What Retinol Should I Use In My 20s

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Stacy Chimento, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist currently residing in Bay Harbor Islands, FL. He is trained in general medicine, surgery and cosmetic dermatology and specializes in acne, rosacea, body contouring, laser rejuvenation and injectable aesthetic treatments.

What Retinol Should I Use In My 20s

Regression: In your 20s, your skin cell turnover decreases. (Cell turnover is a key factor in keeping your skin young.) You know what else slows it down? Your collagen production. Starting in the 20s, collagen decreases by about 1 percent per year. As someone now entering her late 20s who is obsessively obsessive about her skin care routine, I am hyper aware of this statistic. But an anti-aging routine for someone in their 20s won’t be the same for someone in their 30s or 40s.

Skin Ingredient Combinations To Avoid

If you want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, there are some things you can do in your 20s that will help. After all, the best offense is a good defense. We talked to experts to see the best anti-aging products for your 20s.

Before discussing what to do for your skin, it is important to know what not to do, like baking in the sun without sunscreen. “When it comes to bad things, they’re not good for your skin,” Somenek says. “If it’s bad for you, it’s bad for your skin. Cigarette smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and causes premature wrinkles and a dull texture to the skin. Repetitive jerky movements to breathe can also cause smoker’s lines. . Alcohol and Recreational drugs are toxic substances to the skin that damage its cell structure and DNA.”

“If you put it all together, at 25, you’ll look closer to 45. The sooner you get rid of the bad ones while you’re young, the better your chances of recovering your skin and body,” explains Somenec.

Ready to figure out what to do? Read on for expert-approved products to add to your skincare routine in your 20s.

The Best Skincare To Use In Your 20s

“We all know that the sun is the number one cause of skin aging and it’s so important to start prevention in your 20s,” says Ross. “Most of your sun damage doesn’t start to show until you’re in your 30s, so don’t wait until you see it surface or you’ll be behind the curve. Stay ahead with a good quality zinc-based sunscreen worn every day.”

An invisible sunscreen with SPF 30, plus botanical extracts to protect the skin with tons of antioxidants. Bonus: It’s clean and subtle to use under makeup.

While we recommend you use your SPF and moisturizer separately, we also understand those moments when you don’t have the time or energy for that extra step. For these times, this cool mineral moisturizer is a great thing to have on hand.

“A great introduction to anti-aging is to start your morning skin care routine with a vitamin C serum,” says Ross. “It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and brightens the skin.” He adds that this is a great way to combat the effects of the sun’s harmful rays, which, as mentioned earlier, are one of the biggest causes of premature aging.

How To Use Retinol The Right Way

The Drunk Elephant C-Pharma is a lightweight serum that combines the brightness of vitamin C with ferulic acid, L-ascorbic acid and vitamin E, promising to brighten the skin. Contains sodium hyaluronate to replace any lost hydration. So you don’t have to face any irritation.

This powerful serum is packed with vitamin C (15 percent, to be exact), which means it’s a potential superstar in both skin-resolving and antioxidant-packed ways.

There are many benefits to using peptides on your skin, Somenock says. “The skin barrier is what protects the body against pollution, UV rays, bacteria and toxins. It can be damaged by a number of everyday factors. Using topical peptides helps create a stronger barrier,” he says. “Peptides contain elastic fibers, which are a type of protein. These fibers help the skin look taut and firm. Peptides can help repair damaged skin, relieve inflammation, and even skin tone. Certain peptides can fight acne-causing bacteria kill. 20 T is common in some.”

Kunin agrees, saying, “Peptides are an excellent entry point to support collagen.” She recommends looking for face and eye treatments that include this collagen-boosting powerhouse.

Can I Use Retinol And Vitamin C Serums At The Same Time?

This Charlotte Tilbury super-emollient eye cream has a base of coconut oil and shea butter (read – it’s incredibly hydrating). Botanicals plus peptides help reduce dark circles and boost collagen, respectively.

Get a face cream for you that does both. You’ll want to get both powerful collagen-boosting peptides like pycnogenol and antioxidant-rich vitamin C in this creamy moisturizer. “Instead of sitting on the skin, the peptides penetrate the outer layer, so they go deeper. The ‘signal’ they send tells the cells to produce elastin and collagen, which are responsible for youthful skin be needed,” Somenek says.

Remember that skin cell turnover fiasco we talked about earlier? One way to support this is through exfoliation. “Exfoliation is important to keep skin looking fresh and glowing,” says Kunin. She recommends using peel pads at home as an easy and effective way to exfoliate.

Somenek says you should only exfoliate two to three times a week. “People of all ages are guilty of over-exfoliation, and it can be too much of a good thing,” she explains. “The goal in your 20s is to combat the slow rate of cell turnover. It’s smart to use products that gently exfoliate but remove oil and other impurities. Products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) are a good choice.”

Skincare Ingredients To Start Using In Your 20s + Recommendations

Thanks to seven (yes, seven) types of chemical exfoliants, including AHA and BHA, a few swipes of this Derma Doctor’s powerful peel pad promise to leave your skin glowing and smooth. It also contains vitamin C via Kakadu plum extract for added shine and antioxidant protection.

Kakadu Plum Extract is derived from the Kakadu Plum, a fruit grown in northern Australia. It contains vitamin C, which restores the skin’s natural barrier, increases collagen production and soothes irritation.

They are the gold standard of pill pads, with a cult following and over 900 five-star reviews at Sephora. They are easy to use and contain a blend of anti-aging, exfoliating acids.

“In your 20s, you need to start adding hydration to your skin care routine. You may have been wary of over-moisturizing because of acne in your teens, but as you enter your 20s, your skin changes and becomes drier,” said Ross. “I recommend adding a mild night cream to your evening skin care regimen.”

Skincare Routines In Your 30’s

A great choice is CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream, which is a non-comedogenic night cream that softens and brightens the skin. It combines the moisturizing power of ceramide and hyaluronic acid.

“Twenty-somethings need to make sure they don’t use creams that clog their pores and cause excess oil production,” says Somenec.

“The best night cream ingredients include retinol, benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid or hyaluronic acid. The goal is to moisturize but remove excess oil,” says Somenec. This Roc Retinol Correxion Cream fits the bill as it contains both hyaluronic acid and retinol, so it promises to be non-comedogenic as well as moisturizing.

We take every opportunity to use high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the information in our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we keep our content accurate, reliable and trustworthy Like most beauty enthusiasts, I’m a firm believer that everyone should use retinol in their skin care routine Why you ask? tell me the way Retinol offers a long list of skin care benefits, from promoting cellular turnover on the skin’s surface to helping with the appearance of acne and improving some of the early signs of aging on the skin’s surface, to name a few .

In Your 20s? Here Are The Retinol Benefits You Should Know

When I was first prescribed retinol at the dermatologist’s office, I suddenly experienced hormonal acne. My dermatologist prescribed me a retinoid product to use as part of my skin care routine to help clear up breakouts. Fast forward a few months, and to no one’s surprise but mine, the severity of my breakouts and the appearance of my skin looked really, really good again. You can consider me an instant convert – I was convinced that everyone should be using retinol.

But a quick poll of my social circle—and basically anyone who would listen—revealed that most people thought of retinol as a product you should use as you age to fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, not as a preventive measure or as an adult Helps fight acne. According to my friends, the thought of using retinol in their 20s was practically unheard of.

To dig a little deeper into this topic and why from a professional perspective, I reached out to board-certified New York City-based dermatologist and consultant, Dendy Engelman, MD.

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The Best Anti Aging Products To Use In Your 20s

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