What Do You Do When You Chip A Tooth

What Do You Do When You Chip A Tooth – Your Epping dentist will tell you that it is relatively standard to have a tooth chipped on one of your teeth. Traumatic injury to the face near the face is an obvious cause It can arise from various everyday situations at home, in the city, at the mall, at the beach or on the sports field. Biting into something hard like an olive pit or unpopped popcorn can also cause it! Old fillings or restorations can chip after years of constant heavy use A cavity inside the tooth can weaken it, making it prone to cracking

Sometimes, if there is no pain, people may not realize that they need to visit their dentist when they have a toothache. Sometimes, however, when a chipped tooth is visible, people do not go to the dentist, after all, they can see what happened. However, it is better to come to us as soon as possible We will then examine the chipped tooth and the remaining tooth with X-rays, if appropriate, to make sure there is no visible damage.

What Do You Do When You Chip A Tooth

A clenched tooth can’t function properly, and if it’s in the front of your mouth, your smile won’t be at its best. The grinding process can cause sharp edges on the part of the tooth that rests in your mouth, which will be uncomfortable or even cut your tongue. Chewing can be painful and you may develop bad breath A clenched tooth also makes it easier for bacteria to get into your teeth – something you should avoid for the sake of your dental health and your own health in general.

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If you can’t see your Epping dentist right away, it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with salt water and avoid hot or cold foods. If it hurts, it won’t be a painful loss

If the chip is small and only affects the tooth enamel, your dentist is more likely to restore the tooth and save the tooth and your smile. Thus, the teeth will have the best appearance and function again This process will remove any sharp edges on the teeth, so your tongue will be safe again.

There are several options depending on the size of the chip, its location and the rest of the tooth We can use filling to repair it; Add a veneer to the tooth (especially if it’s a front tooth); Repair it with a crown (especially if the chewing surface is affected), or replace the tooth with a dental implant if the damage is extensive.

Whatever treatment we offer, you can be sure that your Epping dentist will do what’s best for your teeth – and for you! We all know someone who’s bitten into an apple and heard that horrible crunch that means a tooth Check out our advice on what to do when you chip a tooth, and how each decision depends on the size and severity of the fracture.

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If your tooth is not deeply chipped, or if the adjacent teeth are slightly smaller than the chipped tooth, smoothing the chipped tooth to match the surrounding teeth may be a better option. Even small chips seem large to our tongues – you may find that smoothing the chip out will solve your problem.

If the tooth fracture is large, your dentist may recommend a small filling to make the front teeth look more uniform. Be aware that even small fillings in front teeth can cause complications if the filling does not stay in place Because these inserts are small, they can chip again, change color or require periodic maintenance You should consult with your dentist about the best option for your needs

A large number of patients who have chipped a metal crown prefer a tray bonded to the metal crown Some spoons are usually scraped off the metal, which can cause tongue irritation Chipping can also occur in natural teeth due to normal wear and tear or nighttime bruxism (excessive tooth grinding or jaw clenching). Often these areas can be smoothed to soothe the tongue Unless these areas are creating food traps or places for caries to initiate, treatment is usually minimal and straightforward.

If you have a large and unexpected fracture, your tooth should be examined by a dentist immediately. Your dentist will take x-rays of your broken tooth and thoroughly check the severity of the fracture. If the nerve is exposed or the fracture extends into the nerve, you may need a root canal After a root canal procedure, a crown is usually needed to repair the tooth, strengthen it, and make it look like a nearby tooth.

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth: Repair & Treatment Guide

Unfortunately, a severely damaged tooth may require extraction In this case, neither the tooth nor the root can be restored If removal is necessary, there are options that can help you aesthetically during the process During healing, you can wear a flipper (removable partial denture) or a replacement denture In general, replacing implants is a better option, but you can also consider a bridge if you are not a candidate for an implant.

Small fractures that don’t cause pain or sensitivity can often wait to discuss with your dentist until your next preventive checkup. Fractures that are painful, very obvious, or unpleasant to the tongue should be seen for immediate evaluation Your dentist will review your options and explain any treatment in detail

If you have a chipped tooth, we are happy to fix it At Tree Family Dentistry, our main goal is to create a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile that our patients will be happy with. Call us at 507-288-1188 to schedule an appointment today

, we are here to help you with all your dental needs We cater for all ages and our offerings include family dentistry, and no one expects to have their teeth brushed. It is a sudden, unexpected event Maybe you fell You may have been punched in the mouth Maybe you were just eating

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If you have a splinter in your mouth, remove it immediately They’re unlikely to stick to your teeth, but you don’t want to swallow sharp shards

Do a visual inspection of the teeth This is important in determining whether your injury can be treated as a dental emergency or without an emergency appointment

If the chip is the same color as the surface of your tooth, the chip is probably only in the enamel Although it is a cosmetic problem, it does not require emergency care if you consider the cosmetic problem to be an emergency.

If the chipped area is a different color, it is important to treat it as soon as possible, especially if the chipped area is bleeding.

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Assess the injury to see if the tooth is extremely sensitive Breathe cool air over the teeth and see if the back teeth are particularly sensitive If so, you should consider a chipped tooth an emergency

Press gently on the teeth with the tongue If it moves too much, that’s another reason to consider dental trauma urgent

Then contact us and tell us about your injury If it’s an emergency, we can usually get you there today Otherwise, we will try to expedite the meeting In the meantime, continue to assess your injury and see if your teeth are particularly sensitive or loose.

Appropriate treatment for a chipped tooth depends on the actual extent of the injury, your treatment goals, and your limitations If it’s a small chip, veneers are the most attractive and long-lasting treatment option However, dental bonding is an affordable and quick treatment option

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If your tooth is more severely damaged, we may recommend a dental crown It can support and strengthen your damaged teeth In some cases, we may need to cut through the root canal of the damaged tooth This is because the inside of the tooth has become infected with bacteria. We need to remove potentially infected material and replace it with inert material that will not infect

If your tooth is loose due to an impact, we will assess its chances of survival Often a simple splint will help heal the tooth However, in some cases, it may not heal and need to be replaced with a dental implant or partial denture

Advantage Dental Group has been a hometown dentist in Pueblo for over 20 years. We have helped many of our friends and neighbors get rid of serious and not so serious dental problems All of our procedures are performed with compassion, and our office is welcoming and comfortable

If you have lost a tooth and need to speak with a dentist in Pueblo, call (719) 545-1400 today to schedule an appointment with Advantage Dental Group. The enamel on your teeth is just that

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