What Happens If You Have Low Blood Sugar

What Happens If You Have Low Blood Sugar – In this article, we’ll look at what low blood sugar feels like for people with diabetes. Let’s look at the symptoms, how they can change over time, and how often they vary from person to person. Let’s take a look at the treatment and future plans for low blood sugar (hereafter referred to as “low blood sugar”).

When life gives you a hypoglycemic agenda for the day, what is it and what do you do? Describe your experience.

What Happens If You Have Low Blood Sugar

Melissa is usually enthusiastic and ready to start the day, but when given a low-glycemic agenda, she blows all the air into her “cells.” They are wrinkled and weak.

Signs Of High Blood Sugar To Be Aware Of

I imagine you as a grumpy old man. Even if you can’t move, you’re screaming. No, I will not accept your suffocating agenda! After all, I have to work. We have to take our children to dance classes after school.

I am reluctant to accept your despair-filled agenda, the poison of the day. If you believed this positive self-help type blog, you’ll know that what you decide to be happy with determines where you go for the day. If you have diabetes, this is a casserole. In diabetes, low blood sugar determines your schedule and ultimately what you can do throughout the day.

If it drops below 70 or badly, it begs and shouts for resolution! Especially if you fall too fast. Every cell in my body is screaming. If it’s too low I can’t do anything about it! Usually I feel a little dizzy and know I need medical attention.

It shakes so badly that I can’t even open a pack of glucose tablets. That’s when I can be off the phone all day. I know you will lose focus and be very tired. I know this when I keep looking at the page and reading the same thing over and over again. No matter how many times I read it, I still don’t understand.”

What To Do When Your Blood Sugar Levels Drop Too Low?

After a few days of getting nutrition education and starting to look more closely at carbs, I quickly realized that my insulin dose was too high. In those days, when I went to work, I used to leave quickly. At some point I became lucid and unresponsive. I had just started working there so no one knew what to do.

I felt it was coming, but I was working on a new project and my boss had to deliver it by morning. I continued to work, thinking that my breakfast would still be digested and neutralize my blues.

I had a mild headache but attributed it to my sinuses. Instead of succumbing to hypoglycemia, I decided to refuse a little indolence and a little sweat. I left my glucometer at home. The beverage vending machine in the office didn’t work, so I quickly left cold drinks and snacks on the counter.

It was like the universe was conspiring against me and giving me a hypoglycemic agenda that I neither wanted nor needed.

What Are The Signs Of High And Low Blood Sugar?

I couldn’t speak or move. I heard the managing director called it EMS. I nodded, but couldn’t speak again. It was confusing. I lay on his table with an unopened soda in one corner, but it was too weak. I’m so confused…lights out…get out…goodnight!”

Let’s hear from Brendon, who recently had a very difficult time with low blood sugar. Working a graveyard shift at a chicken factory, I have no choice but to accept the blood sugar-lowering agenda presented to me each night.

Dealing with type 1 diabetes in this way with a tight shift schedule was very difficult. I was at DKA three times in 6 months while working there. This was right after I put it in DKA for the first time because the pump was malfunctioning. The doctor then gave me four injections a day.

After that, adjusting my insulin dose to fit my crazy work schedule seemed like a downhill road. You couldn’t get a break when you needed it. I used to put snacks and stuff in my pockets, but I was constantly sweating and confused in the middle of the night. I don’t eat snacks, and the symptoms of not being able to control my blood sugar are still the same.

What A Low Blood Sugar Feels Like

Facility operators did not understand diabetes and did not want to understand it. He got into trouble every night until he decided to quit his job.

I was unemployed for a while after that. But at least I was able to fix my diabetes and get into the kind of program where this dangerous agenda isn’t always lurking in front of me every night of my life.

Fortunately, I was able to move in with my mother. She cooked for me and supported me. He was also quick to help me out if I was on a low trend. Working there, knowing that this would happen again was a hopeless and depressing feeling. I’m starting to fear I won’t be able to get up off one of these floors, and I’ll have to give up something.

Next, diabetics were interviewed and asked, “What is your most common symptom?” he asked. How have you changed during diabetes?

Hypoglycemia Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatments

That’s the problem. Most people don’t show signs of hypoglycemia until it’s too late.

My job keeps me busy and sometimes low blood sugar comes at me like a thief. Occasionally, there is a very mild, mild headache that is difficult to distinguish from a sinus headache caused by hypoglycemia.

I’m going to sweat a little, but this is where we screen print, and it’s hot and humid, so I can’t tell what’s what. The first few times after I was diagnosed and started taking insulin, I ignored mild symptoms. This resulted in a situation where EMS had to come to me at work, which was very embarrassing to me. Now I’ve learned to hold on to everything. I always eat fast carbs including glucose tablets and I also have a glucagon pen.

If you start to feel any “bad”, grab a glucometer and check your blood sugar. I’ve learned that sometimes I need to eat my fast carbs right away and check my blood sugar to make sure. Often, if you wait until you can control your blood sugar to eat carbs, it will be too low to self-medicate.

How To Fix Low Blood Sugar

So I learned how a fall feels and how fast it feels, and it changed the way I deal with it. They do not play games because the response to hypoglycemia gradually diminishes over time. I need to stay in touch with the subtle clues that tell me I’m trending lower. Then you have to react quickly before you get dizzy, irritable and dizzy.

I’ve lost a few friends by yelling at my friends for not eating carbs by then. To make matters worse, I’ll be down for the count and won’t be worth it for the rest of the day.

Now let’s hear from Jessie. The number one symptom of low blood sugar is impending doom. I began to feel more anxiety than at any other time. You start shaking and have difficulty concentrating. When I feel hopeless, depressed, or anxious about something, I check my blood sugar. When I feel the tension set in, I usually always get low.

At no other time in my life have I felt anything. You won’t feel any fatigue or weakness, and you’ll feel like you have some energy. Then boom! It hits me suddenly and I barely have time to react. I’m immediately stumped, unable to move, and there’s a huge float in my field of vision. Thank God if her husband hits it like that. He knows very well what to do. Pretty scary.

Best Foods For Low Blood Sugar

I’m always late for something because of my diabetes and low blood sugar. Sometimes I’m afraid people will think I’m just using it to get rid of something, but this is really drastic.

Blood sugar drops from time to time. It usually only happens once a year and I am grateful for it. It dropped to 58 (mg/dl). I had to treat him to carbs. It started feeling uneasy and I was quite shaken. I noticed that beads of sweat were starting to form.

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