Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner Near Me Craigslist

Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner Near Me Craigslist – When it comes to the high standards we set, you will see all the thought, hard work and care that goes into making the best high quality camper trailers in the industry.

The Legacy Elite is our 18′ 5″ single axle travel trailer and is available in a standard floor plan with a rear dining table that converts to a 74″ x 52″ bed.

Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner Near Me Craigslist

The Legacy Elite II is our 23′ 6″ tandem axle travel trailer and is designed for ease of use, towing and maintenance. Available in both standard and twin bed floor plans.

Travel Trailers For Sale

When you buy an olive, you are getting an inheritance that can be passed on. Competitively priced, Oliver is built to last a lifetime and we stand behind our travel tips.

We’ve put together tons of ways to personalize your Oliver Camper trailer and we offer a great selection of decor and graphics options to choose from. You can do more by upgrading and adding some optional parts like our Lithium Power Package that helps you get off the grid and keep your Oliver trailer powered for a lifetime of outdoor fun.

We also offer Wi-Fi boosters, cell phone boosters, backup cameras and many other upgrades and add-ons to help further personalize your Oliver travel trailer to suit your camping style, wants and needs.

In addition, our campers come standard with a wide variety of features and options that you’ll find as comparable upgrades on many other RVs, travel trailers, and motorhomes.

Pre Owned Escape Trailers

Aluminum Frame – Custom made aluminum frame and steps equipped with zinc anodes using 6061 aluminum help resist corrosion.

Large Water Tank – 32 gallon fresh water tank, 32 gallon green tank and 15 gallon black tank Whether it’s a beefy adventure vehicle or a cool teardrop trailer ready for stargazing, campers are on our minds. But many RVs are quite expensive: everything from a monster camper to an Earthroamer costs $1.5 million, and some Class B adventure vans can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, older campers and trailers can command substantial discounts. With classic styling and lots of character—even if they need a little work—vintage trailers offer all the benefits of camping without the hassle. Even better, all of the trailers listed here cost less than $20,000 and most of them have been restored.

Without further ado, here are five outstanding vintage trailers for sale right now. And if you’re interested in other types of campers, we also have stories about the best camper vans, new travel trailers, campers for families, and used trailers for sale.

Light Camper Trailers You Can Tow With A Minivan Camping World

Features: This 10-foot-long trailer weighs about 1,200 pounds and has a fresh paint job with green accents. But the interior is where the camper really shines, with two couches, faux wood floors, and working systems. Completely decorated with new curtains, furniture and pillows.

Features: If you love color, this is the vintage trailer for you. Bright teal, magenta, and purple are everywhere, and the camper has a seating area that converts into a queen-size bed. Other features include bamboo flooring, a patio set and plenty of storage.

Features: This 1962 Shasta Compact was restored in 2014 and is now reported to be in mint condition. The seats convert to a king-size bed and there is a bathroom and original birch woodwork. At only 1,500 pounds, the trailer is light enough to tow most vehicles.

Features: This 1967 Aristocrat 15′ Low Liner Travel Trailer is ready for adventure with a beautiful polished aluminum exterior and updated interior. Other features include a three-burner stove and oven, refrigerator, sleeping space for two, and plenty of storage.

Escape Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

Features: Looking for a red and white trailer as cute as a button? Look no further than the 1949 Kenskill. Weighing approximately 1,500 pounds, the camper has a full side bed, large closet space, and a dinette that converts to a full-size bed. There is also a new sink, fridge, hot plate and flooring. Before the pandemic was taking hold, many people went out and bought new and used RVs. But now, these RV owners are finding that there is more to an RV owner than just being an owner. This leads us to ask, “Why are there so many used RVs for sale now?”

Now that life is getting back to normal after the pandemic, seasonal and weekend campers are finding that RV ownership isn’t all bad. But does that give them a good reason to sell their camper or motorhome? Let’s take a look at the growing list of used RVs for sale.

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“Many people bought RVs during the pandemic not fully realizing the realities of ownership. Many people are probably getting out now, trying to catch the tail end of an extremely inflated market. Life is back to normal

Fuel Travel Trailer Floor Plans And Rvs For Sale

At least in the United States, life has almost returned to pre-pandemic normalcy. People have returned to their brick and mortar jobs. School is back in session. The kids are back to playing soccer and t-ball. Homework, activities, backyard parties, and festive events slide back onto the calendar for precious weekends.

All this leaves less time for those RV vacations and weekend camping. Which means that now those campers and motorhomes are sitting idle. Therefore, many RV owners are selling them off as we speak, while there is still a very lucrative market for used RVs.

Rising oil prices are pushing people and families closer to home. As I write this (May 2022), according to AAA Gas Prices, the national average price of gasoline is more than $4 per gallon and diesel is more than $5 per gallon. Consider that the average motorhome or truck pulling a fifth wheel only gets 8-10 miles per gallon. After calculating the miles per gallon, owners are finding that they have to work on other things to pay the premium at the pump.

Even towing a small camper with a car or truck full of gas is going to make them feel the suction at the pumps. Let’s add to that that RVs and campers also need fuel to run generators. Even the cost of propane has skyrocketed to the point of considering RV camping unaffordable.

Best Family Travel/camper Trailer

It is difficult to notice a large increase in normal life. Inflation has affected families to the extent that they have to make tough financial decisions. Some families are struggling to find ways to pay for basic necessities like groceries, electric bills and fuel to go to work and school. Let’s add to the increased taxes and household spending, people are seriously prioritizing spending. This is forcing some RV owners to sell their RVs to keep their heads above water.

After 8 years on the road as full-time RVers, we will be the first to tell anyone interested in exploring the RV lifestyle that camping is no longer cheap. Like everything else, inflation has ruined camping and outdoor recreation. From renting a campsite, storing their camper, and taking care of their camper, there seems to be very little left.

In addition, RV park and campground owners have cashed in on the COVID camper movement. They seem to have taken advantage of the demand by increasing their campsite fees. But in reality, it’s not the campground owner’s fault because of the campground’s operating expenses, their expenses are also increasing.

And even if you can get a campground reservation, campsite sticker shock is intimidating to budget-minded families.

Used Travel Trailers For Sale

I read an account of an RV owner who takes his family on an annual camping trip to the same campground that costs $900 in 2021. Exactly one year later, that same campsite and length of stay has increased to a staggering $1300!

Don’t understand why campground fees are so expensive? Read: Camping Fee Increase! Why are campground prices so expensive?!

These 30 second Go RVing commercials just show the carefree and romantic side of RVing. But, what they don’t show are the hours spent planning, making reservations, and preparing for your RV vacation or camping weekend. Or, how long it takes to set up a campsite. And an hour or two to bring it all down… in the rain.

They certainly don’t feature dirty jobs like emptying black tanks, RV maintenance and repair, while some parallels are drawn as their family lives in a 25′ camper. And once you get your RV home, don’t forget the extra chore of extra laundry, inside and out, to repeat the process. Now who has time to get back to work and life gets back to normal?

Pioneer Travel Trailer Floor Plans And Models

In other words, RVing is exhausting work. Some of these RV owners are no longer able to balance work time with recreational camping time.

Regular RV maintenance and upgrades are an expensive but necessary evil. While we carefully budgeted for these transactions due to our full-time status, seasoned RV owners who bought their campers for part-time use are feeling more in their wallets.

Even your

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