What Can I Give To My Dog For Coughing

What Can I Give To My Dog For Coughing – Is there anything worse than a dog that keeps licking/biting/scratching itself? It is believed that millions of you have dogs with allergies. The only thing worse is a dog that ends up with hot spots, sore eyes and/or lives a miserable life from scratching or sleeping too much because of the side effects of antihistamines that act as a Band-Aid for undiagnosed malnutrition. guilty.

Fidose of Reality’s PR (Puppy Relations) manager, Dexter, welcomed the fall season with a major incident of itching, scratching and biting behavior. In an effort to stop the aforementioned, here are 7 things parents can do right now to prevent their dog from rearing its ugly head and scratching its head:

What Can I Give To My Dog For Coughing

First of all, take your dog to the vet. Despite the amount of information available on the Internet about food allergies in dogs, a veterinarian needs to examine the dog to rule out more serious problems. Did you know that dogs can be allergic to fleas? Just one flea bite can send your immune system into overdrive, even if you’ve had the fleas for a long time. Tell your vet when the symptoms started, whatever the new Rover ate and if the dog visited a new environment. The change in weather caused my dog’s lack of energy last year, so we decided not to repeat the same pattern this year.

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One of the medications that seemed to help my dog ​​was Atarax: An antihistamine that is inexpensive and can be obtained from a veterinarian with a prescription.

There are food allergies and there are food intolerances. There are dogs that are sensitive to certain food ingredients and there are dogs that are allergic to certain things in the environment. There is a subspecialty in veterinary medicine that includes dermatology. See a specialist if symptoms persist. Are you looking for expert help in difficult times? The same should apply to your dog.

Fidose discovered NutriScan, a saliva-based test that tests twenty of the most popular dog foods. You buy this kit, you can do it at home or at the vet’s office, and after two weeks the results will be sent to you. From there, you can put your dog on the right food.

Airborne allergies are more complicated, but there are a number of tests to try to determine what is causing your dog to itch. From skin scrapings to blood tests, talk to your dog’s vet or specialist about allergy testing and the possibility of starting allergy shots.

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Finding out what a dog is allergic to is not easy or quick. It may take months and trial and error to identify the culprits, but you have to be persistent.

Thanks to my blogger friend, Caren Gittleman of Dakota’s Den, I decided to add coconut oil to my dog’s diet. I also found this very helpful video from Dr. Karen Becker, who explains the benefits of coconut oil and how to add it to your dog’s diet.

Coconut oil is one of those hidden secrets that isn’t talked about often, but is slowly making its way into mainstream articles and vets’ offices. According to Dogs Naturally magazine, coconut oil when used regularly can help dogs with eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis and itchy skin. Since adding coconut oil once a day to my dog’s food, I have noticed a reduction in the itching. Bonus: People can use it for everything from smooth hair to improving skin by replacing butter in recipes (think: zero cholesterol).

We decided to buy Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, add a teaspoon to Dexter’s food every day (dilute it) and then feed him normally. It fit perfectly and smelled great too!

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I am of the breed that washing my dog ​​will reduce the itching; That was me a few years ago. Since then, I’ve learned that over-shampooing can dry out the skin, making it more itchy, and that oatmeal can be the culprit for itchiness. There are many oatmeal-based shampoos available, but proceed with caution and monitor your dog’s level after bathing.

Massage the shampoo into your dog’s skin without rubbing to prevent irritation and itching. Massaging the shampoo into your dog’s coat can help stimulate the skin cells. Bath water should not be too hot, because hot water tends to irritate the skin, as does hot drying after bathing. My dog ​​tends to poop if he doesn’t bathe dry so we started using a good bathing suit and changed it twice when the device got wet.

I purchased the above online, but the ResiCORT required a prescription, which my dog’s vet was happy to provide.

How many of us have suffered from a dog with allergies and tried diet changes, elimination diets and almost hair removal when nothing seemed to help? NutriScan can be split into two test strips, so you can order one or both. We tested this product on our dogs and the results helped. You will need to re-test for this every year as allergies can ebb and flow, but you should only test for foods that are already in your dog’s system. Here are the NutriScan results and results.

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The friends at DERMagic have a very targeted product line for dogs. We have been using their products successfully for five years now and know many others who are doing the same, with great success. You can determine what type of allergy you suspect your dog has by the breakdown of your symptoms, but here’s what we’ve had success with using it:

DERMagic Skin Lotion. This 8-ounce bottle will last you through the entire fall season and then some, and is designed to provide instant relief for hot spots, allergies, and skin concerns. dry It contains ingredients such as whole leaf aloe vera gel and rosemary essential oil, which detoxify and stimulate hair follicles.

Of course, the first thing my dog ​​does when I put lotion or topical on his paws or paws is lick it off. According to the folks at DERMagic, there are no harmful or toxic ingredients in these ingredients, so you can reapply as needed. Of course, we’ve learned to stop the licking behavior, so keep reading.

Our other favorite product from the DERMagic line is the flea powder. Besides the cute name, this is a safer option for preventing fleas and ticks than chemicals, sprays or juices. Made with USDA Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth, I spray this on my Dexter and feel good that there are no toxins involved. Read our Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth review here.

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If you are doing one of the above treatments on your dog and need the product to work properly, the dog needs to stop licking or chewing/scratching, right? It makes me sad to read about dogs having to wear cones. Is there anything more sad or unpleasant than seeing a dog wearing a pseudo-light on its head?

Granted, some dogs will find their way around clothes and harnesses, so I wanted something that was easy to use, safe for my dog, and wouldn’t dampen his spirits. Enter the onesie from Tulane’s Closet. Oh, and for people who balk at dogs in costumes, or turn their noses up at the idea of ​​dogs in couture, get this: My dog ​​is great in a onesie because it’s just a costume for him. .

Is your dog sick? What did you do to help him? Get back to us below in the comments….

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