What It's Like To Have Social Anxiety Disorder

What It's Like To Have Social Anxiety Disorder – I recently celebrated my 39th birthday, which I find unbelievable. Time flies, I tell you. Before I knew it, I’d be hobbling around with leggings and polyester pants. But we are not going there yet. I have a few shreds of dignity.

In honor of 39 amazing years, let me describe what 39 looks like to me. Maybe you can relate.

What It's Like To Have Social Anxiety Disorder

39 sounds like a spring chicken until you look back at photos from a few years ago and realize you’re not as young as you used to be. Wonder what happened to the days when people would stop you at the grocery store and ask if you’re taking care of yourself because you’re too old to have “all those kids.”

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39 is the deep wrinkles between your eyes because you always wrinkle your forehead when you think. You obviously think too much. It may be wise not to.

39 are the occasional grays that betray your soul, making you wonder when you should stop and start changing your hair. (Please tell me there is a woman in this world who has never dyed her hair at the age of 39. She and I could be best friends.)

39 is a fast-paced workout that will always remind you that you can’t eat whatever you want and maintain your weight like you did in high school. He avoids sugar, exercise and still does not lose weight.

39 is realizing that it’s only a year until your children leave home and wondering how you can enjoy one last family reunion.

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39 admits that spots on your legs are a part of life, especially if you’re a mosquito magnet and just can’t leave those damn bites alone. (Honestly…how do you avoid constraints? I can’t).

39 is when you stop fighting your hair that naturally wants to fall out, choose a style that works with your crazy cows.

39 suffers from progressive cerebral atrophy which sometimes prevents you from remembering people’s names immediately and hopefully you are not the only one with this memory curse.

39 remembers what you felt like when your children were young and hope that one day they will be fond of your memories.

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39 is trying to wait for your teenagers to come home when they are out with their friends at night, and in the meantime, you are sleeping on the couch.

39 is proud that your children know all the words to Abba songs in your music library.

39 is realizing that it’s time to take your skin seriously. Wonder if you’ll ever be too old to have pimples.

39 makes your child say, “No thanks,” when you offer your math help as if he knows you failed every math test you took in college. But at least you have a life math tutor for your other kids. This is the price you pay for being smarter than you are.

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39 understands that it’s okay to say no to things that don’t match your priorities and yes to help when you need it. (At the moment I need a maid. Any carriers?)

39 gets a personal trainer because you finally admit that your motivation to exercise is almost entirely about accountability.

39 makes fun of most Disney Channel shows because they make parents look like idiots. And you are not stupid.

39 focuses on vacations rather than things because you want to make as many memories as possible.

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39 wish you could freeze time and keep your children the age they are now forever. (Except for sass. And crying. And screaming. Can you fix this stuff in post-production?)

39 is realizing that you don’t know as much as you think you do at this level of the game.

39 approaching 19 years of marriage and thank you for marrying a man who always puts kindness and respect at the top of his list.

But don’t even get me started on 40 or I might start going airborne. Let’s take them one by one.

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This Is What 39 Looks Like

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Hubble’s Cosmic Bubbles. a large bubble-like structure surrounding a large bright star known as the Wolf-Rayet Star. The original name of NASA. Digital enhancement with rawpixel.

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