shown in the photo below has a dry weight of 2,200 lbs and a GVWR of 3,500 lbs and 19″ ground clearance.

Rice-based, Texas. This lightweight travel trailer manufacturer has been making small RVs since 1983. Durable and aerodynamic, these fiberglass travel trailers roll effortlessly down the road. The Casita Spirit is the lightest travel trailer the company makes at 1,970 pounds dry.

The big selling point of this small caravan is the “NASA-inspired design”. We briefly considered towing a cricket trailer behind our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited when downsizing our smaller Class A RV. Dry weight is 1,800 pounds, with a GVWR of 2,700 pounds and a GAWR of 3,500 pounds. For more overland and off-grid adventures, check out the Cricket Overland Edition of this lightweight camp trailer.

Based in Los Angeles, California. The Happier Camper HC1 is the Lego of fiberglass travel trailers. This little pull-along camper is so modular that you can configure it in many ways to fit the needs of your camper trailer. We haven’t seen other lightweight campers like the HC1, and the base dry weight is 1,100 pounds.

Flagstaff Hard Side Pop Up Campers

Located in Nappanee, Indiana. In 2010, the founders of InTech RVs embarked on a mission to create the best travel trailers. The company now offers a variety of lightweight aluminum travel trailers that vary in size and layout.

Based in Lancaster, California. Before Lance launched the 1475, we considered towing the Lance 1575 camper. This small caravan has no slides and the most notable feature is the large windows through the swivel chairs. Below is our video tour of the Lance 1475 caravan.

Based in Backus, Minnesota. Scamp Trailers manufactures fiberglass camper trailers to order in a factory and in the USA. Uses localized suppliers. “When you buy Scamp you know it’s quality, made by Americans who pride themselves on upholding the Scamp tradition of excellence.”

Located in Brevard, North Carolina. SylvanSport has a few towable options, with the VAST being their first travel trailer. The company’s slogan revolves around “adventurous, comfortable camping” which aims to reset consumer expectations of RV trailers.

Light Camper Trailers You Can Tow With A Minivan Camping World

Based in St. George, Utah. We found out about the TetonX Hybrid through our friend Jason. This lightweight camping trailer is built for off-road adventures with a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 pounds. Check out the video tour we filmed from our friend’s little caravan below.

Key features of the new model include a composite core, larger entry doors, airbag suspension, a full pop instead of a wedge pop, and an upgraded bunk bed.

Based in Grand Junction, Colo. Timberleaf Camping Trailers offers three models of teardrop trailers. The budget-friendly Kestrel camping trailer starts at $7,800 and weighs 860 pounds. The Classic Teardrop model starts at $21,500 and comes with many of the bells and whistles customers want in their travel trailer.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota. We found out about these cool teardrop trailers that camp next to you in Big Bend National Park. Kata and Marina, owners of the Vistabule Teardrop Trailer below, were generous enough to give us a tour. Back then he was pulling this little camper trailer with his Subaru. Check out their adventures on Instagram at Vistabule302.

A Photo Tour Of The Vintage Shasta Compact Travel Trailer

These small RV trailers have a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of over 3,500 pounds, but are worth a look if you’re in the market for a small trailer behind an RV.

Bigfoot RV is located in British Columbia, Canada. They make fiberglass caravans and truck campers for four season camping. The smallest caravan has a dry weight of 3,179 with a gross vehicle weight of 4,300. The video below is a walkthrough of the 25B21RB model.

The Black Series is based in Australia. They make rugged off-road caravans and pop-up tent campers that have been touring the Australian outback for over a decade. You can now buy the Black Series caravans in the USA, which come with a 5 year structural warranty.

Located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Escape Trailers manufactures fiberglass travel trailers that are sold direct to consumers. While most of their smaller camper trailers weigh over 3,500 pounds, the Escape 17A and 17B have a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,000 pounds.

Considering That Rv Sale? Some Owners Are Regretting The Purchase

Oliver Travel Trailers is located in Tennessee. They make a double wall fiberglass travel trailer that is heavier than the other options listed in this post. If staying under £3,500 isn’t a criteria for you then check out the Legacy Elite II caravan.

Layout, length, gross vehicle weight rating. There are a few things to consider when buying a small caravan. Try out a few caravans to see which one suits your camping needs.

Hey! We are Joe and Kate Russo from We Are The Russo. We have been traveling together in various adventure based camps since 2015 and here we share our experiences, guidebooks, essential gear and road tips. Whether it’s a cute adventure vehicle or a teardrop trailer ready to be seen from the stairs, campers are on our minds. But many RVs are pretty expensive: This monster SUV from EarthRommer costs $1.5 million, and some B-class adventure vans can cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, older RVs and trailers can offer significant discounts. With classic design and lots of character, vintage trailers offer all the perks of camping without the inconveniences, although they do require some work. Even better, all of the trailers listed here are under $20,000 and most of them have been refurbished.

Travel Trailer Rvs For Sale

Without further ado, here are five amazing vintage pendants for sale right now. And if you are interested in other types of RVs, we also have stories on the best RVs, new RVs, family RVs and teardrop trailers for sale.

Features: This 10 foot trailer weighs approximately 1,200 pounds and has a new paint job with green accents. But inside, the camper really shines, with two beds, faux wood floors, and working systems. Sold fully furnished with new curtains, upholstery and carpet.

Features: If you love color, this is the vintage pendant for you. Bright teals, crimsons, and crimsons are everywhere, and campers have a seating area that converts to a queen-size bed. Other features include bamboo floors, patio sets and plenty of storage space.

Features: This 1962 Shasta Compact was restored in 2014 and is now described as in new condition. The seats fold down into a king-size bed and there is a bathroom and original birch wood throughout. At just 1,500 pounds, the trailer is light enough to be towed by most vehicles.

Ultra Lite Travel Trailers

Features: This 1967 Aristocrat 15′ Low Liner travel trailer is ready for adventure with a beautifully polished aluminum exterior and an updated interior. Other amenities include a three burner stove and oven, refrigerator, sleeping area for two and

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