What Happens If A Rat Bites You

What Happens If A Rat Bites You – This report describes an unusual complication of a relatively common problem caused by rat bites. An 8-month-old girl was bitten on the head and hands by a Norway rat (

) while sleeping after falling off his parents’ bed. He was unable to participate due to his parents’ alcoholic condition. Turns out she went into shock due to low blood sugar. He required ventilation and circulation for five days. The children have no health problems, in this case the most obvious social risk factor is extreme poverty. poor hygiene and in rodent-infested environments This is often associated with people who have been bitten by rats.

What Happens If A Rat Bites You

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There is very little information in the medical literature about deaths or complications from rat bites in children. We present a special case of hypoglycemic shock in children. which refers to a near-fatal illness under certain conditions of severe social exclusion.

An 8-month-old girl was left in bed the night before hospitalization. while sleeping with his drunken parents he fell in the night His aunt visited them the next morning. And he noticed that the baby was lying under the bed of his seriously ill parents. Her parents were not alerted to the situation or to the fact that the baby was crying. When you report to the police They took you to the emergency room. The parents had no police record and the family had not been investigated by social services.

From physical examination The patient had wide forehead wounds on the right (1 × 2.5 × 0.5 cm) and left (7.5 × 2.5 × 0.5 cm) sides of the forehead, as well as multiple convex wounds on the face, nose, on the mouth, scalp and both hands. (Figure 1) The patient is lethargic, cold, pale, dehydrated, with reduced capillary refill time, pulse rate 180 beats/minute, blood pressure 91/54 mmHg. Weighing 8 kg, physically there was no clinical evidence of old trauma. examination. The skeletal examination and CT examination of the brain showed no abnormalities. There was obviously massive blood loss from his wounds. Administer normal saline (20 ml/kg) by intravenous infusion. Blood gas measurements showed metabolic acidosis (pH 7.1).

The patient was transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit. Taking into account the history received from relatives and the type of wound. He was diagnosed with hypoglycemic shock caused by a rat bite. And he had to be intubated, on a ventilator, pulse, blood supply. and arterial blood pressure improved significantly with red blood cell transfusion. Fresh frozen plasma, normal saline and albumin (total volume 70 ml/kg), antimicrobial treatment with penicillin, clindamycin and cefotaxime started intravenous injection

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Initially, the lactic acidemia was 0.74 mmol/l (normal value <0.22 mmol/l), the blood sugar level was 17.2 mmol/l, and the prothrombin time was 26 seconds.

On the first day of the clinical course, we established the stability of blood dynamics. Give rabies vaccine (Verorab intramuscular vaccine), not tetanus vaccine. The surgery was performed 36 hours after admission. Rupture with soft tissue deviation was ruled out. negative blood culture The rest of the course was uneventful. Finally, on the seventh day, he was discharged from the pediatric intensive care unit.

According to medical records, the family lived in a dusty one-room house in an urban slum. near the canal in the Norway rat (

This patient is a rare and remarkable case. Social exclusion, poverty and alcohol addiction in rodent-infested environments cause serious and potentially fatal diseases in children.

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The most common cause of animal bites in children is indoor dogs and cats. It is very rare that a rat bite can cause multiple and extensive wounds resulting in hypoglycemic shock.

In this case, a 3-month-old girl died due to blood loss due to multiple rat bites.1 Rat bite wounds in children usually occur after death.

Rat bites mainly affect children under 5 years of age, most bites occur on the face and hands. and often occurs at night during sleep2

) are also known as brown rats, house rats, water rats or sewer rats. Dark brown to black, total length 30-45 centimeters, tail shorter than head and body length. Adult Norway rats weigh 400-500 g, reach maturity in 2-5 months, live 6-12 months as adults, pregnancy lasts three weeks. Female rats produce an average of 4-6 litters of 6-12 babies per year. My eyesight is bad. Excellent hearing, smell, taste and touch are required.

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Norway rats are mainly nocturnal and live in close contact with humans. Because most of the time they depend on food from humans. Then, when they’re inside, they’re often in storage, hen houses, trash piles, and drains. These rodents will eat almost any food and prefer grains, meat and fish, nuts and pet food.

Rats are an example of an urban pest that spreads disease in many ways. directly by contaminating food with rat urine or feces Sometimes the disease is spread indirectly, such as when fleas bite an infected rat. and people or bite people

Rat bites often cause a local bacterial infection. which has a good prognosis Antibiotics such as cephalosporins or penicillinase-resistant penicillins are usually sufficient to treat complications of rat bite infections.

In summary, this case illustrates a situation where extreme poverty combined with poor sanitation and a rodent-infested environment is a condition that is often associated with fatal disease in children, second only to rat bites. Feral rats are a well-known pest worldwide, causing many problems for homeowners and their properties. But brown and black rats are the most common in Australia. usually Rats are also blamed for spreading dangerous diseases around the world.

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One of the reasons for this is that these rodents are very aggressive. Especially nesting females. and tend to attack people. leaving scratches and bite marks An undesired consequence of such an attack can be a rat bite caused by bacteria in rat saliva. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and if left untreated, the outcome can be fatal.

Wild rats usually like to avoid people and hide in quieter parts of the house. Therefore, rodent bites occur in some cases when they feel cornered and threatened. They will rush at people. to protect yourself

While doing this Rats often scratch or bite. Nesting female mice can easily feel threatened and need to protect their young. This makes them dangerous. Because rats have big teeth The bite is painful and can bleed. Bite marks can vary greatly from shallow to deep. This is because in some cases it may only be a puncture wound. while others – two or more.

Wild rats can carry many serious diseases. One is leptospirosis. Although people diagnosed with this condition are relatively rare in Australia, it is rare. (mainly in New South Wales and Queensland)

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The other noteworthy one is the Hantavirus, with which there are currently no confirmed cases in the country, but some bites can cause tetanus infection. And sometimes rat bites can cause fever.

Although these diseases can be dangerous to humans. But certain diseases can also be harmful to pets living in the house. Cats and dogs can also fall prey to rodents’ sharp teeth and bite defense mechanisms. whatever you look like Rat bites can be dangerous. Therefore, you must protect yourself and your family. And you can do this effectively if you know what the symptoms of rat bites are and how to treat them.

Rat bites, even from strong rodents It can be unpleasant and painful. As mentioned earlier, rat bites are often followed by bleeding, pain, redness and swelling. If the wound is infected, pus may appear.

Rat bites have many consequences. And the symptoms can vary from mild to more severe. And it is very dangerous if there is an infection. Below you will find all possible outcomes of rat bites along with associated symptoms.

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Rabies is a neurological disease that is spread through close contact with the saliva of an infected animal. So by licking, biting or scratching. Although this disease is very dangerous and mostly fatal. Fortunately, it is not found in Australia and New Zealand.

Nevertheless, it is possible to bring in illegally brought, unvaccinated animals into the country. Rabies is rarely transmitted by rodents. It is not known whether their bites can transmit the infection to humans, but always seek medical attention. This is especially true if you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

As a result

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