What Do I Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke

What Do I Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke – Anxiety attacks can be scary, and dealing with them properly can help calm someone down. Images (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada

With the onset of the pandemic, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of people experiencing mental health problems worldwide. According to a study, between March and May of last year, there were 375,000 anxiety queries by Google. This is why many people are facing problems like anxiety and depression for the first time and don’t know what to do when they or their loved ones experience it.

What Do I Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke

So how do you beat an anxiety attack? First of all, we need to understand what an anxiety attack is. When a person experiences a strong sense of impending doom and dread due to stress or a situation that reminds them of a past trauma, they experience an anxiety attack that they are unable to function normally. According to Bengaluru-based psychiatrist Keerthana Panir, the way to detect an anxiety attack is to look for physical symptoms. “A person having a panic attack may feel short of breath, dizzy or nauseous. Some feel numbness or tingling in the limbs or pressure, chills or hot flashes,” he told Re:Set, adding that in some cases, a person can be completely detached from reality. “A The person may have an anxiety attack and not show any physical symptoms and … not respond or recognize what is happening around them,” he said. “In these situations, it is difficult to recognize them and bring them back to reality.

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An anxiety attack can be a very scary experience, and getting the right treatment can help calm the person down. With Panneer’s help, Re:Set has compiled a list of dos and don’ts to help calm someone suffering from an anxiety attack.

The first step, Penner says, is to stay calm. “It can be difficult because it hurts so much to see someone around you suffering from anxiety. But you have to stay calm so that you don’t add to their anxiety and make it worse,” he said. It’s always good to take a few deep breaths to steady yourself and think about what to do next.

Asking a highly anxious person to calm down or relax is very ineffective if they are in an uncomfortable state. “You have to remember that a worried person’s mind does not allow them to calm down because of a threat.” This causes their brain to go into fight or flight mode. So asking for a break when they can’t make it more difficult,” Penner explained. Instead, you can talk to them in a soothing tone and reassure them that you are there to help them.

Practicing deep breathing can be a very effective first step in helping a person relax. Panneer suggests counting the breaths with the person so it’s easier for them to follow you and calm themselves. “Take four breaths in and six to eight out.” The more oxygen enters the body and carbon dioxide is expelled, the faster the body and mind will relax,” he told Re:Set.

How To Help Someone Who Is Having A Panic Attack

Grounding exercises — exercises that help you feel less emotional — are important in combating anxiety attacks. Paner suggested giving a person something to eat or drink or feel or hear to appeal to one of the five senses. A person may also be forced to walk barefoot on a comfortable surface. It helps a person to return to reality and control the overwhelming waves of emotions.

It is very important not to ignore the person and their anxiety during an anxiety attack. Yes, their fears may be unfounded at the time, but don’t underestimate them. Don’t counter their fears with arguments or arguments that show their threat is imaginary. Instead, be more empathetic and listen with heart, meaning listen carefully without interrupting them, and be gentle and reassuring.

In any case, it is also better to get help from a medical professional. Paner notes that this is especially important if symptoms of shortness of breath and insomnia persist even after a person has gained some self-control. There may be other reasons that cause the symptoms and the person needs medical attention.

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There are different types of epileptic seizures. The best response will depend on the type and severity of the seizure as well as the general condition. The main thing is to stay calm and protect the possession from harm. Most seizures are harmless and pass within minutes.

Some seizures cause people to lose consciousness for a short time (“zone out”) or just cause muscle twitching. These small attacks are usually not dangerous. But people who have them often feel anxious or fearful, and they may feel bad about themselves. So it can be important to comfort them and make them feel safe.

Some seizures have a profound effect on the brain, and the person may exhibit particularly unusual behavior afterward. They may be confused or lost. Then it is important to prevent them from doing dangerous things like walking in the street. If possible, you should calmly try to get them out of the situation without using unnecessary force. Being intimidated and rude to someone can lead to an unexpected response. It is better to show support and let them know that you are there for them. Just “being there” can be helpful. This is also important when they are recovering from a seizure.

If someone has a severe seizure, meaning his whole body shakes, he falls down and loses consciousness, you can do the following:

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When someone has a seizure, you don’t need to call 911: if it’s over quickly and the person comes back quickly (‘reawakens’), you can talk to them about whether to call. It is only necessary in the following cases:

Some people with epilepsy always have emergency medications. If they have a seizure that lasts longer than five minutes, the person they are with can give them medication to stop the seizure. Tablets can be placed on their cheeks, and cream can be squeezed onto their bottoms through a thin tube. If you call 911, an emergency worker can administer the drug intravenously.

It can be helpful to focus on what happened during the seizure. Careful observation can help doctors make a later diagnosis.

But many people recover completely within minutes of suffering from epilepsy. They can return to work or school without any medical assistance.

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Whether it’s a friend, relative, or partner, you probably know someone who has or will have a panic attack. If you’re around when this happens, it’s only natural to want to do what you can to understand and support them.

That people will have an anxiety disorder at some point in their life

How To Ground Someone Having A Panic Attack

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