What Should I Do In The Army

What Should I Do In The Army – The Army is a powerful fighting force that protects and serves our nation on land, sea and air. Elite groups within the military, such as Army Rangers and Special Forces, receive specialized training for advanced combat situations.

In addition to local bases, there are permanent locations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as military presence wherever conflicts occur. The length of individual service commitments varies and in some cases may be less than two years.

What Should I Do In The Army

The strength and camaraderie among U.S. Army Soldiers in the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division demonstrates why working as a unit is essential to mission success. View transcript length 0:59

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Speaker 1: The way I motivate my Soldiers here at EIB is that I continue to work with them, I make sure they get the training they need and I continue to train with them and make sure they’re ready and prepared to do all the work. Ready to go In my opinion, a good leader is not only an active leader who leads by example, but inspires his troops and does everything with them.

Speaker 2: Being part of my EIB squad – it helps make this experience better because we all mix and match. Yes, we all belong to the same company but we all have different positions. We have lieutenants, sergeants, a corporal, a medical specialist, and many privates. But, at all levels in our squad we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and regardless of rank we make sure we all do well in everything and we focus on each other’s weaknesses and we look at our weaknesses for their strengths. To help us.

Length 0:59 US Army Soldiers from the US Army’s 25th Infantry Division demonstrate the strength and camaraderie of why working as a unit is essential to mission success. See script 0ttvGtZ6f3I

To join the army, you must be between 18 and 35 years of age (17 with parental consent). You must be a US citizen or resident alien. A high school diploma is preferred, but a high school equivalent such as a GED is acceptable. You must take the Armed Services Occupational Aptitude Battery Test and the Physical Aptitude Test. Some jobs may have additional requirements.

Things Every Graduate Should Do After Basic Training

To serve in the military, recruits must complete 10 weeks of basic training, commonly known as boot camp. Eligible college students can participate in their school’s ROTC program or attend a military academy to join the military as an officer after graduation.

The Army offers over 200 career job opportunities in various branches including Aviation, Cyber, Information Technology, Healthcare, Aircraft Maintenance and Special Forces. Regardless of your specialty, you’ll have the best training and experience to handle any future career opportunities that come your way. Find out what full-time military opportunities are right for you or get information about part-time service in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

A competitive salary is one of the employment benefits of military service. All soldiers receive access to health care, housing and food allowances, as well as education. The Blended Retirement System provides guaranteed pensions after 20 years of active duty service (and over 60 years of age for the Guard and Reserve) in addition to pension options for those under 20, either as a monthly pension or a lump sum. Service period (Talk to your recruiter for more information).

Length 4:05 Military Careers: Aircraft Structural Repairman When damaged military aircraft need to be repaired to return them to airworthiness, specially trained aircraft structural repairmen call upon their skills to fix what is needed. See copy jJmqzc376Co

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Helicopters are the military’s main air transport, and like all aircraft, these vehicles can be damaged. Aircraft structural repairers play an important role in damage assessment and repair for these important vehicles.

The most extreme damage usually occurs during combat operations, but severe weather and unexpected accidents and the stress of daily operations take their toll on these mighty machines.

To keep them flying, aircraft structural repairmen repair all parts of the plane’s outer frame…from the rotor blades to the landing gear.

After successfully completing 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend Advanced Individual Training at Fort Eustis, Virginia.

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You will be trained to interpret technical manuals and instructions containing programming and repair procedures and to follow instructions on how to properly use common tools, pneumatic tools and precision tools.

You will be trained to remove and install the various types of rivets that hold aircraft panels together and to make simple patches on metal surfaces or replace entire panels if necessary.

Modern military aircraft use many composite materials, so you will be trained to repair or replace entire parts made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other materials.

After your advanced personal training, you will perform effective work performing emergency or permanent repairs on transparent plastic widows, use precision measurements to assess damage classification, and use appropriate tools to cut sheet metal or heat-treated metal.

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Working as an aircraft structural repairman can help you transition from the military to civilian employment as leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills and values ​​are in demand.

Helicopters can be damaged at any time, on or off the battlefield, and as an aircraft structural repairman you will use your skills and knowledge to restore these aircraft to full working order.

Length 3:09 Battle Carrier: Helicopter Repair In addition to various fixed-wing aircraft, the military deploys several rotary aircraft, such as helicopters, which require specialized skills to maintain and keep in top shape. oZCgqSdj2wg See the transcript

The UH-60, known as the Blackhawk, is one of the military’s fastest and most maneuverable helicopters, designed to transport troops and cargo and evacuate medical supplies for the military’s strategic resupply operations.

Army Basic Combat Training, Boot Camp

As a UH-60 helicopter repairman you are part of the maintenance team that keeps them ready for action.

After successfully completing 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend 15 weeks of advanced individual training at Fort Eustis, Virginia.

The Army will train you to follow technical manuals, keep accurate service records, and recognize and use the tools of the trade, such as ratchets for tightening control rods, multi-meters for checking continuity and voltage, micrometers for measuring critical components, and torque wrenches. To tighten bolts to specified values ​​in aircraft systems.

You will be trained to troubleshoot aircraft systems using the Blackhawk Maintenance Instructor and repair or replace components such as main rotor heads, hydraulic pumps, tail rotor drive shafts, stabilizer actuators and turbine engines.

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You will practice periodic maintenance by sampling oil from gearboxes, checking blade indicator systems on rotor blades and inspecting aircraft components.

Your duties may include wearing lines and hoses or checking for leaks, replacing oil and filters, and keeping detailed logbooks.

You will transfer aircraft for maintenance, prepare aircraft for flight, operate aircraft ground power units or work as a flight crew member.

Working as a UH-60 helicopter repairman can help you transition from the military to civilian employment, as your training will prepare you to work on civilian aircraft, including fixed-wing aircraft.

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Soldiers describe how the skills in this MOS will help them succeed in the military and beyond. (ANP)

As a military professional specializing in UH-60 helicopter repair, you can ensure the Blackhawk is in top shape to meet the military’s warfighting needs.

Length 3:25 What it takes to be an Army tracked vehicle repairman By design, Army vehicles are attacked. Fortunately, tracked vehicles are never out of service for long when in the hands of repairers. See MoRMQwZ-hoc copy

The U.S. Army has some of the most advanced technological, up-to-date equipment in the world, and the men and women who keep this equipment at peak performance are soldiers in the pursued auto repair MOS.

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After successfully completing 10 weeks of basic combat training, you will attend 10 weeks of advanced individual training at Fort Lee, Virginia.

The military will train you to remove and repair tracked vehicle components such as engine, transmission, steering control and hydraulic systems, vehicle air and liquid cooling systems, tracked hull electrical systems, and fire extinguisher/suppression systems. You will repair a tracked vehicle using Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair or BDAR.

In addition, you will be taught to use electronic technical manuals as well as complex wiring diagrams and various types of programming.

As a tracked auto repairer, you will also train to replace engines, transmission brakes, injectors and diesel power plants.

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After your advanced personal training, you will perform rewarding work where your duties may be in a shop repairing various vehicles or working on field operational vehicles such as the M88.

For this task on tracked vehicles, you have a complete toolbox of the military’s best power tools.

Working as a tracked auto repairer will help you transition from the military to the civilian job sector because your leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills, combined with better responsibility, self-discipline and motivation are skills and values. Demand of civilian employers.

Keeping these high-tech, up-to-date army tracked vehicles

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