What Are The Chances Of Surviving A Plane Crash

What Are The Chances Of Surviving A Plane Crash – Walking through a plane crash may seem unlikely, but experts say 95 percent of them survive.

However, it depends on the passengers and their own actions, including the seats to avoid and the clothes to wear.

What Are The Chances Of Surviving A Plane Crash

According to the Dutch aviation company To70, the number of deaths in large commercial aircraft fell to 299 in 2020, with 40 crashes, five of which were fatal.

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If you are unlucky enough to be in a plane crash, here are some ways to increase your chances of survival.

It increases your chances of survival in a plane crash, especially if what you are wearing has been dropped in harsh conditions or weather.

Dave Inch, director of Boeing 787, said: “Remove anything with spikes in your pocket, loosen your belt and remove your tie or scarf and remove your heart heels.

“Take off your glasses to land so they don’t fly off and they can help you see your way out if you need to.

How To Survive A Plane Crash: The Best Place To Sit For Safety

Author Christine Negroni, who has written a book on airline mysteries, added: “Everyone wears yoga pants on the plane now, but I avoid any fiber material because it will burn and stick to you when there is a fire.

He also added that boots are better than flip-flops to protect feet from debris and tighter clothes to avoid snagging on anything while running.

Upton Rehnberg, who survived the 1989 United Airlines Flight 232 crash, said he always wore a hooded sweatshirt on flights, as he said he was told by the pilot to put on blankets placed over their heads to avoid being burned in an emergency. With oil or hot oil in case of accident.


Surprising Facts About Plane Crashes

Although most workers warn that there are no “safe seats”, some studies have shown that the rear plane has the lowest number of deaths.

In 2015, a 35-year-old study found that the highest death rate was in the middle at 39 percent, followed by the front at 38 percent. and behind at 32 percent.

Forget the aisle seats, the middle seat has the best chance of survival.

The Aviation Safety Agency also analyzed 65 plane crashes and found that the rear seats were the safest in more than half of the cases, according to alive

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Harro Ranter, CEO of the Aviation Safety Network, previously told the Express: “I can’t think of anything that would make sitting in the front seat [and] safer in a real accident, right in the best way of survival is usually in the back.”

Sitting in five rows of the emergency exit is also recommended – Professor Ed Galea of ​​the University of Greenwich created the “Five Row Rule” after examining the facts of 105 plane crashes and talking to more than 2,000 a living person.

He found that, on average, the survivors moved five lines before reaching the exit, because the further distance means that “the chance of death is far greater than that of survival. “

Despite years of myth that a supportive job doesn’t hurt your chances of survival, experts don’t see this right away.

How Likely Are You To Survive A Plane Crash?

The Federal Aviation Authority agrees that this is necessary for two reasons – one, to avoid the least possible risk to yourself, and also to prevent head injuries covered by a chair or chair overhead.

He gave a piece of advice: “In the event that passengers must cover their heads, put one hand on the other instead of ‘locking’ your fingers on your head.

A second person added to the online forum: “I’m going to take this one step further and tell you to put your weak hand on top. That way, your most helpful hand will be your hand that is still alive.

Although it can be boring to hear the same topic every time you fly, ignoring it can have fatal consequences.

Stories Of Incredible Connection At 30,000 Feet

In the famous Hudson river crash in 2009, only 10 out of 150 passengers took their life jackets despite safety instructions.

Josh Peltz, a passenger on the flight, explained that by knowing the safety procedures, he managed to help people escape quickly.

He told the Guardian: “At about 300 feet I started to read the [safety] instructions. There were six steps and I read them two or three times, testing myself at each step and trying to think about myself personally open the door.”

After the plane crashed, he explained: “Someone next to me tried to pull the door, and I said, ‘No, he has to leave.

Meanings When You Dream About Plane Crash

“Fortunately, I just read this now. I know people will run to the emergency exit, so if it gets stuck there will be a way back.

And in 1996, in the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, 125 of the 175 passengers died after the plane fell into the water, and they lost their clothes inside – which made them can’t breathe after being trapped by rising water.

Keeping your luggage close to your feet can help you survive a plane crash, not just by protecting your face in the event of an accident.

Erwin Tumiri, one of the 6 survivors of the 2016 flight LaMia flight 2933 that crashed in the Colombian mountains, describes how to turn into a fetal position with the burden of his legs saved his life.

The Safest Seat On A Plane, According To Studies Of Crash Data

He told Fox Sports Argentina at the time: “I put the bag between my legs to create a good view of the fetus in the situation.”

The wreckage of the 1973 US military plane crash in Iceland has never been cleared, although no one on board died. Just a few weeks before the Turkish Airlines crash in Amsterdam on Wednesday, the plane had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York. All passengers on board survived. While these two major plane crashes are an example of the fact that most accidents occur shortly after takeoff or shortly before landing, they also confirm the statistics from the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that estimates the chances of survival. a situation landing around 95.7 percent.

These statistics raise the question of what a passenger can do to increase their chances of surviving a crash. It depends on where you sit on the plane, according to the results of two separate studies. In fact, the results from different studies contradict each other. The popular American magazine Mechanics concluded that a passenger sitting in the back of an airplane has nearly 40 percent more survival than those sitting near the front. In his work, he was the analyst of the worst air disaster in terms of survivors and deaths in the United States between 1971 and 2007.

In contrast, researchers at the British University of Greenwich have concluded that the passengers who have the greatest chance of survival are those who sit on the side or in front or behind the natural attack. urgent. Passengers two to five rows away from the exit have a chance to survive. The most dangerous seats are those six or more seats away from the nearest seat, where “death prevails,” according to the study.

What Really Happens During An Emergency On A Plane, From What The Pilot Is Doing To How To Increase Your Chances Of Survival

But it’s not just the distance to the emergency exit that affects survival. The same study also concluded that passengers sitting on the side of the aisle are 64-68 percent more likely to flee the plane than passengers sitting on the opposite side. Rai.

Unlike the American results, the British concluded that the front seat of the plane is safer in most cases – passengers sitting in the bow have 65 percent of survival, when the front passenger has 65 percent. of survival. the rear has 53 percent time. The University of Greenwich research followed 2,000 survivors using data from the public bird tour CAA105.

Apart from the position of the seat, the passenger’s response to the accident and his behavior during the accident have many differences. A passenger should remember to count the rows of the nearest aisle and their seat when boarding the plane, according to Mat McClean, a domestic safety expert for the FAA, US bird’s office right to walk.

If there is smoke in the cabin after the accident, the passenger must carefully find the way to the emergency exit – the best of all four, because air is close to the ground. Passengers should follow the passenger safety instructions, read the safety brochure and learn how to fasten their seat belts.

What Are The Chances Of People Surviving A Plane Crash?

In the case of an accident, the sitting position is also a decision for survival. As soon as the house staff says “Brace, Brace,” you should get into the support position. Safety experts recommend that the passenger press their buttons.

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