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Inspire your young readers with our selection of the 100 best children’s books and stories for children and young adults

What's The Best Place To Stay At Disney World

Naked! Time Out London’s 100 books for children, toddlers and young adults. From classics to new works, from picture books to epic epics – here they are meant to be read for joy and wonder, to offer first-hand experiences and to spark the imagination of young people.

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We invited the Time Out team, staff from London’s best children’s bookstores and many contemporary authors and illustrators to share their best children’s books. Special thanks to the brilliant writers and artists who took the time to name their favorites – Charlie Higson, Sophie Kinsella, Terry Deary, Cressida Cowell and Chris Riddell.

Our list is based more on passion than science, and it’s worth noting that some authors are so popular that their voices are split across their repertoire. Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Morpurgo and David Walliams are all great writers who didn’t make our final 100. However, we are very happy with our list of the best children’s books and hope they inspire your family to go on a children’s adventure. literature.

An expectant mother prepares her child for the arrival of her brother, emphasizing all the good things to expect (ie not getting angry or sharing with others). Picture books are a useful way to explain your problem to the whole family. There’s a House Inside My Mother by Giles Andreae is also great.

Quick wit and cheeky humor make this a book for picky eaters. As always, brother Charlie has to talk his sister out of something she doesn’t want to do. Lola won’t eat her tea until Charlie tells her that her carrots are orange branches from Jupiter and her peas are green blobs from Greenland.

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Disaffected Barry Bennett wishes he had better parents (happy ones who let him do whatever he wants). Barry’s life is turned upside down when he gets his wish and finds himself in a world where children choose their parents. Funny, smart and unpredictable.

By exchanging blood with a tiger cub, Charlie Ashanti can speak “cat”. This skill proves invaluable when he befriends a group of lions while searching for his parents, who have discovered a cure for asthma and mysteriously disappeared. This is the first book in a well-crafted, exciting trilogy.

Meet three friendly and (just a little) lively cats in this fun and easy flapper book by author and illustrator Viviane Schwarz. Smart and funny pages speak directly to the reader when we go for a light cat walk before going to bed. Also recommended are “NO cats in this book” and “Things that happened through the nose”.

Even very young babies can enjoy the illustrations and bright narration of a really good picture book like this. When different family members arrive at the door (‘Ding dong!’), there are lots of hugs and kisses because everyone loves the baby so much. A colorful and comforting read.

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This epic adventure is a 1960s classic where the modern and medieval worlds collide. Colin and Susan meet a wizard who shows them an underground cave where 140 knights sleep in a strange dream. They must help the wizard find the lost Weirdstone, the magic that keeps the knights safe.

A mysterious giant threatens the land, but humans cannot destroy it. However, when the world is threatened by a terrible monster, the metal beast becomes their savior. Hughes’ descriptions are powerful and poetic, and her story of adoption is compelling for children who are beginning to read independently.

Did you forget that the movie series was originally a series of novels? The trilogy follows the fate of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen when she is forced to participate in a TV show where contestants fight to the death. A cleverly written futuristic event is perfect for luring young people back to the printed page.

Following her successful “Shopaholic” series for adults, “Finding Audrey” is Kinsella’s first teen fiction – a heartwarming, real-world adventure with enough fun to give readers 13+ a chance to escape. .

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Who doesn’t love an aunt who runs a comic book store on the beach? Certainly not Charlie, even if his smarty-pants cousin had to suffer. However, when Charlie finds himself caught up in the mystery of the missing jewel, his cousin may prove to be a useful friend.

Anytime of the day, sharing a book is one of the best ways to calm a chaotic family life. So it’s no wonder that this classic with its simple, calming conversation between a parent and a baby rabbit and its wonderful watercolor illustrations has sold more than 28 million copies.

Kipling’s adventures about the creatures of the Indian jungle were created for his daughter, who died at the age of six. First published over 100 years ago, it features famous wild animals and Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves, and was adopted by the Boy Scouts long before Disney.

Although it’s one of his stories for young readers, Dahl doesn’t pull any punches – this crocodile is looking for a juicy kid or two to eat! But fear not, as the toothy horror does its cannibalistic mission, the story has a comedic twist. Dumb and smart.

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Dahl paints a beautiful picture of a married couple playing nasty tricks on each other, enslaving monkeys and trapping birds with pies by attaching tree branches. It’s scary, yes, but it’s perfectly placed among under-eights with a strong sense of humor. And of course the Twits finally get their dessert.

Although William first appeared in 1922 with his pranks, tricks and evasions, Crompton’s fast-paced writing and ability to create rich and funny characters with clever wit have ensured that William’s adventures continue to be fun and inspiring for children, school miscreants.

There were other Asterix adventures nominated, but this one got the most votes. The stories are more self-deprecating than Hergén’s The Adventures of Tintin, but this is another great comic book series that shows children’s literature isn’t limited to prose. Here, mischievous Gauls Asterix and Obelix join forces with the Britons in a battle against Roman villains.

Snot, slime and bogeys – what’s not to like? “The Snowman” may be a light-hearted picture book and “When the Wind Blows” may be more serious, but Briggs’ Bogeyman is a fun, simply told comic that will entertain even the most skeptical reader.

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The kid has such a good sense of humor and ability to speak wisely with young students. In addition, his mix of collages and portraits is colorful, fun and stylish. As a result, this modern retelling of the fairy tale is essential reading for girls and boys who appreciate the oddity more than usual.

This is typical Blake – the pages are decorated with details, the colorful illustrations and quirky characters make things look silly, rhyming. Mr. Magnolia only has one boot (along with a trumpet playing roots and siblings playing flutes… you get the idea). Could the mysterious package be what he’s looking for?

Picture books like this are great for exploring concepts like friendship. A penguin appears at the boy’s door and the couple tries to find their home. Fortifying the ocean, when the boy returns the penguin to the South Pole, he realizes he doesn’t want to leave the creature behind.

Adapted for TV by Charlie Higson, this was the first in a series about an empty box and his grumpy friend Colonel Deadshott. It’s still fun and fresh, despite the references to housekeepers and library cards from when it was written.

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Ask them to learn science early with playful picture books, such as wandering through the world of small things. See how we get the flu, what bacteria gets into yogurt, and all kinds of other interesting facts explained in a simple and entertaining way.

After his family is murdered, a young child wanders through a cemetery where he finds himself raised by its inhabitants (yes, the dead and a guardian who seems to wander between the living world and the afterlife). Thanks to Dark Magic, Gaiman’s storytelling skills make this award-winning book an engaging read.

Children learn a lot by listening to us talk long before they can speak. Rosen’s fun, witty rhymes are the perfect way to foster a love of poetry and language. It’s easy to read and fun to share thanks to Riddell’s graphic design.

A stranger in the outside world is always a great vehicle for humor and an opportunity to explore acceptance and understanding. Especially when the hero of this Odyssey is a charming, vulnerable bear. Don’t agree with the film – Bond’s humor throughout the series’ 50 years is a joy.

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Rosoff has a simple, flowing narrative style and an eye for the everyday, which makes his books burst with excitement and detail. Dramatic and intelligent, “On the Case” follows the story of David Case, whose fate is thrown into chaos when he saves his brother’s life. Also recommended is “The Way I Live Now”.

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