What Happens If Someone Without Insurance Hits You

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If you were injured in a Chicago car accident, you can take comfort in knowing that the at-fault party’s insurance company will pay compensation. But what if you get hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance? Or about a collision where you don’t know who caused the accident

What Happens If Someone Without Insurance Hits You

Illinois law requires all drivers to have at least a minimum amount of auto liability insurance, also known as uninsured motorist coverage. If a person is caught driving without insurance for the first time, they will have to pay a fine of $1000. However, if they cause an accident, their mistakes can cost many other repair and medical bills Those drivers should be held responsible

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If you have been involved in an accident with an unsafe driver, do not panic An experienced Chicago personal injury attorney will fight for your legal rights to receive compensation and advocate diligently on your behalf. The attorneys at Langdon & Emison will investigate all parts of your case and find evidence to build your case against the at-fault driver.

Langdon & Emison holds the wrong party accountable for their actions Call (312) 872-3389 today for a free consultation

Unsafe driving is a national problem that affects hundreds of people and their families each year The Insurance Research Council found that 13% of drivers (about one in eight) were uninsured in 2015. The number is on the rise, especially in Illinois.

An estimated 13.7% of Prairie County drivers are unsafe That’s higher than the national average, and only 16 states have higher rates of uninsured drivers

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In Illinois, all drivers must carry uninsured motorist coverage It is part of your car insurance policy and will help pay for your medical bills and auto repairs if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Uninsured motorist coverage helps protect car accident victims from having to pay out-of-pocket for compensation. This policy also applies if you are involved in an accident where the identity of the at-fault driver is unknown

This coverage is different from an uninsured motorist policy This policy covers injuries to you and your passengers if the at-fault driver’s auto insurance doesn’t fully cover your costs. This coverage is useful as the cost of healthcare and automobiles increases

If the driver at fault in a car accident has no insurance or enough money, they will be held personally liable for injuries and damages from the accident and damages that exceed the policy limits.

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Your insurance policy may not cover the entire loss Medical payments are fairly limited and do not cover other expenses such as lost income from lost work The best way to recover the compensation you need is to hire a car accident attorney at Langdon & Emison in Chicago.

It is important to understand the implications of taking someone to court In Illinois, you must file a lawsuit within a certain time frame (deadline). If you don’t file on time, your case will be dismissed and you may never receive the compensation you need.

The claims process can be confusing and difficult, so it is in your best interest to hire an attorney You have to understand that insurance companies often deny and delay claims – you need an experienced, ruthless legal team that won’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Call the Chicago auto accident lawyers at Langdon & Emison at (312) 872-3389 for a free case consultation.

Only an experienced legal team can prove who is at fault for your injuries and vehicle damage The unsafe driving attorneys at Langdon & Emison will negotiate the highest possible compensation with your insurance company. If the insurance company fails to fulfill their duty to protect you, we will take the at-fault driver to court

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You should be able to focus on recovering from your injury; Don’t let an unsafe driver or a stubborn insurance company do that to you Call Langdon & Emison’s Chicago office at (312) 872-3389 or contact us for a free consultation. If your parked car crashes into another vehicle, the best case scenario is a minor fender-bender with the insured driver. Preparing police reports and commercial insurance information

In the worst case scenario, you’re sitting in your car and not only is your vehicle damaged but an uninsured or hit-and-run driver is injured.

No matter the circumstances, if your parked car gets hit, you’re not at fault, and that’s never a bad thing in the world of car insurance. After an accident, regardless of who was at fault, you should always take the following steps:

If someone hits your car but leaves a note with their contact information, call them and get their insurance information. However, if you want to enter the claim process you will need to file a police report and take a photo

Someone Hit My Car, Whose Insurance Do I Call?

The insurance company of the person who hit your parked car should cover the damage to your vehicle to ensure that they are insured and that you can get them. If you can’t find the person who hit your car, you need uninsured motorist property damage coverage (UMPD) or collision coverage. UMPD helps cover damages caused by an uninsured motorist Collision coverage helps cover damage caused by other vehicles or random objects like fences, trees or rocks. Remember that if you can’t find the at-fault driver and you don’t have both of these coverages, you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Note: UMPD availability and requirements may vary by state It is currently required in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington D.C. and West Virginia.

It’s worth considering whether the other driver’s insurance will cover you for damages related to a car accident in the manner in which you parked. Simply put, you have to park properly and legally, otherwise, it will affect how the coverage process works. That is, if it is determined that you parked in a manner that is likely to cause a collision, the fault may be shared between you and the other driver. In that case, both of your rates may increase

Especially if you don’t know who hit you and have to make a claim under your own coverage, your insurance rates will go up. Rules and policies regarding rate increases vary from state to state and from carrier to carrier If you are lucky enough to live in California or Oklahoma, your insurance company is prohibited from raising your rates when you are not at fault. Also, a general rule of thumb is that any time you submit a claim to your insurance company for damages, it will affect your rate. If you know who hit you and can verify it, you can file a claim under the driver’s liability policy, avoiding rate increases on your insurance. Other factors that affect whether your rate will increase include:

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The bottom line is that insurance companies calculate rates based on risk. If your records show that you are a high risk, you will have to pay a higher rate

If someone hits your parked car and doesn’t leave a note, you and the police need to identify the hit-and-run driver and get more information, such as the hit-and-run driver’s license plate. Security cameras and eyewitnesses

Unless the at-fault driver is from New Hampshire or Virginia, the person responsible for hitting your parked car must have some state liability insurance, including property damage. For example, if you crash your car while shopping at the supermarket, the driver’s property damage coverage will pay a certain dollar amount for any repairs to your vehicle based on the amount of damage.

It is important to remember that your personal liability insurance coverage does not insure your vehicle. If the other driver does not have liability insurance or crashes your parked car and leaves the scene, auto insurance companies offer two products that reimburse you for damage to your vehicle:

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Full coverage insurance consists of two insurance products: comprehensive and collision coverage Comprehensive insurance coverage provides compensation for vehicle theft as well as non-collision coverage (fire, vandalism, hail, tree limbs, contact with animals) while collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle. An accident like hitting another vehicle in a supermarket parking lot Collision coverage generally provides for loss from the following risks:

According to the Insurance Information Institute, collision insurance costs about $290 a year and comprehensive costs about $135 a year.

Insured motorist coverage pays for damages

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