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Welcome to another round of what’s new on Netflix next week, and it’s going to be a busy week even if most focus on one title. Here’s a list of everything scheduled to hit Netflix US between June 27 and July 3, 2022.

What Movies Are Coming Out In Netflix

Before we dive into the full list of everything that’s happening over the weekend, let’s go through some of our most anticipated releases:

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It’s an exciting wait for the final two episodes that will drop at the end of the week that will set the tone for the fourth episode.

Without getting too serious, we continue with the return of El to regain his powers but even so, he is able to defeat Vecna​​​​​​(or 001 as we now know ) we’ll have to wait and see!

With Stranger Things headlining this week’s lineup, the other big Netflix Originals aren’t well known but one that manages to break the news is this new Norweigen sci-fi movie.

Inspired by the UFO scene in the movie Hessdalen, first announced in May 2021, here’s what you can expect from the comedy:

Studio Ghibli Movies Coming To Netflix Starting From Next Month

“Blasted follows childhood friends Sebastian (Axel Bøyum) and Mikkel (Fredrik Skogsrud), who reunite for Sebastian’s graduation party. Although Mikkel has yet to grow up before teenage laser tag magic, Sebastian has grown up to be a hard-working man who uses the party to tease potential customers. But when the bachelor party first falls victim to an alien invasion, Mikkel and Sebastian have the reunite as a couple lasertag donkeys before and fight again.

As always, the first month will feature licensed movies from third party providers such as Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and others. If we had to choose three movies for you to watch, we would recommend:

For a complete overview of what’s coming in July 2022, check out our comprehensive preview of the latest movies and shows here which includes titles you won’t see listed anywhere else.

What are you watching on Netflix this week after Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments below.

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Covering Netflix since 2013, Kasey has followed the adventures and adventures of the Netflix library for nearly a decade. A resident of the United Kingdom. Welcome to our preview of new movies coming to Netflix after 2022. We list over one hundred Netflix Original movies expected to be released in 2023, 2024, and beyond or

Netflix’s library of Original movies has grown over the past few years with stories from all over the world being told on Netflix and more to come.

In fact, there are hundreds of movies coming to Netflix, below is our attempt to list all the big movies coming out in the coming years.

Now it’s important to note that these are not all movies in development. We don’t even think we’ve covered half of the movies going. Also, we only show titles that are mostly in English so that this list is not exhaustive.

The Best Tv Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In June 2022

So without further ado, here’s our big look at the movies coming to Netflix starting in 2022, through 2023, and beyond.

That’s right, ten years after Eddie Murphy first played Axel Foley, Netflix has revived the crime comedy for a fourth installment (and possibly more to come).

Expected to be called Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, the film will see Axel Foley call out that his estranged daughter is in trouble.

We get a live action movie and an anime series based on the graphic novel created by Keanu Reeves himself.

The Best Movies And Tv Shows Coming To Netflix In March

It’s been a hot minute but an episode of Chicken Run is coming to Netflix. Aardman Animation and Netflix have been working on several projects around Robin Robin and Shaun the Sheep,  but will ramp up to a Netflix exclusive premiere worldwide in 2021.

The sequel sees Babs, Ginger, Rocky, and Fletcher return to their new island after escaping Tweedy’s farm. Chicken Run 2 was previously believed to arrive in 2021, but may be in 2023 according to the film’s IMDb page.

The first movie was a bankroll that turned into a movie and jumped to Netflix. The episode is currently in development, and filming will begin in late 2021.

“The story follows the journey of a teenage girl who fights to get justice for her brother who was killed at the hands of a bad police officer.”

The Best Movies And Tv Shows Coming To Netflix In January

Based on the story by Matt Kindt (produced by Dark Horse Entertainment) the film sees the daughter of a murdered scientist meet her death in a deep sea research facility.

Chris Hemsworth picks up his gun again and returns to the role of Tyler Rake. The film is said to be eyeing a Q1 2023 release date and will see Rake in another killer role.

The actors behind Netflix’s Sweet Tooth are adapting the Image Comics God Country as a movie for Netflix. The comic is by Geoff Shaw, Donny Cates, and Jason Wordie.

An elderly widow in Texas has recovered from dementia after finding a magical sword in the eye of a tornado. Because of this discovery, however, he must fight against the creatures of the world that have been summoned by the sword. Based on the comics by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw.

What’s Coming To Netflix In June 2022

The story tells the story of a detective following a drug deal gone horribly wrong who manages to save the son of a politician.

Netflix and Gaumont are making this new animated film based on Paul McCartney’s novel and are reportedly working on a new original song for the film.

BBC Films, Chernin Entertainment and Netflix have teamed up for Luther, a drama film based on a British series.

Cast: Colman Domingo, Chris Rock, Glynn Turman, Audra McDonald, Jeffrey Wright, Aml Ameen, Gus Halper, Johnny Ramey, CCH Pounder, Michael Potts

Filipino Movies Coming To Netflix Soon

A new biography of gay rights activist Bayard Rustin for organizing the 1963 March on Washington.

Produced by Amblin Entertainment (Steven Spielberg’s outfit), it’s a biopic about legendary composer Leonard Bernstein and, most importantly, the relationship between him and Felicia.

The animated film is based on ND Stevenson’s original material and revolves around a troubled character who becomes the side of a villain.

Originally at Sony Pictures, the film was sold to Netflix for huge sums in 2022. Chris Evans will direct the film (

Netflix’s 2021 Movies Release Lineup Revealed

Dreaming of a better life for herself and her daughter, Liza Drake gets a job out of high school through a failed medical startup in a Central Florida grocery store. The beauty of Liza, courage and drive, turns the company with him into the high world, where he finds himself at the center of a bad idea with deadly consequences.

Lucifer’s Tom Ellis and Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez team up for this romantic comedy set in New York City. There is a story about a sports writer Mack who fell for one of the “successful right-handed” goals he took.

Nichols is played by Benicio Del Toro, a New England detective who is obsessed with his job.

Filming began in September 2021 and will end in November 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

All The Disney Movies Coming To Netflix In 2019

Expected to be told mostly in Spanish, the biopic will also tell the story of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 that crashed into the ice. Only a few of the crew survived.

Seven Bucks Productions and FlynnPictureCo. brings this family adventure film to Netflix based on the iconic photos by Alex Panagopoulos.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. It is determined that in the near future the epidemic will destroy the economy and the world. Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal are set to star.

And Netflix is ​​investing in new projects from the pair, including an adaptation by Simon Stålenhag

New Netflix Movies Releasing In September 2022

“In a post-apocalyptic 1997, The Electric State tells the story of Michelle, accompanied by her toy robot Skip, who travels across the American West in a stolen car in search of her brother who has died. lost. Told in heartwarming, unflinching detail and nearly a hundred beautiful full-color photographs, The Electric State is a book like no other.

Netflix is ​​adapting Jonas Bonnier’s best-selling drama about a group of thieves who plan to steal more than $5 million using a stolen helicopter.

David Fincher’s next major Netflix project will begin production on November 1, 2021, and will be filmed on location around the world.

The film tells the story of a master assassin who has a mental breakdown and tries to retire to Mexico but ends up coming back.

Watch A Trailer For 22 Netflix Movies Coming In 2022

Cast: Halle Berry, Omari Hardwick, Jaiden J. Smith, Quinn McPherson, Paul Guilfoyle, Sydney Lemmon, Molly Parker, John Ortiz

Halle Berry plays Sara Morse in this new family film, when she discovers something strange in their country and sends them on a journey.

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