What If You Get Into An Accident Without Insurance

What If You Get Into An Accident Without Insurance – A content-driven guide to what to do (and not do) if you’re involved in an accident in Singapore.

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What If You Get Into An Accident Without Insurance

Getting into a traffic accident is something that no driver wants. Whether it’s careless driving, or an unavoidable and unfortunate accident that involves us, it’s important that we as drivers know what to do (and not do) in the event of an accident in Singapore. ).

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To begin with, we need to know that all drivers in Singapore are required to purchase motor insurance for their vehicle before they can legally drive on the road.

As explained by the General Insurance Association (GIA) Singapore, there are three types of motor insurance policies that can be purchased in Singapore. They are 1) third party, 2) third party, fire and theft and 3) comprehensive.

Third party motor insurance is the minimum insurance policy required in Singapore. This type of auto insurance policy covers death or injury to the other party, as well as property damage to the other party. However, they do not cover your car. Third party, fire and theft car insurance is similar to third party car insurance. The main difference here is that if your car gets damaged due to fire or theft, you enjoy the coverage.

Comprehensive motor insurance coverage covers all third party claims, as well as damages to your vehicle. With these insurance policies, you get coverage that covers you against potential third-party liability as well as damage to your vehicle.

What Not To Do If You’re In A Car Accident

In insurance terms, moral hazard refers to the risk of a party acting in a different manner (eg, driving more dangerously) because they know that their car or other vehicle is at risk of an accident. Insured against losses.

Basically, what happens in this scam is that an insurance fraudster intentionally (and dangerously) causes an accident on the road. Shortly after the accident, the uninvolved vehicle (or multiple uninvolved vehicles) may provide “assistance” with a “praying specialist” to take the wrecked vehicle to a recommended workshop, and even help with all the paperwork required for insurance. to do claim . After that, a repair fee is usually charged, and the “on-demand specialist” receives a commission for repairing damaged vehicles from the workshop.

In other words, the scam tactic here is to fake an accident, convince the driver to take their car to a recommended garage for repairs, and then raise the repair fee for insurance premiums, so the scammer gets commissions from the garage. . .

Instead of panicking in the event of an accident and getting involved in a bunch of insurance scams, it is better to know and follow the proper procedure for what to do in the event of an accident.

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For this, it is appropriate to use the Motor Requirements Framework (MCF). The MCF was created to provide a clear and common procedure for reporting motor accidents, which is fully supported by all insurance companies in Singapore. It provides an improved claim experience to motorists and at the same time covers the cost of claims for insurance companies.

This is the first thing you should do: get out of any place that poses an immediate danger to you.

If you or someone else is seriously injured, call 995 if possible. Otherwise, avoid any risk and wait for help. If you anticipate staying on site for a period of time, you must place a reflective warning sign at least 20 meters away from your vehicle.

Once you are in a safe environment, or if the incident occurs in a location where there is no immediate danger to either side, take pictures of the scene.

Road Accidents Without Regular License

The photos you take should include 1) the scene, the accident vehicle, and the surrounding area; You must 2) take a photo of the damage to your vehicle by removing your license plate.

This is great if you record video in your car. keep it. This, along with the photos taken, is used as proof of your claim.

If you’re on the freeway and need a tow truck, the Highway Monitoring and Advisory System (EMAS) will already be on the way to take your vehicle to the nearest exit. However, you still need to schedule your visit to the workshop. If you are not on the highway and need a tow truck, contact your insurer’s line for more advice on driving or accidents. Your insurer will provide tailoring services (if needed) and advise you on what to do.

A common misconception among many drivers is that there is no need to notify the insurer unless they have a claim from the insurer or have settled privately with another party. This is not true. If you want to file a claim with your insurer, settle privately, or even if the other party admits liability, you must still report the accident to your insurer within 24 hours. This applies even to small damages, even if there is no significant damage.

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By reporting the accident within 24 hours, this protects you from any claims the other party may make with their insurer, even if they initially told you they did not intend to report the accident. You can upload all the photos and video evidence you take here.

By not reporting the accident within the prescribed 24-hour period, you run the risk of being denied liability by your insurer for violating the terms of the policy for failure to report the accident. This may mean that you will be protected under the policy and may have to deal with your repair costs and third party claims against you. Finally, your Non-Claimable Deductible (NCD) policy will lapse at the time of renewal, and your insurer may cancel or reject your policy.

Another point to note is that reporting an accident or even claiming a loss from your own insurance does not mean that your NCD will be deductible.

For vehicles that have filed claims for damages, after they receive damages, if it is proven that the other driver can prove that the other driver was fully responsible for the accident, the insurer will pay the other driver. Insurers have started recovery against. If the renewal is successful, the insurer will not freeze your claim deduction (NCD) on the next renewal.

Not Sure What To Do If You Get Into A Car Accident? Follow These 5 Steps

This may come as a surprise to some drivers, but you do not need to file a police report if you are involved in an accident. However, you should know when to report to the traffic police and when not to.

You must report the incident to the police immediately or within 24 hours of the accident:

Remember that filing a traffic police report is not the same as filing a report with your insurance. So you still need to report it to your insurer within 24 hours or the next working day.

If there is an incident, the first thing is to make sure that everyone is safe. Next, we need to focus on the correct procedure for reporting incidents. The last thing we want is a wrong decision that causes more problems.

What Happens If The Person At Fault In An Accident Has No Insurance?

A minor accident (no injury) can cause stress and anxiety for drivers involved in traffic accidents. This is where insurance fraud groups, ironically, are the ones causing the accident in the first place. Even by asking them to help you take your car to recommended workshops or even help you file (inflation) claims, these organizations plan to take advantage of drivers who Don’t know what to do after the incident.

If you are contacted by an unauthorized party or suspect insurance fraud, you must collect objective evidence and information and submit it to GIA. This includes video recordings from your car.

Finally, if you are involved in an accident and need to use an authorized workshop for repairs, always remember to contact your insurance.

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