What Color Should I Dye My Gray Hair

What Color Should I Dye My Gray Hair – The dusty gray hair trend is here to stay in 2021. The icy color looks cool in the warm sunny weather, giving many an exceptional and refreshing look. Contrary to what the name suggests, gray hair styles can vary and must be chosen carefully to suit individual skin tones. In today’s guide, we’ll show you some of the trendiest gray-grey hairstyles and how to choose the perfect hair coloring service for you.

Grey-grey lies towards the darker end of the gray spectrum. To achieve this color, the hair needs to be bleached to the lightest shade of blonde. In a hair coloring salon, professional hairdressers usually use a bond strengthening treatment to protect the hair strands during bleaching.

What Color Should I Dye My Gray Hair

After bleaching, a purple tint will be applied to remove the yellow undertones in the hair. Subsequently, another hair color will be added to achieve the desired grey-grey result.

Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

Suitable for lighter skin tones, this color enhances classic grey-grey hair with a silver finish. We recommend wearing this look with soft curls to bring out the depth and dimension. The result is a stylish and elegant look that brings out your inner hair shine.

This variation of ash gray hair is achieved by creating gray-gray highlights on a brown base. A subtle yet fresh look, this hair color is perfect for warmer skin tones and those who want to spice up their usual brown hair with a twist.

Depending on your complexion, a grey-grey complexion can make it look more dull. To solve this problem, we recommend adding a color shade. The gray and lavender flow perfectly together and have a beautiful melting of colors. The result is a pastel purple look that exudes femininity in a beautiful way.

Ash blonde is one of the coolest shades of blonde out there, so why not jazz it up by adding a cool gray tone to it? This look can contrast well with darker skin tones, highlighting facial features and a smile. For a dreamy finish, we recommend styling with loose waves.

Things You Wish You Knew Before Transitioning To Gray Hair

Ash-grey balayage creates a soft and natural gradation of lightness throughout the hair, helping to enhance your deep base colour. Suitable for most skin tones, this vibrant hair color creates a sense of dimension and movement, bringing out the vibrancy within you.

Like any color palate, ash gray can have many variations depending on how the color is mixed. To properly decide which type of gray hair will suit you, visit a professional hair coloring salon for a consultation. At Full House Salon, our trained and experienced hairdressers will analyze your skin tone and complexion to recommend an appropriate ash color for your hair. . The perfect shade of chic shimmering platinum, smoky gun metal or stylish silver blue could be just a bottle of hair color for you!

Whether you’re a Gen Z-er looking to mix up your look by going silver early or you’re someone looking to transition seamlessly into gray hair for the first time, there are plenty of options for taking home cash. Remember that for the final color result, many silver colors require starting with light-colored or bleached hair—which means you’ll likely want to proceed with caution if your hair isn’t already one of those shades.

“Light blonde, platinum, or natural gray hair are ideal shades to start with before dying your hair silver,” says celebrity hairstylist and colorist Jennifer Korab. “If you have dark hair – brown or even black – I would recommend consulting a professional, as darker hair requires more steps and can be a bit difficult to achieve. That said, there are products out there that will work if you have dark or black hair, you may have to put in the time and work to get the shade you want.

How To Transition To Gray Hair When Your Hair Is Colored

Many colorists wonder how to go gray if you’ve been coloring your hair for years. Korab advises “either let your natural hair grow out completely or see a professional at a salon who can guide you in the right direction.” While gray or silver can be a fun and welcome change, it does require some maintenance. Korab suggests touching up every four weeks and consistently using a shampoo formulated for silver or gray hair, such as Oribe Silverati Shampoo or Redken Color Extend Success Shampoo.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab regularly tests hair color at home, both in our labs and by sending blind products to our consumer testing panel. When we test hair color in the lab, we dye uniform sections of hair different colors and see how well each one covers stray grays. Of course, we also want to see how long each color lasts, so we put them through 20 wash and dry cycles and 10 hours of UVA light exposure. We also have real users test hair color at home and report on various factors such as ease of use, gray coverage, color richness, and uniformity to ensure color stays (and doesn’t damage hair! ).

Below, we’ve compiled the best permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary at-home gray and silver hair colors based on GH Lab tests and online favorites with great reviews. Before you shop, make sure you know the basics of at-home hair coloring and consider keeping a bottle of purple shampoo on hand to care for your newly gray hair.

L’oréal Paris Superior Preference has previously tested the tops in our in-house hair studies for traditional shades, so we’re confident their silver blonde shade will stand up to the test. This color is perfect for anyone who’s on the fence about going all gray—it falls between blonde and gray, so you can try a cooler tone on for size.

Gray Hair Can Return To Its Original Color And Stress Is Involved, Of Course

This semi-permanent (and budget-friendly) formula from Adore won’t strip your hair—it doesn’t contain alcohol, peroxide, or ammonia. Plus, it doesn’t have a lingering chemical smell. “It smells good, lasts almost three to four weeks without retouching, and doesn’t stain anything,” shares one Amazon reviewer.

This multi-layered smokey color is anything but boring – it looks cool, shiny and dimensional. “This product is unlike any other I’ve used,” says one reviewer. “The color is unique and my shiny hair feels thick and luxurious.”

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, argan oil, peki oil and additional botanicals, Ion’s formula nourishes and strengthens hair while it is colored. One reviewer shares that the color is a “stunning silver pearl,” while another calls it a “dream color,” adding that “this is the color I’ve been trying to get.” Bonus: it’s easy to use and has great coverage.

Free of peroxide, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, PPD or other harmful chemicals, Arctic Fox hair color is as natural as hair colors come. The vegan formula is gentle and conditions the hair. But besides the great ingredient (and no list), it’s super easy to apply and the color lasts. “I love this product,” shares one reviewer. “Smells amazing, applies easily (no drips) and is still vibrant after three weeks.”

Your Ultimate Guide To Gray Hair

This ultra-moisturizing conditioner is perfect if your tresses need a little TLC. It deposits a bright silver color without the use of harsh ingredients like ammonia, and instead relies on nourishing ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil. “This product did what an expensive salon couldn’t,” says one reviewer. “I love my gray hair!” Other reviewers say it helped them transition their graying dark hair to full gray without any tricky steps in between.

This shade is a bright, light, almost platinum silver. Like many gray hair colors, this works best if you start with bleached or light hair – it can have a hard time showing up on darker shades. On light hair, this color looks great. “Nothing seemed to work or capture the silver color I was looking for until I tried this product,” said one reviewer.

Vibrant hair color fans have been turning to Manic Panic for years—and for good reason. This brand knows how to pull off unconventional colors. This purple gray shade looks good on everyone. “This color is amazing, it gave my level 10 hair a dark purple color and washed it out to a more natural gray look,” said one reviewer. “It left me with no green or green tones.

Want to go gray, but just for a day? This hairstyle has you covered. A sponge applicator that allows you to use as much (or as little) color as you want, making application of this product a breeze. Reviewers say this gives them tons of controlled color gain. Make sure you don’t skip the blow drying step to set the color – this will ensure you don’t get silver streaks on your clothes.

Ditched The Dye During Covid? Maybe Stay Gray.

This gun metal gray shade is perfect for transitioning into natural gray hair. Unlike some other shades, this one

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