What Color Contacts Should I Get For Dark Brown Eyes

What Color Contacts Should I Get For Dark Brown Eyes – Have you ever wondered what your brown eyes would look like if they were green? Or maybe you hear Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” on the radio and wish you were someone’s brown-eyed girl.

Colored flats are a great choice for those who want to clarify their appearance or even experiment with their natural features. It’s a unique and safe way to play with your look.

What Color Contacts Should I Get For Dark Brown Eyes

Many colored contact lenses are available in a variety of options such as over the counter or completely Rx like regular contact lenses. Non-prescription lenses have no corrective power and are suitable for cosmetic use for those who do not need corrective glasses.

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Depending on the dramatic change you are looking for, there are different levels of tinted lenses. There are three types of colored contact lenses:

• Visibility tints – This is usually a light blue or green tint added to the lens. It’s designed to help you see the lens better when inserting and removing contacts or in case one falls out. Since it is a very light shade, the color lens with the visibility tint does not affect the color of the eye.

• Enhancement Shades – This is a solid but sheer (heavy) shade that is slightly darker than the visibility shade. A color enhancing lens is different because it does not change the color of your eyes. As the name suggests, its purpose is to enhance your existing eye color. They are usually recommended for contact lens wearers who have light eyes and want to enhance their eye color.

• Color Shades – These lenses are deeper, opaque colors that completely change the color of your eyes. Color shades are usually swatches of solid colors. If you have dark eyes, this is the type of lens you will need to change your eye color. Colored contacts come in a wide variety of colors, including hazel, green, blue, purple and gray.

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Colored contact lens manufacturers simulate the natural appearance of the iris (the colored part of the eye). Because the iris itself contains colorful shapes and lines, some colored contact lenses have a series of tiny colored dots to make them look more realistic.

If you are thinking about wearing contact lenses, make an appointment with your local optometrist so that you can find the right contact lenses for you. Do you want to give your eyes more sparkle? Wearing colored contact lenses is like trying out a new hairstyle, it can completely change your look. Although unlike hair, you can remove it whenever you want…

Colored lenses can be a way to change your normal eye color or they can be your signature. You don’t need to wear a lot of flashy jewelry or makeup if you make your eyes your trademark!

Are you willing to give it a try but haven’t decided yet? Let us clarify the matter for you! We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about colored contact lenses.

Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe For Your Eyes?

The health and safety of your eyes is important. Colored contact lenses are medical devices. That’s why eye care professionals recommend fitting contact lenses to help you find an option that fits your eyes and keeps your eyes healthy – whether you’re using contact lenses for correction or just for cosmetic appeal, fitting is essential.

As with regular contacts, you must follow safe habits to protect your eyes. As long as you take proper lens care and follow the instructions of your eye care professional, it is safe to wear colored lenses. Consult your eye doctor to find out if colored contacts are right for you.

If you are not familiar with wearing glasses, make sure you learn how to put them on properly. Also note that colored contact lenses are generally made of materials that do not allow enough oxygen to reach the cornea. For this reason, it is important to choose colored contact lenses that suit your wearing schedule.

However, some colored contacts, like Air Optix Colors, offer much better oxygen penetration than most consumer brands. Consult your ophthalmologist to decide on the brand that will guarantee maximum comfort and safety for the eyes!

Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes

Eye care experts recommend a prescription for wearing colored lenses. It’s important to remember that even if you have perfect vision and want to add a little color to your eyes – it’s still a medical device. And it still goes right to the top of your cornea, which needs oxygen.

When you put a contact lens on the cornea, its oxygen supply is reduced. A contact lens prescription not only indicates the corrective power of the lens, it specifies the exact size of contact lens required for your eye, brand and lens material.

Although many people consider the ‘prescription’ to be the STRENGTH of the lenses, and this is mostly true for glasses, your contact lens prescription also indicates that the contact lenses fit well and will not they harm your eyes.

You can easily buy colored contact cuffs based on your prescription. And if you have received a prescription for a brand of colored lenses, you can buy any of the available colors and be sure that the lenses will fit you well. Your eye doctor takes care of the brand, and you take care of the color – feel free to experiment!

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Colored contact lenses are designed with a clear center that is perfectly aligned with your pupil. It is what allows light to travel and allows you to see.

Colored contact lens accessories will ensure that your pupil is properly aligned with that hole in the lens. If not, your vision may be impaired, especially at night when your pupil becomes larger and may expand into the colored area of ​​the lens.

• Non-corrective if you do not need any vision correction and want to wear colored contacts for aesthetic purposes only.

I Enhancement Colors: Contacts that emphasize your natural eye color for a more subtle change. For natural-looking contacts, check out Air Optix Colors, FreshLook Colorblends or Acuvue Define Vivid.

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Ii. Vivid colors: brighter colors that will attract all eyes to you! Available in a wide range of colours. Some examples: FreshLook Colors, Flash Color 2 or Air Optix Colors (available in subtle and vivid lines within the color range).

Iii. “Circle” lenses (also known as “doll eyes” or “limb rings”) lenses: new colored lenses designed to enlarge the appearance of your pupil. They only have color in the ring around the outer edge of the lens. You can find them in Acuvue Define Accent Style, Natural Shine or Vivid Style and Splash Illusion in brown or black.

Halloween or costume lenses are special contact lenses with patterns, wild colors or even all black! They are never prescribed by eye care professionals because many of the materials used to make them are very outdated. So it is not recommended to wear cheap contact lenses for Halloween as it can cause an eye infection.

Special effects lenses are large custom lenses used for television and film productions. These custom lenses can only be worn for a short period of time and require the supervision of a licensed ophthalmologist to use.

Natural Silky Brown

It is important to find a color that you like on your eyes, and that you can see and appreciate. Color contact lens fitting for your eye care professional includes the opportunity to try different lens colors to find the one that suits you best. There are many different colors available for colored lenses:

Color enhancements tend to work with lighter natural eye colors and there are areas in the lens that allow your natural color to blend in with a bit of something else. The blue color combination will not be as noticeable on a dark brown iris, and someone with green eyes will be able to put on those blue lenses and you will be able to see the difference ten feet away.

In general, the darker your eyes are, the darker and/or more opaque the colored lens you will want to choose. A contact lens made for lighter eye colors (blue or green) will not show as much on a darker eye.

They completely cover your natural eye color and can match natural light or dark eyes, depending on the individual eye type. If you want to try opaque colored contacts, try brown contacts and their 3-in-1 mixed colors for an electric glaze.

Colored Contacts First Impressions (air Optix, Freshlooks, Acuvue Define)

Colored contacts will expand your style exploration. Once you find the colors that suit you, have fun customizing your clothes, makeup and jewelry! Your perfect match will be combined with optimal lens comfort as well as a trendy style that makes you feel beautiful and different!

Keep in mind that if you plan to wear colored contact lenses on a daily basis, regular eye exams are still essential to ensure your eyes stay healthy.

Our selection of colored contact lens brands ensures high quality and provides the best comfort and vision. But above all, a large selection of colors and contact types for every style and desire! And since we care about the safety of your eyes,

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